Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laundry Day Clothes Pin Bags ~ A Look Back

 This last week I was going through an old Farm Journal Magazine from the 1930's.

The Farm Journals have lots of great advertisements throughout the magazine .. from medicines for your sick animals .. or showing the latest brooders or farm tractors. I love looking back through these old magazines and seeing the equipment that was used then for different needs on the farm. As well I love reading the different remedies for dealing with sick animals on the farm and so on.

I was excited to see this charming ad as I skimmed the pages ..
 The Modern Clothespin Bag .. an article by Mrs. S. L. West.
She shares how to make your own "Modern" Clothespin bag.
I thought it was such a fun find .. since we make similiar clothespin bags with hangers in the top just as these.  However I didn't obtain my way of making them from any vintage article or source. It just goes to show that so much of what we create today was already done long ago. I notice that alot of the designs, creations and even decorating I see today was done in the 20's, 30's, and 40's. Watching old movies from that era and reading magazines from those era's will give you a whole new perspective on things we all think are new today and those gals of yesteryear our Great Great, and Great Grandmother's and Grandmother's were already quite ingenious and truth is we are just repeating their ideas today with out twist or color scheme etc. applied.
I found these charming Pin Bags .. that are fun and unique to share with you all ..
I know Crocheting is super popluar right now ... I love this Crochet pin bag .. It's so charming ! .. I would love to learn how to crochet .. if I did I'd be whipping me up a bunch of these cuties !

The Vintage V Neck Dress Clothes Pin Bag Probably from the 1960's .. wow is it ever cute I love the Yellow and Green .. !

This Cutie has the Metal frame that held the top of the bag open along with a long wire hook that hung on the clothesline and easily slid in front of you as you pinned your clothes and linens up. This bag is pretty iconic see it quite often . I have a dozen or so of these frames ..I need to make some new bags for .. I'll have to put that on my long list of "To Dos"....

Isn't this Dress Charming .. A true 1920's Flapper era style dress ... Love the Floral Garden Fabric ..

This Oldie .. is so full of vintage charm can tell it was well used over the years and has alot of authentic character ... I love the muted colors ..
This Cutie is so charming and modern .. Bright and Cheerful ..  I love it's simple clean Lines ...

And then there was the Clothepin Apron ... we have several of these oldies we have collected over the years .. Simple perfection...
I always enjoy making clothespin bags .. I love taking their simple form and embellishing them with Vintage linens, trims and fabrics and creating one of a Kind Pieces ..for Other's Home Sweet Home's.
Lately I have been making and offering our own Sweet Magnolias Farm Version of the Vintage Dress Clothespin Bags .. here are a few of the new ones ...





It's always fun to brighten your laundry room with a cheery Pin Bag .. be it new or vintage. We've even found other uses for them ..they hold plastic bags beautifully, Brides love them for card holders, and even double as a place to keep sentimental notes etc...
Have  A Lovely Remainder of the week ...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In Memory of the Brave ... We Thank You !

As Memorial Day approaches tomorrow ..

Our Family would like to say Thank You to ...


~ Brave Hearts of our Country ~ 
Because of the Men and Women throughout our History who gave their lives we know and live in Freedom.

We Celebrate those beautiful lives and We thank The families who have given us such Brave Heros !

God Bless Each and every one for their selfless sacrafice ..

God Bless those Who Served and Lost in other ways..... we are Grateful for Your Bravery !

We Honor the lives of those Lost .. May their Sacrafice never be forgotten or the Freedom they fought for was never appreciated to begin with ! Each day as we walk in freedom lets not forget's because of everyday men and women like our Father's, Mother's, Sister's, Brother's, etc... that we have our freedom .. They are the ones that walked into battle and fought for each one of us.

Thank You Lord for Blessing us With Brave Men, Women and Families,


 ~ God Bless our Fallen Soldiers ~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Power of Words ~ Our Daily Bread

Good Wednesday Morning to you all or Afternoon or Evening depending on where you live in this beautiful world of ours ...
Each morning dropped in my inbox is a devotional from Dr. David Jeremiah. He is a pastor at Shadow Mountain Church in El Cajon, CA. He is a true man of God that is a Bible Teacher .. and I have come to enjoy his teaching over the years and enjoy his devotions that arrive each day to start my morning...
This Morning .. touched my heart .. and I hope it touches yours too ...

Powerful WordsThen God said, "Let there be light"; and there was light.
Genesis 1:3
Recommended Reading
James 3:1-12
In the beginning God spoke and it was. His words created something out of nothing. While our words are not as powerful as God's, Proverbs declares that "Death and life are in the power of the tongue" (18:21a). Once we accept the power of our words, we must decide on their purpose.
Words can be as useful as a strong horse ploughing a field or a spark used to start a warm fire on a winter night. They can also rage uncontrollably, destroying what lies in their path. Caring words of support create a safe and intimate friendship. Truthful words spoken in love can offer a friend the opportunity to grow, but spiteful words destroy friendships, and vindictive truth discourages the hearer instead of inspiring them to grow.

Within seconds thoughts become words that slip off our tongue and into the world. Pausing before we speak may seem cumbersome, but it allows us to decide: Is this helpful? Does this need to be said now? What is the best way to say this?

Our words reveal what we care about and they influence others. Is there someone you can encourage today?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
Martin Luther King Jr.

It's so true that there is great power in our words ..
I'm sure that you can recall at least one time that words were spoken towards you in Anger, maybe even Hate from someone in your life .. and even if that relationship has mended, those words have never left your memory... Isn't it amazing even mended relationships that are now working beautifully still retain the memory of Harsh words that were spoken in the past. That is exactly how poweful "OUR WORDS" are when spoken. 
We can look to young children in school and they come home to mom or dad crushed by the words spoken by another child toward them .. WORDS ARE POWERFUL ! And are we not like children crushed by words from our piers .. we are just in grown up bodies with the same feelings and emotions .
I have always been an observer in life .. the quiet one you may have saw off in the corner ..not necessarily appearing to be part of the group .. I was the different child in school because I was not super social ..Now I know as an adult I have always been an introvert living in a world that is made up of mainly extroverts.  This made me different from the crowd ..and because I didn't fit the mold .. I can assure you that names were called and words were spoken that seemed to not mean much to others .. but they hurt greatly at the time .. Oh yes I recovered, however those words spoken have never left my memory. I didn't hold onto them for revenge or spite .. in fact I have no ill feelings towards anyone ... we are all at different stages of life and learning we are all cut from a different mold, my only hope is that many will come to think before they speak .. Because Once words are spoken you can't undo what they have done to another's spirit. Words can break a person's spirit.
In Fact... I think leaning towards speaking encouraging words towards others is the way to go.
Lifting others up rather than tearing them down is a much better choice in life.
When a situation arises that is serious and you need to speak ...rather than attacking the person with words and tearing them down ..instead discuss the action or the behaviour .. There are ways to approach situations with words that don't harm but help.
WORDS ARE POWERFUL !  Use your power to lift someone up today ... More often than you realize those around you really need words of encouragement ..

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day Full of Powerful Encouraging Words !


Monday, May 19, 2014

Memorial Day & Fourth of July Free Printables ~ Red, White and Blue ~

Hey Y'all ..

Well I thought I would share these 3 Stunning vintage post cards from the 1940's with you this week. as 3 of our new free printables we will begin offering again now that I'm getting back to blogging.

Just in time for your Memorial Day and Fourth of July decorations.

For many years I was an avid collector of Antique Patriotic Items ..

From Flags dating back to the Spanish American War, Authentic Uncle Sam Costumes from the early 1900's, Sweetheart Jewelry and more..... I amassed quite the collection over many years time and yes I still have it all.

Here are a few of the wonderful old Postcards that have been part of my collection.


I added this Beautiful Blue Lace Frame for your Pleasure...


These are for personal use only as I'm unsure of what the copyright law for mass reproduction would be for business. Feel Free to right click on the images and save to your pictures for your personal use.

* These would make charming Place Cards for a BBQ

* Print onto heavy Cardstock ..Trim with decorative scissors add Large tongue depressors with Hot glue or a stapler to the bottoms and Make Old Fashioned Paper Fans ... If you have a laminator you could laminate them or take them to your local print shop and let them laminate them so your guests have a charming gift to take home.

* Print out on Index Cards ...Then use a glue stick to attach the cards to the front of brown Paper Lunch Bags .. and fill with Goodies for the Kids and the Adults.

* Make a Paper Banner to Hang ... Print out multipes onto Index Cards .. then Punch holes in the top corners and run string, ribbon or crepe paper streamer through the holes to create a fun banner you can hang on the wall ... cut out some cute cardstock stars to string inbetween the cards so it breaks up the reptition ..Make as short or as long as you like for the space you want it to span ..

These are just a few fun ideas I would love doing and hope you might too  ..

 ~ ♥ ~

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back to Work and a little Red, White and Blue

Hey Y'all .. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring. It feels more like an early Summer here ... we are set to hit the triple digits tomorrow and from a gal who greatly dislikes the heat ..I'm so thankful for our new Window AC in the living area ..!
Last time I posted I was ready to roll on blogging again .. well that changed in a heartbeat and now it's been a month since my last post. About that time the family member I had mentioned that had been terminally ill, passed away .. and I think that was just the last straw for me. My mind and body just quit one day and I had a complete meltdown mixed with total exhaustion and decided the best course of action was to shut the shop down and take some time off to get my mind and energy back.
In all the goings and comings and ups and downs of the last year I had stopped taking my supplements, my diet had waned greatly, and my weight went up .. so I took control back and I must say after 3 weeks of staying on target I am feeling better. I wouldn't say top notch just yet ..but on my way. So Monday we re-opened the shop again and we'll see how things go from here.
It seems like the year is already flying by ... seriously the older one gets it seems like the day's just fly by ... or maybe it's just me ? ? ?  I can't believe Mother's Day is already come and gone .. BTW ... "Happy Mother's Day" to all you moms of Little Kids, Big Kids, and Fur Kids !
Memorial Day is just ahead ... along with lot's of Graduations starting and then we'll be just a short ..Hop, Skip and Jump away from 4th of July .. !
Wow Ziggity ...!!!
And speaking of 4th Of July ... we just listed our Patriotic Towels in the shop today .. and I had to share them all with you but especially our New one for this year...
New for 2014 is our "God Bless America" towel ..
I purchased the ruffle fabric 6 months ago excitedly waiting to add it to the new 4th of July Towel ...

Each towel we sweetly embellished with a Red Crochet Flower which really adds the perfect touch..

And in white it's just Simply Beautiful ..
We Gave our "American As Apple Pie" towel a new look this year with new fabric and double ruffles along with a cute White Crochet Flower and I think it's just charming ...

And our "Sweet Liberty" Towel is looking as beautiful as ever ..

I Love when the Red, White and Blue Season rolls around each year .. I can go back many years and I have always loved Patriotic colors .. Working with them is always such a joy !
Here are a few Favorite items I created from Years Past when prims were the Hot thing !  ..
An Old Fashioned Flag Ditty Bag
This Hand Painted and Hand Dressed Flag Band Box

And this Fun Galvenized Pail ~ I Hand Painted and dressed in Glass Glitter

The Patriotic Colors always inspire me .. and I love how Cheery and Fun they make me feel inside and out ...
How about you all... do you love Red, White and Blue ?
And if you need some fun Patriotic Free Printables ... Checkout Last Years Patriotic Free Printables Post HERE