Sunday, February 5, 2012

Joy Joy Joy down in my Heart ....

"Joy Joy Joy down in my Heart " ...

Do you Remember that song...??? well if you attended church many years ago ...that was a song that was sung in little peoples church as well as in the sanctuary by the Big People too.

It's a wonderful song and the true sentiment of my own heart regarding my sweet little girl .. "Flossie" ...

Maybe I should have named her "Joy" ...

This last week has been such fun ..Flossie is growing up so quickly and keeps a smile on my face and keeps us as a family in stitches with her funny looks...and antics...

Of course this proud doggie mama is throwing out her proverbial unfolding picture holder ...from the last few weeks .. I tried to keep it to a minimum though ..LOL !

The Look below is one we now get when she want's to go out.. she just stops, sits and stares ...and we know its "That" time

Keeping "Flossie" busy can be a little bit of a challenge at times when  her energy peeks so I started playing hide the kibble under the cup and she would have to figure how to get it out ..That lasted about 15 minutes and she had it down and was bored with that and looked at me like now what mom ..

We think "Flossie" is part Lop bunny .. with her long ears and look at these back feet ..don't they look like rabbit feet ??? ...

This is her favorite way to lay down and play and fall asleep....

This week she proudly found a stick in the back yard and was ever so proud of it .. I decided to grab the camera and the stick was the perfect distraction for getting some too sweet picts of her

Those eyes till the whole story .. "Joy Joy Joy ...down in her Heart " too !

I'm so blessed to have Flossie .. we had a scare 2 wednesday's back. I took her for her second set of vaccines. She had a severe reaction and within 3 minutes started screeching for about 30 seconds and then dropped limp in my arms and quit breathing ...we shook her until she started breathing again but it was very shallow and her eyes would not open and her gums were snow white... we were told her immune system rejected one or more of the multiple vaccine shot and her body went in to anaphalactic shock ..which meant she was dyeing luckily the vets office was able to bring her back by giving her a few medicines and adrenaline... I can't tell you how terrible that whole experience was... and I'm thankful for the Vets office and there knowledge to know what to do for her. The day after she was a little tired ..but back to her feisty puppiness .. Thank the Lord ..!!!

Needless to say Flossie won't be vaccinated again ..we will be giving her the Titers test ..which all dogs should get instead of vaccines. They have found over vaccinating animals is causing a great many health issues in animals ...And it only makes since ... The Titers test tells if there immune system at that time is up to par I guess you would say .. Read more about the titers HERE  

Flossie and I wish you all a Beautiful week to come ! with lots of Joy Joy Joy down in your Heart !



  1. I sang that song in Sunday School and lOVE it today too!!!
    I've believed for a few years now that dogs are given too many shots!Cute photos of her. So happy that your puppy is fine and thanks for that web site. I'm going to check it out!

  2. Sara!
    She is so stinkin sweet...can't wait to meet her in person. I hope you are getting lots done and staying busy on work. i would love to see you and Abbs maybe we can do lunch before the show???


  3. That puppy is sweet as can be. Love the photos. Enjoy every minute with her :)

  4. Hi Sara, What a sweet puppy, so glad she made it through the vaccine reaction. Cute name too.
    Lovely creations and blog...just like you!
    Hugs, Bev

  5. I needed this this morning Sara! She is adorable. Joy Joy Joy. Thank you Ciao Rita

  6. Sara, she is as cute as can be, I wish you all the best with you new baby and give Scout a little kiss for me. Take care <3

  7. Sara can I have her for a few weeks I'd promise to return her. She's so cute!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! I'm catching up on some of my favorite blogs, and what should load up here is Flossie! Such a sweet looking pup! Scary bit with the vaccination! So glad she is okay. {gentle pat for Flossie}


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