Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Countdown to "The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks" ..

Hi Ya'll ..
Well I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend .. rather you spent it with family or all on your own.
We had a nice weekend ..and enjoyed the beautiful days and had a few good meals along the way .
 Well it's that time once again ..
time for ...
"The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks" ..
This Weekend May 31st, June 1st, and June 2nd, (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
If you've been following the TVM on Pinterest or their FB Page... then you already know ..that the line up of sellers is spectacular .. Many returning sellers and several new sellers will be offering their goods ... From handmade to vintage !
It's going to be a glorious 3 days so be sure to come out if your local Or Plan a day trip and enjoy The Vintage Marketplace Shopping experience ..
Sadly Abbey and I will  not be setting up at this market .. we honestly needed a little break. But we'll be there with the rest of you shopping which we never get to do when we are set up ..so this will be a special treat for us !
Looking forward to bumping elbows in the shops with you all ! ''
We added a few more new offerings to the Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy shop this week ..
Here's a little sneek peek ..
Enjoy !

Authentic Wax Cap Milk Bottle Cap Magnet ..
Is that cow with the crown on just the cutest !
Charm for your Farmhouse
and several more styles to choose from in the shop.
Available HERE

New ~ One of a Kind Clothespin Bag ~
Made from Vintage Geranium Print Toweling and Antique Laces
Available HERE

Oh So Charming Wire Carrier with 6 Vintage Juice Glass 
Serve OJ ..Or fill with Fresh Picked Blooms for an awesome centerpiece !
Available HERE
Until Next Time... Keep Smiling !

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thank You is not enough .. Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving our Country.

Here at the Farmhouse .. "Thank You" just doesn't seem to be enough. It seems such a little thing in the big scheme of what the men and women of our nation that have given their lives in order to secure our Freedoms and the Freedoms of others have done throughout the generations.

We are so Very Thankful however. It takes an immensely brave person and selfless person to put on a uniform and decide that they are willing to give up their life in order to give 100's of 1000's of people "Freedom"

As a nation I think it's our duty to continue as civilians to fight in the behalf of those who have lost their lives to keep this country "Free" or all they gave for us is meaningless and futile which would be an absolute shame.


We give thanks to the Families who have lost their loved ones serving our Country.

Your road has not been an easy one we are certain ..but we can tell you we are ever so grateful for the sacrifice they chose to give in order to keep us free.

This weekend we "HONOR" .. our Fallen Heroes here at the Farmhouse !


Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Printable ~ Antique Aster Seed Packet

Happy Friday to everyone ..
I'm sure many of you are gearing up for a wonderful Memorial day weekend .. with Family, Friends, maybe the first BBQ of the Season ...
I thought I would share another beautiful seed packet this week .. since we are still in spring and summer even though it feels as though it's arrived in many parts of the country isn't officially here.
This Beautiful Aster Packet is another from our sweet collection ..
I love how they made the packets of yesteryear so appealing and beautiful. Today's seed packets or I should say the one's I have seen at the local hardware store are just not appealing. I can imagine if they actually put some gorgeous picts or graphics on today's seed packets .. us Gals would gobble them up like candy not just for the seed but for the collecting. It would be awesome if one of the seed companies like the "Ball Anniversary Jars" .. would come out with a remember when collection or something to that effect.
Anyhow I hope you enjoy this Seed Pack .. and if you hop on over to the free printables page you can pick up the back side of the packet .. and for your pleasure there are 2 other versions of this packet I have provided for your pleasure !

Enjoy !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Help Oklahoma ...

Our Hearts go out to those in Oklahoma.
Abbey and I are just heart broken this morning for those who have lost loved ones, and who have lost their homes and belongings. The truth is we can't even begin to imagine what those who have lost everything are even feeling. We see images and video streaming through our computers and t.v. and are in absolute astonishment just as we were 2 years ago when Joplin, Mo suffered such a direct blow from such an extreme tornado. All we can say is we are sorry that you have to walk this road and that we hope that your sorrows and pain in time will begin to heal and to brighten back to joyful days.  Know that our prayers are with you and although we cannot physically help since we are so many miles away that we are doing what we can.
If you too would like to help the families in Oklahoma .. our personal choice of Organizations that we trust and know do an amazing job is "Samaritan's Purse" by "Franklin Graham".  They can surely use donations for their disaster relief fund. This fund helps trucks with food, water and tools to help communities clean up along with volunteers to help them.
You can read more about it and give here.
Please remember that no donation is too little .. Just $1- can help .. It's no about that amount given honestly it's about the heart of the giver. God say's he looks on the heart of man.
Samaritan's Purse is also needing volunteers for help in Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma .. I noticed at the bottom of their website page an orange banner that you can click on  to sign up to volunteer .. so if you live in a nearby area and would like to help and didn't know how... I'm sure that Samaritan's Purse can tell you how you can work with them to be a volunteer ..
Dear Sweet Jesus ..we ask today that you wrap Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma in your arms along with those in TX . Please bring them help beyond what they can imagine and please bring them your peace that passeth understanding to help them through this time and the days that lie ahead. You promise that out of bad good will arise ..and we claim that promise today that Good shall come out of this disaster.  Amen !

Monday, May 20, 2013

Long May she Wave ~ the Red, White and Blue ... Marketplace Monday

Hi Y'all .. !
Well somewhere along the way last week time got away from me and I just got so amazingly busy that I was only able to blog but once. But I'm back this week and rearing and ready to go..
It's Monday ..it's a whole new week .. Freshly Made.. and ready to be lived.
That's the beauty of each new day .. it's just that, " New ".. we can wake up in the morning and start everything from scratch.
So How was your weekend ?
It was just beautiful here. Full of Sunshine and warm rays with just the right breeze. I spent a little time outdoors this weekend and enjoyed it thoroughly.
Well it's Monday and it's time to start Monday off with none other than "The Marketplace" hosted by Debra at Common Ground.
And speaking of Freshly Made  ....... This week Abbey and I have Freshly Made new offerings that we worked on this last week.
You know 4th of July will be headed our way here in just about 5 short weeks .. and it's time to begin the celebration ..
So we thought it was time to get the Patriotic Flour Sack Towels out and Cheer up the Kitchen ..
Our " American As Apple Pie " was so loved by so many last year .. and now that it's available again we hope you enjoy it ever so much this year too !.
Available HERE
And for your pleasure we added a new Patriotic Design for 2013 ...

Our New " Sweet Land of Liberty " ...
This Beauty say's it all .. with it's faded vintage American Flag and it's aged red stars.

Available HERE

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
 Memorial Day weekend is coming up this next weekend ..it's time to get your flags and bunting out and let them fly for the next 5 weeks .. and celebrate America ... Remember all those who have given their lives and who have fought for our Right's and our Freedoms ! We can never stop fighting to keep those rights and those freedoms .. and may each time we hang "Old Glory" or pass her by as she waves from a house as we drive by .. or hangs above us strung on one of those tall poles as we pass underneath her ... or as she drapes herself across the front porch on a home .. No matter what .... we must remember what she stands for and those who have fought for her so that we may enjoy a land brimming with Milk and Honey and Freedom. Keep America Strong ~ Keep America Free  ~ Keep Fighting for the Right's and Freedom's she bestows us ! May God Bless America !

~ Long May She Wave ~


Monday, May 13, 2013

Sweet Magnolias Farm ~ We're Hosting "Tuesday's the Scoop" ..over at "The Farmhouse Porch"

Hi Y'all .. well this week we are absolutely thrilled to be Guest Hosting "Tuesday's the Scoop"


If you haven't taken Part in The Scoop Tuesday Link Party ..then your all missing out on something special !
Thanks so much to Linsey of Farmhouse Porch for asking us to Guest Host this week...

Welcome Back to The Scoop! 

The weekly link party, that features the scoop on the best posts from around the web. 

Stop by every Tuesday, link up and browse through the posts. 

You'll always find great inspiration for projects and discover some new blog friends too. 

As always, add your link right here to my blog and

 it automatically shows up on 5 amazing blogs!

More exposure, less time.

Kelli and Kristi LollyJane

Each week we highlight one of our favorite bloggers as a special Guest Host.

This week our Guest Host is Sara 

from Sweet Magnolias Farm

Hi Y'all .. we are Sara and Abbey Of Sweet Magnolias Farm. We are a daughter and mother team and the absolute Best of Friends.  It's such an absolute pleasure to be featured on this week's "The Scoop Party."

Having grown up surrounded by the country life, it’s no surprise that we share farm style living through our designs, decorating and blogging. We remember the days on the farm and long to return to a simpler time , a place where the quietness brings a sense of peace, where life moves at a slower pace, and the beauty of the landscape that surrounds you makes your heart sing each day.

Our blog  "Sweet Magnolias Farm" began ..as our outlet to share a little bit about ourselves, our creativity and to connect with like minded creative women. We Love Sharing some of our tried and true Simple Homemade Recipes, Free Printables from our personal antique ephemera collection, features of our newest offerings be they online or at one of our upcoming markets, Or favorite decorating ideas.

Farmhouse Style is truly who we are at heart. We are just two Old Fashioned Farm Girls that love the simplicity of making a house a home and sharing that through our Farmhouse Offerings. We love the feel of an old farmhouse as so many kindred spirits do, but for many of us an old farmhouse just isn’t an option. We find ourselves living in cookie-cutter houses and desperately trying to season them with warmth and charm.

Our life in the country along with our Midwestern and Southern roots and our Love of Linens inspired us to dream of designing and creating farmhouse goods that evoke comfort and down home living.

 Our line of farmhouse goods is our way of seasoning your home sweet home. Each of our farmhouse goods is inspired by good old fashioned country living: evenings spent rocking on the porch swing with a glass of sweet tea and the good book; watching the neighbors pass by in their old classic truck with farm fresh produce being carried to the local farmers market; or cute and charming country quips that fly out of the mouth so naturally that it doesn't even take one by surprise.

We invite you all to stop by our blog and say howdy ... and come enjoy a stroll through our Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy shop...Our Designs are created here at the farmhouse, from our Flour Sack Towels to our hard washed burlap Runners to our One of a Kind Graphic Images. With each design and with each item that we make  a little piece of our hearts , the work of our hands, and the love for what we do travels to homes far and wide.

Wishing you all "Farmhouse Blessings" Sara & Abbey (Daughter & Mother)


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day ... to My Sweet Mama

Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day ... comes but once a year officically ..
But for me Mother's day is every day !
Mama (Abbey) and I have had such an amazing Mother ~ Daughter relationship from the time I was a wee thing .. and over the years we became and still are the Best of Friends.
We have been blessed as a Mother and Daughter to have much in common.. we enjoy each other's company rather it be shopping for antiques, traveling to the ocean side, watching old movies together, enjoying a good thunderstorm, or just sitting and listening to the silence of a beautiful night.
Each day that renews itself gives us another gift .. another day to work together and to enjoy each other's company.
If I had being born to do all over again and I was given a choice for a Mama .. I would choose her all over again !
Mother's  Give Unconditional Love first,  They Sacrifice, Protect, Nurse, Care for, Mend, Provide for, Play with, Enjoy, Supply Hugs and Kisses, Give Encouragement and Hope, They Cheer for, Show Kindness , Teach life Skills, Give Faith, Fills with Wisdom....
They are a never ending supply of Life to their Children ..
Mama is the true picture of Motherhood.  
I remember when I was a little Girl .. Life was not always financially easy for my parents. Many a months we visited the dinner table and night after night we had a supply of beans and a slice of bread .. We never went without food .. or even clothing.  Mama always sacrificed.. if we needed a new pair of shoes or a new dress or pants .. She always put us first.  She would wear undergarments she had to pin together, worn out shoes, or shirts and pants that were worn thin.
We always came first with her. 
Beyond Mama .. there is no Greater Love other than that of Christ.
But I think she did and still has done an amazingly beautiful Job of emulating her Lord.
Thank You Mom .. for Blessing me with such a Beautiful example of what a Mother should be .. and for giving me a Love that I can share with others in my Life .. The Love of a Mother.
An amazing Friendship .. "Best Friends" ..
Happy Mother's Day Mama !
Mama with her doll on their front stoop when she was just a little girl.
Mama ( Abbey) and I .. "Best Friends"
Thank you Sweet Jesus .. For my Sweet Mama, My Heart overflows with the most blessed gift  I have been given ...
Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Mother's Day ... I hope you too have Fond and beautiful Relationships or Memories of your Mother's.
 Or have been given the beautiful gift of Children to become that Mother for your children you wished you would have had.
Mother's Make a difference in the world .. It is a Privilege and an Honor and a Great Responsibility to Mold and Teach such precious Gifts from God.

So do you have a wonderful Memory of your Mother ? A sacrifice she made, something funny she did, something Kind,  or a Skill she passed on to you ... Share it by leaving a comment .. and celebrate Mother's Day with us.
Wishing you all a Lovely "Mother's Day"

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Free Printable ~ Kitten in Basket Antique Advertising Card

Well it's a beautiful Saturday Afternoon .. The Sun is shining bright ..and well I have to admit it's Hot .. it's in the 90's here today and supposed to reach well near 100 degrees over the next few days.
So needless to say I'm staying inside.
It's been an amazingly busy week .. It seems for us it tends to be that way leading up to any special day or Holiday ..and Mother's Day is one of those busy times for us. In fact I got so busy that I had Jury Duty starting this last Monday .. and I completely forgot to call in until "Thursday" Night .. I was in a bit of a panic .. I didn't know what happened if you didn't call in and all I could think was "is there a warrant out for my arrest ?" .. you can laugh but that's what I thought. Well I called that night and it said to appear at 8:00 a.m. any morning within so many days at the courthouse .. So needless to say I wasn't waiting around ..Friday Morning I was at the courthouse at 8 sharp. I found out that I had to sit and wait to see if I would be called to serve that morning and the great thing was that being it was Friday they don't generally start trials so we were released by 10:30 yesterday morning. So now I'm good ..until they send me another summons ..which they send quite often .. I get them 2 to 3 times a year ..
So today I finally have a few minutes to just sit down and blog .. and thought this was a good time to share this week's "Free Printable"
This is such a sweet sweet Antique Advertising Card ...
With a Cute little Kitten in a woven basket ..

I also extracted the cat in the basket by itself ..for your pleasure and it can be found on the printables page for your pleasure !
Wishing you all Sunshine Dreams ....

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Marketplace on Monday ~ Whimisical Upcycled Garden Planters

 Good Monday Mornin to You All !
It's a beautiful Monday here at the farmhouse ..it's a rain filled Monday and I "Love" the rain. We don't get rain all that often here and it makes the times it does rain all the more enjoyable. I love hearing it fall .. the smell of the freshly wet ground .. the sound of it dripping from the porch rafters and the cool humidness of the air. And I can't wait to see things green  up and bloom out even more.
Well it's that time again .. time for "The Marketplace" every Monday over at Common Ground ! If your not familiar with The Marketplace it's a link party for Online shop owners rather you have your own website or sell on Etsy... etc. you can link up a few of your items you are offering for sale ..and then go shopping at everyone else's shops  ! It's a lot of fun !

Also linking up with Tuesday's the Scoop

This week I'm feeling the beauty of Spring and Garden Season ... and reminiscing a bit.
I was remembering one of our June Markets when we were still selling at Christie Repasy's home before the vintage marketplace grew and it had to be moved to a larger venue. Abbey and I had a blast that April and May ..of 2010 getting ready for the market creating some One of a Kind Garden Pieces ...
This Sweet Old Chair most likely from the late 1800's early 1900's became a planter .. We dressed her in white .. gave her a crown and some sparkling prisms .. added some old lace trim around the bottom and a cute vintage crystal plate garden stake. Needless to say this chair didn't stick around very long at all ..
This too sweet piece we upcycled from an old tool box .. I believe this carried a large electric saw in in at one time and was red when we got it.. We bathed it in a beautiful aqua .. added some old burlap and a mirror to the back of the lid .. some chain to the sides to hold the lid up from falling back all the way...and Bed Spring Feet ..and yes it bounced when the wind blew ..I loved how whimsical this piece came out !

And this old Metal Locker/Trunk ..we found laying in the trash at no less a local antique shop ..what were they thinking ? Well as they say another man's trash is another man's treasure and we saw what this piece could become .. This piece was originally black which was a perfect under layer for the pink paint we put on her .. Then we added some turned wood legs ...I had an oval mirror which I soldered some scalloped edge too and added it inside the lid ..along with a cute metal and prism banner that reads Dream. Abbey wanted a miniature trellis for the pieces so she built that sweet trellis from 1/2 round trim. Too too darling ..well girls this piece didn't find a home in 2010 ..so it came home with us.. and to this day it grace's our Garden .. I love looking at it every time I go in the back yard. And with all the weather she has aged to perfection wonderfully rusty and worn.

So Being in the Spring And Garden Spirit ..This week at Common Ground ...I featured our new line of Bath Soaps and Lotions we are offering in our blog shop.

Wild Rose, Verbena, and Lavender Flower. Oh my gosh these are so wonderful ! I used to carry these in our shop when we had an actual brick and mortar spot ..and decided we had to start offering them here online for everyone to enjoy ! ..These are made with shea butter and are just positively luxurious and smell divine !
And If you love the Charming Faucet style soap holder they are pictured in ,..those are available in the blog shop too ...

The Soaps Lotions and Faucet Soap Holder can be found HERE
 And this week I did a second feature .. I couldn't resist with spring and garden being in mind ..!
So I featured our Oh So Lovely "Time Began in a Garden" flour sack towel.
It's Bright, Cheery and Refreshing and just welcomes spring in to your Home ..
It's available HERE
Wishing you all Beautiful Spring Day's Filled with Beautiful Blooms... the one's in your Garden and in the Garden of your Heart !

Sunday, May 5, 2013

~ N ~ the kitchen with Sweet Magnolias Farm "Chocococonut No-Bake Refrigerator Cookies"

Hi there Y'all...
Well it's been a few weeks since we spent a little time in the Kitchen ..and this week I was craving some of our Sweet Magnolias Farm "Chococonut No-Bake Refrigerator Cookies" ..
So I whipped up a double batch and thought I would share how to make these divine little snack cookies ..
So so Simple, So so Healthy and So so Good ! 
 2 tbsp. Cocoa Powder
3/4 Cup Whole Oats (quick oats can be substituted)
1/4 Cup plus a few tblsp of Oat Flour (make your own by blending into a fine powder in your blender or in your food processor just use your oats)
1/4 cup Sugar (I use a little less)
1/4 cup chocolate chips
1/4 cup Coconut Oil
2 tbsp. water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 Cup Sweetened Shredded Coconut
So first Off I want to let you know that you can substitute vegetable oil in place of the coconut oil which is how I first began making these. No doubt they were very good but I found that our Local Costco is now carrying Coconut oil and I wanted to try it as I have been reading about all it's health benefits. I used it in these cookies and I am more in love with these cookies now than ever. They not only taste even better but they set up a lot better with the coconut oil.
I also opted to use the "Special Dark" Cocoa .. but they can be made with regular cocoa which is what I started making them with ..they are really good both ways.
And I'm a fan of Ghiradelli Semi Sweet Chips ...  I just put the 1/4 cup of these in my blender and let the blender chop them up a little bit to make smaller chips out of them. there was some fine powder that came out too and I just poured it all in to the cookie dough.
So here's how ya make em !

In a mixing bowl, combine all your dry ingredients...

Stir all your dry ingredients together until well mixed.

Then add your Oil. If you opt to use the coconut oil like I do ..and it's your first time using it. You'll find when you open the container that it's hard somewhat like shortening.  You will need to scoop out a 1/4 cup and melt it either in the microwave or on the stove on low. A 1/4 cup of the solid coconut oil will equal a 1/4 cup of  it melted.

Once it's melted you can pour it over the dry ingredients.

In a measuring cup add your water and vanilla and mix ..then pour that over the dry ingredients.

Next Add your 1/4 cup of Sweetened Shredded Coconut.

Then Mix everything together.

Once all your ingredients are well combined .. use a spoon to scoop out the dough and roll into about 1 inch balls .. or thereabouts. I just roll em and they all end up different sizes since we're not baking them it really doesn't matter.
Then Place them in a pan and either refrigerate them or My Favorite .. put them in the Freezer ! I love that they harden up and get really cold ! 

I love to have a few of these after my lunch each day or dinner.. They are seriously Soooo Good ! ..
You could even add some of your favorite crushed nuts in for another flavor if you like !

From our Kitchen to Yours ..
Enjoy !

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Do you ever feel Like ?

Do you ever feel like a lifetime is crammed into a whole week ?
Well It sure feels that way for me this week and I don't know why ..I haven't had any more to do than normal ..nothing extra or out of the normal happened this week, but it's felt like this week crawled by at a snail's pace and that a whole lot of everything got crammed into it.

One Fun thing that got crammed into this week that I hadn't planned on was a little gift to myself. Something I have wanted for a very long time but wouldn't splurge on .. as I don't often shop for myself. I'm a pretty simple gal and have always required very little. But this week I dove in head first and made a purchase ...

This Beautiful Cannon Rebel Camera.
 I have wanted to upgrade from my point and shoot camera for a few years now. But between cost and lack of knowledge on how to run one of these DSLR camera's I kept going to Costco or Sam's Club for groceries and staring at them as I walked by even stopping to pick them up and look them over and read the tags on them .. and then continued on with my shopping.

So this week as I headed into Sam's Club for my groceries .. I saw that this sweet camera was on Sale .. reduced by $100-  .. that along with the fact it came in a bundle pack with a nice large memory card an extra lens, carry case, etc. I was instantly Sold.

Now I still lack the knowledge of how to run this camera ...but that's going to all fade away over the next month as I enrolled in a couple classes that are going to teach me how to use this camera to a tee and I can't wait ..because I want to take some of those fabulous up close photographs I see here on the net ..but that my little point and shoot just wouldn't produce. Don't get me wrong my point and shoot has been awesome .. I have had it for 5 years and it's a bit clunky in size compared to the new slim line style P&S's today ..but it's taken a lot of great picts for me and has been durable and lasted a long time. I'll still be using it while I'm learning how to use the Rebel.

I have always loved photography ..in fact I took a class way back in high school for it but became ill and ended up spending my last few years of HS .. in home study so I didn't get to complete those classes ..and didn't pursue it any further after that ..so now I look forward to being able to do so all theses years later.

I'll let you all know how my classes go .. and I can't wait to start shooting some beautiful photo's and sharing them here on the blog with you all.

Come Join me tomorrow for ~N~ the Kitchen with Sweet Magnolias Farm...