Monday, November 28, 2011

What's New at Sweet Magnolias Farm ???

What's New at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...???
A Sweet Magnolias Farm
Very Merry Farmhouse Christmas !!!
Where ?
The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks
When ?
This Friday and Saturday ...
9-4 both days
Our local forecast shows 20 % chance of showers on Friday .. so 80% it won't right ???
And Saturday shows bright and Sunny ...
So don't hesitate to come out Bundle up and enjoy a winter's Day strolling through the park and picking up some wonderful Vintage and handmade Christmas decor and gifts from over 40 shops.
We'll see you there ..
AND ..
If your not local ...
Be sure to check out our Etsy shop
for our new line
Farmhouse Christmas Towels
5 designs to choose from ...

Plus more offerings will be added on Tuesday December 6th ...
We are running a bit behind this year on getting our offerings into our Etsy shop. As Many of you have read in previous posts our Sweet Golden Retriever Maggie had cancer. She fought a valiant fight and finally succombed to it this last Friday. The last 2 weeks were devoted to her care ..and we are tired.. and of course our hearts are aching. After 14.5 years with her that ache will of course be around a while as she was my sweet little girl and I feel a little lost without her. God and Time will heal our hearts. And for all those times I recently said I was going to not get another dog after Maggie left this earth ...well once reality sets in and a lonely house pitty patter of feet, no dog kisses, and so on ... I'll be getting another ..I have too much love to give not to get another.
Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas ...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are you ready for ......

Are you ready for the Vintage Marketplace in December ...???

We hope you are more ready than we are right now... LOL !!!

I must admit the next 3 weeks are going to be chock full from daylight to dark for us as we are running way behind in getting all our wonderful Christmas offerings prepared. Our 4 day mega yard sale last weekend took alot out of us ..and pretty much destroyed our garage ..our back yard and the inside of our house ..and that meant we took this last week to clean each one up, re-stack and re-arrange. It wasn't something we intended but it's just the way things happened.

Then on top of that .. we've been taking care of Maggie and Scout still ..Yes Maggie is still going ..I called the Vet 3 days ago and asked are you sure she has cancer because she's going great ..the Tumor is growing but she's eating and full or energy ... they assured me she has cancer ..but that she has such a good home life that her will is greater to live which is overcoming the cancer at this point ..but a time will come when the cancer will over power her will. I hate to see that happen ..but for now I am enjoying every minute with her that I can .. And as for Scout our super over 100 yr old Dog ..she's one tough cookie. She's got the best little dog bed built outside and she loves it. Every day she chows down both her meals and grazes the back yard throughout the day with lots of naps inbetween. They both require our attention quite a bit throughout each day ..for help getting up .. and baths have become more necessary more often ..maggie because her tumor seeps and she licks and then she stinks .. and Scout because she's old and has old body odor. Plus they enjoy a good warm bath ..and it's the least we can do for them at their age.

With all that said I honestly can't wait to get to work on Christmas offerings and our set up for the show...which will all be started tomorrow ..Hip hip hooray !

I have had requests from clients the last few weeks for Christmas offerings. We've been asked to bring our Christmas wreaths again this year we will have some available...Also Christmas Towels those will be available as well...and I'll definitely be creating some Christmas runners and other decor .

Do you have any specific requests for items you would like to see available either at the marketplace or in our Etsy shop ..please let me know ..I would love to hear what you all would like to have for Christmas. I have a short time to get alot done so if you definitely want something specific let me know and I'll get to work on it !

Until Next Time ...
Wishing you all
Warm Farmhouse Blessings ...