Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Great Many Thanks to all !!!


Abbey and I are ever so thankful to everyone who came and so glad you all went home with wonderful vintage finds to treasure or to re-sell.

At close today our tables and yard was virtually wiped clean and as we cleaned up and began counting the huge pile of boxes on the side of our house... there were well over 100 empty boxes which made our hearts sing !!!

What was left we donated to Goodwill ..we really love that they employ the handicapped people of our world that would otherwise have a hard time finding employment that suited them in the capacity they require.

And P.S. ...thanks to everyone who came out to Glitterfest a few weekends back. I was unable to post pictures of it as I came home and on Sunday went to upload my picts ..and nothing would happen ... so after long hours of eliminating this and that I ended up having to take it in ..only to find out that my motherboard was lucky me got to spend a chunk of change on a new computer. It's now arrived and time for me to become current with the new Windows 7 .. I hear it 's far better than Vista so I'm looking forward to working on it.

Have a Great week dear Farmhouse Sweethearts ....!!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey Guys and Gals .... this is one massive sale we are having tomorrow .. Oh my gosh there is a TON of stuff ... so come on out and get yourself something you can't live without !!! Our Sale is Through Saturday ... 8-2 all days !

We are located at: 30247 Calle Belcanto Menifee, CA 92584 ... Off the 215 frwy and Newport Rd.
If you are coming from Temecula you will exit Newport Rd and go Right ...
If you are coming from Riverside exit Newport Rd and go Left ..

And follow the signs ... WE'll have alot of signs with arrows so you shouldn't have any trouble finding us ...


Sunday, October 23, 2011


Are you Local to Sweet Magnolias Farm ?
Well if you are ...

You're Invited .... to join in the fun ... !!!

Abbey and I have decided it's time to clean the house out.. time to clean the yard out , time to clean the garage out ...and have a ....

We have ALOT !!!! It's a Vintage Junkers Delight !

From... Vintage Furniture Pieces, a few Industrial items, cottage style smalls, some concrete statuary pieces, an Old Bike, metal plant stands, glassware, vintage linen, crafting stuff, old but new and vintage western, hats, and some vintage collectibles, and more that I can't remember because it's been stacked in boxes inthe garage for 5 years now.... Plus normal everyday yard sale stuff such as clothing, shoes, household items etc.

We have so much that we are having the yard sale for: 4 days...

Starting this Wednesday October 26th thru Sat October 29th from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. all 4 days.

We will not open until 8 unless I am ready any sooner ..which would only be maybe 10 to 15 minutes but I make no promises as we have alot to get out.

We ask that if you come please be courteous to our neighbors and don't park in front of their driveways and don't walk on their lawns. We like our neighbors and we want them to keep liking us .. !

Location: ... Menifee, CA ( 11 miles East of Temecula) ... we are just off the 215 frwy and Newport Rd. I will provide the exact physical address on Tuesday late afternoon .


Friday, October 14, 2011

Headed To Glitterfest Tomorrow ? Here's some Sneek Peeks ..

... Are you headed to Glitterfest Tomorrow ...???

... Here's some sneek Peeks at Our Farmhouse Offerings ..headed that way ....

Upcycled Farmhouse Pumpkins .. All new for Glitterfest !!!

Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels and Aprons .... These Make the Best Gifts !!!

Our Sweet Magnolias Farm ...Upcycled Vintage Girl Necklaces ... All New Tart Tin Necklaces just for Glitterfest !!!

.... Can't wait to see you all there !!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Where we will be 1 week from today .. Will you be there ?

Guess where we will be (1) week from today ......

...... Yes it's that time ....

Time for

Glitterfest !!!


If you haven't been to Glitterfest .. will your missing out on some spectacular shopping... Of course for yourself ..but it's a great place to get some really unique Gifts ..Especially with The Holidays nipping at our heels.

Abbey and I will be in our same Location in the back corner of the building.

We'll have our Farmhouse Paper Roses as always ...but this show they have a new twist ... You'll have to come and see them !

We'll be offering over a dozen of our Farmhouse Burlap, Flax Linen, and Canvas Runners....I've got some new designs for this show and some with black trim and black ruffles ..your going to love them !

Of course our Farmhouse pumpkins ..what would Glitterfest Fall .. be without our pumpkins. We have some new pumpkin designs especially for glitterfest too ....

Plus ..our Farmhouse flour sack towels and aprons .. Our Farm Girl Totes .. and much more ...

And all on our 8 foot table ... It's going to be full ...but that's the fun of it !!!

So come on down to Santa Ana .. Next Saturday October 15th from 10- 4 (1 day only)

Click HERE for directions and Glitterfest info.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Gotta have Faith ...

Happy October dear sweet friends ..

I'm so excited that fall has arrived ..I'm loving the darkness of the night coming sooner .. along with the cooler weather in the evenings. As for the days they are still a bit hot for me ..But in time that too shall fade and I'll be snug in a sweatshirt and jeans and enjoying my favorite time of year when it's cold ..I do love the cold.

For several weeks now it's been on my heart to share a sweet and wonderful portion of my personal life here on my blog ...which I generally don't do. But my life has been touched in such a Beautiful way that I wanted that gift to be shared so that if (you) so desire ..your life might be touched in a similiar way mine has.

Do you have Faith ? I do ... I love my Lord Jesus with all my heart and all my soul. And as the old saying goes I'm not perfect ..Just forgiven . And thank Goodness for that. I'm not a Christian because I'm perfect ..nor did it make me perfect .. a definite misunderstanding by many in the world. Because of my Faith ..It has pulled me through the hard times in life and been with me in the most glorious times of my life and for that I am ever so thankful.

About 6 to 7 years ago our family had hit a very tough and dark time in life .. I think many of us have experienced tough dark times in life .. and during that time I put my comlete trust and confidence (FAITH) in God that he would help me endure the time and that we would come out of it better people .. kinder more compassionate and understanding and even loving. I was taught early on that instead of letting your circumstances define you in a negative way .. that you should let them define you in a positive way .. looking at how those circumstances could carve out a better you.

During that time I went one evening to Wal-Mart of all places ..I can't remember for what and why now it's been so long ... but on that trip I ended up in the books and Magazines section. I picked up several books in the inspiration section ..flipping through the pages not realizing at the time that I was looking for words of Hope. Now I look back ..the trip to Wal-Mart was meant to be ..and the words Of Hope I was looking for found themselves on the pages tucked in a beautiful Devotional .. "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.

This devotional is like none other I have ever had in my life. Sarah Young has captured the still small voice of God speaking to her and then sharing it through each daily devotion with the reader. It is written so that when you read each daily devotion it reads from the perspective of the Lord speaking directly to you. Along with it are 2, 3, 4 scritpures that correspond with each devotion. I can truly say my most treasured and dear to my heart book is my Bible ..but Jesus Calling is right there next to it ever day.

Each morning I look forward to feeding my soul with the words of the Lord .. I look forward to reading my devotion and stepping forth into my day knowing that no matter what comes my way ... the Lord is always with me..he always has been and always will. That is a true comfort to me and it fills me with Joy.

Sarah Young has written a few more devotional books since ..which I haven't as yet purchased ..for the 6 years I have enjoyed this one so much.

If you are a faith driven woman or even man ..If you would like to be a faith driven woman or man .. by all means you can be ..Life is about choices. We make them for ourselves one else can. Pull out your Bible each day if only for a few minutes to feed your soul ..and even pick up or order one of the Jesus Calling Devotionals ..and devote just 5 minutes of your morning to filling your heart and mind with wholesome life changing goodness.

I purchased some additional Jesus Calling Devotionals for friends . And was the best price. I have seen the devotional also offered at Sams Club and I'm not sure if it's stocked on she shelves at Wal-Mart or not anymore but and easy and quick way to get it to your Home Sweet Home is to Click HERE ( to purchase your Devotional today ..and start being touched daily by the Lords Sweet Love for your life.

My Hope in sharing this personal piece of my life that there will be others touched and changed in a Good and Lovely way. I think when we have had such a beautiful experience that has enhanced our lives we want to share it with others that they too might have their own Beautiful experience too.


Wishing you all Many Blessings ..and a Fabulous October