Sunday, February 27, 2011

Start Making Plans Today ...!

It's time to start making plans today if you haven't already....!

Sweet Magnolias Farm is preparing to head to the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ... This coming Friday and Saturday ... March 4th and 5th.

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We hope to see you there ...we have all sorts of new offerings .. From wonderful vintage Wreaths ..Our new line of Pillows ...Altered Art Bottles, Altered Art Shoes , New Flour Sack Towel Designs, Concrete Garden Statuary, Side Tables Antique Iron Bed, paper roses and much much more !

Plus I'm sure all the rest of the Chateau Girls are going to have awesome new offerings and lets not forget the great food that Rita's Husband Dean cooks ... Plus that pipin hot coffee and donuts in the morning !!!

It's a great way to take a country drive and make the destination a little fun at a cottage set under the trees where romance and beauty meet.

Plus pick up your shopping brochure in Christie Repasy's studio for other fun shopping adventures happening next weekend.

Well Start pulling out the shopping cart, the totes, and don't forget the checkbook and some mad money( not all the girls are set-up for CC), Dont forget little Katie or Johnnie they are welcome too .. Or give them a fun day with grandmama ...and Bring your favorite girlfriends ! And the Hubby's are welcome too as long as they have the word "yes" in their vocabulary ..LOL !!!

We're looking forward to seeing you and we are working hard to prepare a wonderful vintage marketplace to kick off the new 2011 year.
Wishing you all a beautiful week ...and here's wishing sunshine dreams and spring days to those of you in the mid-west and east. I have seen on so many of your blogs the endless mountains of beautiful white snow ..and although it awe inspiring ..I'm sure a warm sunny day is in your wishes today.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Presidents Day Sale at Treasures N Junk ..

Come one come all ....

Treasures N Junk Antique Mall is having their Presidents Day Sale ...Tomorrow ...

All Shops are required to have a sale you won't find a shop without a bargain !

P.S. Some shops have already posted their sales ...So even if you can't make it tomorrow ..and want to go today'll still find some great bargains !

Abbey and I are having 20% off Everything in our shops ... and our Sale starts today ..

A Friendly reminder ... Dress Warm .. Treasures is as you know made up of very old buildings that don't hold the warmth in this time of year ..So Dawn ..those layers, a Good old comfy sweater .. some comfortable jeans , Maybe even some nice knit gloves ...

And don't forget tomorrow ...there's a party of refreshements and goodies awaiting ..from Donuts, to cookies, to brownies and more ...and some Good Old Fashioned Hot Coffee warm the soul.

Abbey and I are working tomorrow Maybe we will see you there ..

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Sunday ..May Gods Love pour out upon you this ever so lovely sabbath day ...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just in from Apronology ..

We were so excited this week to receive a box from Apronology ..

Containing our 3 Sweet Farmhouse Aprons that were featured in the newest Volume.

It's been since last July since they went off to be interviewed ..and it was so much fun to see them up close and personal once again.

No matter how many pictures we take's never like seeing them in person ..there are so many details that just cannot be seen nor remembered by us after we make them ..once they leave our home.

I just finished listing them in our Etsy Shop ...HERE

And here's a Sneek Peek of the 3 of them ...

This Last One ...has been listed also. It's a favorite of mine that I forgot to list recently with the others because it was gracing one of my mannequins and I didn't realize it ..LOL !!!

Wishing you all a day filled with Joy, Happiness and Love !


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Sweet White Wednesday Sneek Peek

We're a little late to the White Wedenesday post today ...But alas we made it before it's Thursday ..

It's been a beautiful Rainy Winter day here ..and we've enjoyed it dearly ..for all to soon our cool, rainy weather will be no more ..and our temps will be well into the 100's for more months than I care to think of..

So ..we've been working indoors on all new offerings ...
We thought we would share a little sneek peek of what's headed to our space at the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ..march 4th and 5th...

Lace ..Lace .. More Lace ..Rosettes ..Ruffles and ..

More sneek peeks ahead ..


Don't forget to join our Host Kathleen of Faded Charm for Today's white wednesday ..


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We've been a little quiet as of late and there's a Reason .

We've been a little quiet as of late here in blog land ...

And There's a Good reason why !

We are feverishly preparing for our 2 upcoming shows ..First of which we are sharing and reminding you of today ...

The Fabulous Chateau De Fleurs Vintage Marketplace...!!!

Hosted by none other than Christie Repasy and Rita Reade ...

This is the 2nd year of Marketplaces we are headed into ..and we are looking forward to the Wonderful comradery among antique vendors and artisans that we have had in 2010..

Not to mention all of of our wonderful customers ! We are looking forward to seeing you !

So mark the date Friday and Saturday March 4th and 5th ...

There will be over 20 Vendors offering their antique and vintage wares along with all the fabulous artisans that you won't want to miss ..and there's a few new vendors that haven't attended before so it should make for a wonderful marketplace.

Where you ask ?

Just down the road ..around the corner and a nice country side drive into Fallbrook, CA ...where the Beautiful winding roads are lined in large old trees ..Beautiful flowers , and lovely views ..

The Marketplace is situated on Christie Repasy's Beautiful Land that adjoins her Home and Studio ..and you must make a visit into her studio ..I hear your all in for a Beautiful treat this marketplace the way she has set up the studio this time.

For the address ..Just check out my right side bar ..and you'll see the info. there. Mapquest or google the directions or feel free to call for directions.

Come out and enjoy the afternoon with us'll enjoy yourself and you deserve a nice day out !

Wishing you all a beautiful week ..and here's to hoping I have some sneek peek picts. available in the next week or so...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

A few new offering in our Etsy Shop ..

I just added a few new offering to our Etsy Shop ..

Vintage Set of 4 Silverplate Demitasse Spoons .

Authentic Cream Top Spoon ..

Vintage Meter Price Sign ..
Click HERE to visit our Etsy Shop ..


Friday, February 11, 2011

A Truckload of New offerings ...

A truckload of new offerings just hit our shops this week ..!!!

I spent the entire day on Wednesday ..Unloading ..hanging up ..placing ..and even some last minute pricing both or shops in Treasures N Junk Antique Mall Ontario, CA ...

Last trip ..I was so behind in getting done ..I didn't get pictures to share with you all and was so upset because we brought in some one of a kind pieces that I so wanted to share ...and the Upside is they all sold ..downside No picts of them this time I was on top of things and made sure to get plenty of picts of Both Shops to share this week ..

I started off in our Pretty Cottage Shop ....

I added many Vintage Clothing pieces this week ...

Two New Windows .."Hopeless Romantic" ...above on the screen door

Some Cute Floral Cottage Hangers with some of our signature rosettes ..

The Tri-Fold Mirror ..this piece is awesome much larger than the pictures make it appear ..with Pie crust edges on the wings and Oh boy is it heavy ..This is the honest to goodness antique ones.

Antique Dishware ...

One Rose Queen Window ..that's so Beautiful ..wonder if it's still there ?

Rose Queen Towels to Match ..and look at those cute pink lacey ruffled panties above ...aren't those adorable ...!!!

Another new towel design ... Bless This Nest ... Very Tweet !

Oh and I added a new showcase to the cottage shop full of all kinds of Jewelry ..Vintage Gloves ..antique Butter pats ..vintage perfume bottles and so much more ...

The cottage shop is brimming full ...and I can't wait to get back and add some more ...


But My fun day didn't end there .. I had new offerings to add to our Farmhouse Romance space ...

A couple new window Designs .. This Farmhouse Fresh with the Vintage Framed rooster in the center is perfect ....

All New Case Offerings ..

A Beautiful Set of Calico Dishware less in the hard to find brown .. Now dresses our farmhouse Cupboard ...

A Awesome new display shelf ..I upcycled with authentic antique dictionary pages and burlap rosettes and antique crochet lace trim on the shelves ...

Plus my 2nd new window design ... HOME ... that is the definition of home which I retrieved from this colossal size dictionary I recently found from the 194os In love with it ..I haven't been able to part with it ..and it came in handy for this window ...

And once again the Farmhouse Dish Cupboard ...It may look the same ..but it's not ..I'm always adding new dishes each trip I make ...

This Sweet Little teapot made it into the shop this week ..isn't it charming ..completely romantic ..

A new Rustic basket the design ..and antique shoe molds are throughout the shop too ...this is just one of several !!

And Lastly ... the old washer .....and by the end of this day ..I was truly Washed Up ..Washed Out ...Wrung Out and ready to be layed out to dry ...LOL !!!

It was such a nice day ..I always enjoy spending it at T&J ...Alyssa , Jana, Chad, Richard, Betsy, Tammy, Helen, and Katie ..were all there and it was an absolutely enjoyable and pleasant day with all of them

If you are local or "fairly" local ... Consider making a day trip to come visit T&J .. It's a big Place can literally spend hours wandering through the shops ..and visit the outdoor garden center with all kinds of awesome Junk !!!

Off the 60 frwy in Ontario ...Or the 10 Frwy ...Rather you are coming from L.A. - Palm Springs- Orange County- or Riverside ..and even Farther's an easy place to find ! And you won't be dissapointed !

Oh ...and mark your calenders ..the T&J Presidents Day sale is February 21st ... Every shop is required to run a sale that day and that day only ...and the place is packed with all sorts of new offerings ...

Wishing you all a Beautiful weekend ...Sara


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Romancing an 1800's Farm Cupboard White

Romantic Farmhouse Style ..

Found ....

Thrifting !

Abbey and I are not the thrift store kind of girls ..Not that we dislike them ...we just never have had alot of luck finding much when we hit them and if we do they have some ridiculous specialized antique area with prices higher than antique malls ..So

We have stuck to the estate and yard sales where we generally have very good luck finding things ...

I don't know why but last week we decided to hit a couple thrift shops on a whim one morning ....and for the first time ever we found this awesome 1800's cupboard ..

It was unfinished pine .. The doors on top and bottom were gone and the drawer pull were missing ...But the Frame was sturdy and obviously the Charm was all over this piece !!!

We loved that the crown was still in place always a nice addition to the early cupboards ...

And of course the Price was right it was an immediate "We'll take that" ... or so you would think ...Yes it was me ..I admit I questioned buying it I look back I think I was a bit daffy that day ...But so glad within minutes I came to my senses ...LOL !!!

I had an immediate vision for it ..and knew what I wanted done with it so I shared with Abbey how I wanted it to look and we came home and started the transformation ...

CAUTION ...if you love unpainted wood ... please don't proceed .....

So here is the After ... in all it's Romantic Farmhouse style .. A soft creamy white paint ... Some Sweet Farmhouse Curtains made from white burlap and antique crochet lace trims ...and Some authentic antique bin pulls we've had waiting for a project that needed them ..

We even added some lace to the bottom to tie in with the curtains ...

Oh how hard it is not to keep this piece's been tempting but if you saw our house ...we admit we are cupboard hogs ....and literally there isn't an inch to put this one ...SO....

This Farmhouse Beauty is headed to our Shop ...When ? Tomorrow ...

And I'll be interested to see how long it lasts ... you never know about these things ..

I'll be sad when it goes ...but it was such a joy to work on . You honestly don't find old cupboards like this very often anymore ...I am always looking for them ..and I think there are alot of other Cupboard hogs out there just like us ...They are just in hiding not admitting there addiction ...LoL !

Another Farmhouse Piece I worked on as a special order for a client this sweet Lace covered Vase ...with our signature lace rosettes ..and a sweet glass glittered bird on a branch .. Along with some lovely vintage prisms ..One of which will be getting monogrammed this evening ..

It's a perfect way to display fresh blooms or our Glass Glittered Paper Roses, A bouquet of white Pencils ..or just as it is ...

Romancing the Farmhouse ...a delightful way to spend every day at the farmhouse .

Linking Up with Kathleen over at Faded Charm. for White Wednesday


And the Winner of Our Farmhouse Apron Is .......

Thank You to everyone who entered our Give-back ... and to those who have participated by leaving comments and linking up today ...

I decided to use the Random Generator to pick the winner today ..and boy was that so much easier ...

Drum Roll ... ...And ... the Winner is ...

Stefanie of "Rose Petals and Rust" .....

Congrats Stefanie ... I'm so glad to be sending you our sweet farmhouse apron ...

I know your a pink gal I hope you love the Burlap Sweetie !

It's Been so much Fun ...Sharing our Celebration with all of our blog Friends ...

White Wednesday is approaching and I have a wonderful post to share with you this evening ..

Blessings to all of you ...Sara