Friday, May 22, 2009

Thought for The Day ! what's the climate of your heart ?

We have this little flip devotional that sits in our main bathroom. Each day someone flips over the new thought/Saying ...Everyday they are thought provoking or refreshing.

Yesterdays Thought was this:

The Weather of your Heart
Determines the Climate of your Day.

I really liked this thought because it is so true.

However your heart may be feeling is really how your day is determined. It's like our heart is the forecaster of our day.

Feeling a few a storm brewing well watch out ..

Light rain showers ..Possibly a little cleaning out of the dirt and dust layer for a refreshing start

Overcast and Gloomy ...look out for those moody blues

drizzly ..just totally confused about how to feel
Partly sunny.... Quiet and somber

Sunshine all day ... feeling like everything is all right and if it isn't it's o.k. !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh I too confess that upon waking up the weather of my heart does determine my day ..some people have said "snap out of it" ..or you know it's up to you to change your mood or how you feel. And I agree How you feel is a choice.

There are times when the weight of the world can be on ones shoulders or just a sadness can be lurking inside ..and try as you might's really hard to shake the weather of your heart. I think we all do the best we can and that is all that Our Good Lord expects of us.

He tells us that he won't give us more than we can handle ..and he also warns us that things in this life are not perfect and that there will be storms and tribulations that we must pass through. And I think in these times ..we will have days that the weather of our Hearts determins the climate of our day.

Just too as the Sunshine in our life appears it always does along this journey of life ..Our Joy and our Happiness and contentment with life shall abound too and once again determine the climate of our day.

We were made to feel, If we didn't we would be mighty Shallow and Callous People.

Their is an opposite side to the Weather of your Heart and the Climate of your day ......And this is the Key of the Thought and the Lesson here !

Everyone else that you encounter is having weather in their heart and it is determining the Climate of their day. Rather it's good weather or Bad weather they have encountered ..Just as your weather may affect otherss remember this when someone elses weather blows your way !

This Last Sunday Night I went to a Ladys' Function at my sisters Church ..the Lady Speaker was great and she told a story ...of how she and some other church ladies were out to dinner and the waitress was just horrendous ..rude ..unfriendly and plain unkind ...Well one thing led to another and the group of them began to tease about her at the table ...She said upon leaving the manager asked how their service was and they told her not so good ..She let them in on the fact that this waitress's mother had passed away 3 days prior and how she was torn up from it ...and generally she is the best waitress they had.

So you see ...Her weather was and Earthquake that shook her world uncontrollably and left someone that is the epitomy of sunshine a state of a major weather warning.

The Speaker noted terrible the group of women she was with felt ..that they all immediately realized how wrong they had been and how they didn't give thought to why this gal was this way.

I think we are all guilty of this ...and yet when the weather of our own heart is stormy we expect others to understand and treat us with kindness. Really the road of understanding needs to go both ways.

So the next time your weather is dreary sure to remember not everyone will understand ..but try to understand others when their weather is dreary since you know what it feels like.

And the next time you are having a Sunny Day ..share it with whomever you can ..and maybe just maybe your rays of sunlight will touch them with the warmth and Love of Gods ..Hand !!!

Have a Beautiful Sunshiny Day all

your Kindred Friend ...Sara


  1. Sara that was beautiful. Thanks for that and soooooo true!

  2. The weather of my heart
    determines the climate of my day.

    Great thoughts and beautiful beautiful photo! OUR GLIMPSE into HEAVEN!

    FLORABELLA is beautiful too!
    I might have to name one of my purdy little red hens florabella, would that be alright?!!


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