Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Farmhouse Picnic Table headed to The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

So I had a quick minute to share with you all a small sneek peek at what's headed to the Marketplace this Friday and Saturday ...

This fabulous 6 ft Vintage Picnic Table and Benches .. has been made over to Farmhouse Perfection .. painted in the creamiest Farmhouse White .. And Dressed in it's Custom Canvas and White Cotton Ruffled Slipcovers !

This set is well made so sturdy and did I mention Heavy ... So if you are interested be sure and bring your truck or SUV ..

Well back to work ..it's time to wrap up all those last minute things I haven't got done ..

See Ya all on Friday and Saturday !

Linking of with Faded Charm for White Wednesday

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Last Sneek Peek for the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks Artisans

Lori Spalding of Two Wild Roses .. With her Wonderful Victorian Gypsy Bohemian Style !

Rose Carey ..of the Tarnished Crown ..with her wonderful Artistic Wares !

Sheila Payne of Tattered Goods ..with her wonderful Industrial Chic Style !

Missy of Chateau Chic Boutique ... Her Paris Designs are Positively Stunning !

And Last but not least by any means ..Robin of The Furniture Queen

So these are not all the artisans that will be offering their wares at the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks this March 2nd and 3rd...This is just all I have time to post about ..the clock is running down .. I have alot unfinished ..and I need the next 3 days to focus on getting everything ready..

So Until the next time ...or until I see you at the Marketplace .. Have a Beautiful Week !

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look Who's coming to The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ...

Here's a few more of the Artisans selling their handmade and Vintage Wares ..

Rita is a fabulous Soldering Artisan ..and you can take Classes at her home

Check out her classes page at her blog or sign up at the Marketplace !

Robin of Vintage Beach House .. Love her crosses made from old Rulers !

They Rule ! ..he he he

Sherry of Glamarella Junk ... Sherry Loves Fashion and she does a beautiful Job at styling

Debbi of Blossoms ... Love her style ..absolutely talented gal and the sweetest ever !

Tricia of Vintage Bliss ... Tricia comes in her sweet Vintage Trailer with all her Sweet Goods .. and you too can take a tour of her trailer ..it's decorated so cute !

Kerri of My Journey's Joy ... I love these cuff bracelets so beautiful !


That's it for today ..Hopefully I'll have time to get more up for you to enjoy !


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks - Artisan Pre-views ...

Countdown to the Vintage Marketplace and here's a few sneek peeks at some of our Friends and Artisans that will be offering their Works of the Heart on March 2nd and 3rd ..

Sharon of Pansy Cottage and Amber of Black Rooster Cottage

Jessica .. of Blabberings of a Craftaholic ...

The Ever so Talented Co-Host of the Marketplace ... Christie Repasy of  Chateau De Fleurs

And Last up for today ... Eloise ... "Junk Fairy" Can't wait to see what amazingly creative designs she's bringing to this show !!!

These are just a few of the talented women that will be offering their wares at the next show ..I hope to share more of them with you in the days to come ..

Be sure and visit "The Vintage Marektplace at the Oaks" FB Page to keep up with all the Marketplace News ... to visit click HERE

Well I better get going .. there's work to be done !!!


Monday, February 20, 2012

The Flossie Chronicles .. Tales of an English Springer Spaniel ...Cool Dog Training, Temecula, CA

So I was sitting here the last week at my computer thinking about the posts I had done on Flossie and the many to come in the months and years ahead ...and for some reason the words " The Flossie Chronicles" kept coming to my brain .. I have no idea why ..but you now have the new title for My Flossie posts ...

Several weeks ago ... I began taking Flossie ..to what is called " Puppy Socialization Class" ..

It's an hour long class ..where owners bring their puppies for playtime ..so they learn how to play with other puppies and learn how to bit nicely through correction from the other pups ... not the people ... and they learn correct behavior from a few older dogs that are brought into the class in the second half hour.

I've been attending "Cool Dog" ...located in Temecula Wine Country

Cool Dog Training Center is wonderful .. for one thing it's located in the countryside but just a few short miles from the city .. which I love !

 The Cool Dog Facility is Beautiful .. Clean... and Spacious !

After .. having attended several classes .. Flossie instinctively knows when we arrive at Cool Dog ..and the minute her paws hit the gravel ... she's on a dead run to the front door ...ready for her playtime !

The Front Door leads you into a Beautiful Reception Area ..loaded with wonderful Pictures of many of the Dogs that have attended "Cool Dog"....

There is a small double door entrance from the reception area to the Grand Training Room .. where all the Fun .. and all the training Begins ..


Puppy Class Begins ..

This Last Saturday .. Flossie and Deogie (a miniature australian Shepherd) ..were the first to arrive ..and had about the first 5 minutes together to romp and play ..

This Class has been awesome for Flossie .. She has gone through that Puppy biting Stage for about the last 3 to 4 weeks ..and this class has helped to curb that ..by biting the other puppies she has learned to have a soft mouth because when she bites to hard the other puppies YELP ..and walk away from the play and she learns that biting too hard stops all the fun .. and vice Versa ..when they bite too hard she walks away ..

This Class has also helped teach Flossie and us .. Doggie Body Language and what it means ..

One of Flossies Playmates for the last 3 weeks has been Dakota ..( a German Shorthair) His Daddy Carlos and Momma Sheila .. are raising her to be a good indoor dog as well as a hunting dog for Carlos. Dakota is full of energy and loves to play .. And she became a wonderful confident puppy and graduated this last Saturday .. we are going to miss Dakota and her Mom and Dad at Class !

Lynne .. is the Owner and Trainer of "Cool Dog" ...

She is such a nice Gal .. So Helpful ..Willing to answer all your questions and give you advice before and after classes and number One ..she is a Fabulous Trainer !

Below is a pict. of Lynne ..in the Grand Training Room .. while the pups are playing...

Lynne... Shares pertinent information during class on training your puppy, socializing your puppy and believes in "POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT" training... !

This last Saturday we got a new addition to the Class .. "Macy" ... at first she was scared and ran in the corners of the room away from the other puppies ..which is normal.. every puppy that comes to class suprisingly is scared the first class of the other puppies ..but within the hour or some puppies it takes the 2nd class ..they start coming out of their shells and begin to realize that their is alot of fun awaiting them and it isn't going to kill them !


Flossie started her First Obedience Class "Cool Dog II" this last Thursday .. She did awesome .. ! It was actually kind of funny because Obedience Class is held in the same room Puppy Class is held ... and Flossie having been to Puppy Class just assumed that's what we would be doing Thursday Night ..and she went in rearing to play ..and boy did she get an awakening when she realized she didn't get to run around and play for an hour...LOL !
  However she did really well at class .. I had been teaching her, her sit Cue for several weeks so she had that down great ..she learned to WAIT ..and to COME ..in addition and we have been working on those Cues this week .. She is so quick to learn them, eager to please ..and loves the learning ..she looks at me after we have worked on the Cues as if to say " what else can we do Mom " ...

In This First Obedience Class Lynne is teaching us 10 Cues .. it's a 6 week class ..and well worth every Penny .. Lynne only allows 4 dogs per class ..so you are basicly getting personalized training .. your not just 1 out of 20 trying to figure it all out. She works with all 4 dogs and their owners in the class One on One ..and she even stays after class to answer questions ...any questions that is about training your dog ...

I'm not sure who looks more forward to going to class me of Flossie !!! ROFL !! I enjoy so much watching all the puppies play and learn ..and I love learning about them and how to train them. Flossie loves the interaction, the learning and of course the "TREATS" ..she needs me to make her a sign .. that says " Will Cue for Treats" ..LOL !

Having your Dog Trained .... Meaning they Listen and and obey on Command not out of Fear but because they respect you as their owner is very rewarding ... and it makes for enjoyable walks, a calm home, and lots of fun outings ..because your dog is "WELL BEHAVED" ...

If you live nearby .. and have a puppy or an older dog that needs training ..Lynne is your Gal .. ..Check out the "COOL DOG" website HERE ... and contact Lynne if you have any questions ..or want to sign up for a class.

Until The Next Flossie Chronicles ....


Friday, February 17, 2012

Are you ready for the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ...???

It's getting near that time ... and Abbey and I are gearing up for the next Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks .. March 2nd and 3rd ....

Or so we are trying .. Abbey's been down with the virus that's been going around for the last week ..and it started trying to get me yesterday ..but I'm fighting it .. Loading up on Vit C .. Lots of Excedrin...will within the healthy limit .. and a little walitin thrown in there to keep all those awful things like sneezing and runny eyes away ... So far I'm still going and not down ... !

I wanted to share  a few more sneek peeks at some of the new offerings headed to the Marketplace ...

Our new Spring 2012 Flour Sack Towel Designs (custom graphic designs by Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm) ... Here's just a couple...

The two towels above as well as 1 other New design can be pre-ordered in our Etsy Shop HERE right now and will ship out March 15th ... if you can't make the marketplace or don't live nearby ...


This One Of a Kind ..Sweet Magnolias Farm Custom Vintage Window Frame -Made with Reclaimed Lumber - And Antique Rustic Ceiling Tin  .. has been handpainted by Sara ..with our new Spring 2012 Wildflower Honey Farm design .. Each side of the frame is embellished with 2 antique rustic wire Coat Hooks ..and the bottom of the frame still has the old window latches in place .. This piece will be headed to the marketplace .. And Available for purchase first thing Friday morning when we open !

We are working hard to bring you some wonderful One of a Kind offerings for Our first Marketplace of the year !

Looking forward to seeing you all there !


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our First Sneek Peek for the March Vintage Marketplace ...

So ..as Abbey and I are rushing about trying to cross our T's and Dot our I's .. getting ready for the next "Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks" ... on March 2nd and 3rd ...

I mentioned a week or so ago that Vintage Pink was on the agenda for March .. Every Spring Pink Makes it's way into the farmhouse inside and out .. and this year is no different .. So ..

I caught a few moments to grab some sneek peek pictures while Flossie was napping with Bunny ! ...

See she's in the pink mood too ...

Now don't forget to set your watches .. and marke your calenders for this very important date ..as you won't want to miss it ..

Jaqueline de Montravel ...Editor of Romantic Homes will be arriving Friday Only with her new book " Hers design with a Feminine Touch" ..books will be available  ...

And of course you don't want to miss all the new Spring 2012 lines from all the Marketplace Shops !

So here's our "Sweet Vintage Pink" ..Sneek Peek ...

Enjoy !


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joy Joy Joy down in my Heart ....

"Joy Joy Joy down in my Heart " ...

Do you Remember that song...??? well if you attended church many years ago ...that was a song that was sung in little peoples church as well as in the sanctuary by the Big People too.

It's a wonderful song and the true sentiment of my own heart regarding my sweet little girl .. "Flossie" ...

Maybe I should have named her "Joy" ...

This last week has been such fun ..Flossie is growing up so quickly and keeps a smile on my face and keeps us as a family in stitches with her funny looks...and antics...

Of course this proud doggie mama is throwing out her proverbial unfolding picture holder ...from the last few weeks .. I tried to keep it to a minimum though ..LOL !

The Look below is one we now get when she want's to go out.. she just stops, sits and stares ...and we know its "That" time

Keeping "Flossie" busy can be a little bit of a challenge at times when  her energy peeks so I started playing hide the kibble under the cup and she would have to figure how to get it out ..That lasted about 15 minutes and she had it down and was bored with that and looked at me like now what mom ..

We think "Flossie" is part Lop bunny .. with her long ears and look at these back feet ..don't they look like rabbit feet ??? ...

This is her favorite way to lay down and play and fall asleep....

This week she proudly found a stick in the back yard and was ever so proud of it .. I decided to grab the camera and the stick was the perfect distraction for getting some too sweet picts of her

Those eyes till the whole story .. "Joy Joy Joy ...down in her Heart " too !

I'm so blessed to have Flossie .. we had a scare 2 wednesday's back. I took her for her second set of vaccines. She had a severe reaction and within 3 minutes started screeching for about 30 seconds and then dropped limp in my arms and quit breathing ...we shook her until she started breathing again but it was very shallow and her eyes would not open and her gums were snow white... we were told her immune system rejected one or more of the multiple vaccine shot and her body went in to anaphalactic shock ..which meant she was dyeing luckily the vets office was able to bring her back by giving her a few medicines and adrenaline... I can't tell you how terrible that whole experience was... and I'm thankful for the Vets office and there knowledge to know what to do for her. The day after she was a little tired ..but back to her feisty puppiness .. Thank the Lord ..!!!

Needless to say Flossie won't be vaccinated again ..we will be giving her the Titers test ..which all dogs should get instead of vaccines. They have found over vaccinating animals is causing a great many health issues in animals ...And it only makes since ... The Titers test tells if there immune system at that time is up to par I guess you would say .. Read more about the titers HERE  

Flossie and I wish you all a Beautiful week to come ! with lots of Joy Joy Joy down in your Heart !