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The Flossie Chronicles .. Tales of an English Springer Spaniel ...Cool Dog Training, Temecula, CA

So I was sitting here the last week at my computer thinking about the posts I had done on Flossie and the many to come in the months and years ahead ...and for some reason the words " The Flossie Chronicles" kept coming to my brain .. I have no idea why ..but you now have the new title for My Flossie posts ...

Several weeks ago ... I began taking Flossie what is called " Puppy Socialization Class" ..

It's an hour long class ..where owners bring their puppies for playtime they learn how to play with other puppies and learn how to bit nicely through correction from the other pups ... not the people ... and they learn correct behavior from a few older dogs that are brought into the class in the second half hour.

I've been attending "Cool Dog" ...located in Temecula Wine Country

Cool Dog Training Center is wonderful .. for one thing it's located in the countryside but just a few short miles from the city .. which I love !

 The Cool Dog Facility is Beautiful .. Clean... and Spacious !

After .. having attended several classes .. Flossie instinctively knows when we arrive at Cool Dog ..and the minute her paws hit the gravel ... she's on a dead run to the front door ...ready for her playtime !

The Front Door leads you into a Beautiful Reception Area ..loaded with wonderful Pictures of many of the Dogs that have attended "Cool Dog"....

There is a small double door entrance from the reception area to the Grand Training Room .. where all the Fun .. and all the training Begins ..


Puppy Class Begins ..

This Last Saturday .. Flossie and Deogie (a miniature australian Shepherd) ..were the first to arrive ..and had about the first 5 minutes together to romp and play ..

This Class has been awesome for Flossie .. She has gone through that Puppy biting Stage for about the last 3 to 4 weeks ..and this class has helped to curb that biting the other puppies she has learned to have a soft mouth because when she bites to hard the other puppies YELP ..and walk away from the play and she learns that biting too hard stops all the fun .. and vice Versa ..when they bite too hard she walks away ..

This Class has also helped teach Flossie and us .. Doggie Body Language and what it means ..

One of Flossies Playmates for the last 3 weeks has been Dakota ..( a German Shorthair) His Daddy Carlos and Momma Sheila .. are raising her to be a good indoor dog as well as a hunting dog for Carlos. Dakota is full of energy and loves to play .. And she became a wonderful confident puppy and graduated this last Saturday .. we are going to miss Dakota and her Mom and Dad at Class !

Lynne .. is the Owner and Trainer of "Cool Dog" ...

She is such a nice Gal .. So Helpful ..Willing to answer all your questions and give you advice before and after classes and number One ..she is a Fabulous Trainer !

Below is a pict. of Lynne the Grand Training Room .. while the pups are playing...

Lynne... Shares pertinent information during class on training your puppy, socializing your puppy and believes in "POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT" training... !

This last Saturday we got a new addition to the Class .. "Macy" ... at first she was scared and ran in the corners of the room away from the other puppies ..which is normal.. every puppy that comes to class suprisingly is scared the first class of the other puppies ..but within the hour or some puppies it takes the 2nd class ..they start coming out of their shells and begin to realize that their is alot of fun awaiting them and it isn't going to kill them !


Flossie started her First Obedience Class "Cool Dog II" this last Thursday .. She did awesome .. ! It was actually kind of funny because Obedience Class is held in the same room Puppy Class is held ... and Flossie having been to Puppy Class just assumed that's what we would be doing Thursday Night ..and she went in rearing to play ..and boy did she get an awakening when she realized she didn't get to run around and play for an hour...LOL !
  However she did really well at class .. I had been teaching her, her sit Cue for several weeks so she had that down great ..she learned to WAIT ..and to COME addition and we have been working on those Cues this week .. She is so quick to learn them, eager to please ..and loves the learning ..she looks at me after we have worked on the Cues as if to say " what else can we do Mom " ...

In This First Obedience Class Lynne is teaching us 10 Cues .. it's a 6 week class ..and well worth every Penny .. Lynne only allows 4 dogs per class you are basicly getting personalized training .. your not just 1 out of 20 trying to figure it all out. She works with all 4 dogs and their owners in the class One on One ..and she even stays after class to answer questions ...any questions that is about training your dog ...

I'm not sure who looks more forward to going to class me of Flossie !!! ROFL !! I enjoy so much watching all the puppies play and learn ..and I love learning about them and how to train them. Flossie loves the interaction, the learning and of course the "TREATS" ..she needs me to make her a sign .. that says " Will Cue for Treats" ..LOL !

Having your Dog Trained .... Meaning they Listen and and obey on Command not out of Fear but because they respect you as their owner is very rewarding ... and it makes for enjoyable walks, a calm home, and lots of fun outings ..because your dog is "WELL BEHAVED" ...

If you live nearby .. and have a puppy or an older dog that needs training ..Lynne is your Gal .. ..Check out the "COOL DOG" website HERE ... and contact Lynne if you have any questions ..or want to sign up for a class.

Until The Next Flossie Chronicles ....


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