Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day ... to My Sweet Mama

Happy Mother's Day
Mother's Day ... comes but once a year officically ..
But for me Mother's day is every day !
Mama (Abbey) and I have had such an amazing Mother ~ Daughter relationship from the time I was a wee thing .. and over the years we became and still are the Best of Friends.
We have been blessed as a Mother and Daughter to have much in common.. we enjoy each other's company rather it be shopping for antiques, traveling to the ocean side, watching old movies together, enjoying a good thunderstorm, or just sitting and listening to the silence of a beautiful night.
Each day that renews itself gives us another gift .. another day to work together and to enjoy each other's company.
If I had being born to do all over again and I was given a choice for a Mama .. I would choose her all over again !
Mother's  Give Unconditional Love first,  They Sacrifice, Protect, Nurse, Care for, Mend, Provide for, Play with, Enjoy, Supply Hugs and Kisses, Give Encouragement and Hope, They Cheer for, Show Kindness , Teach life Skills, Give Faith, Fills with Wisdom....
They are a never ending supply of Life to their Children ..
Mama is the true picture of Motherhood.  
I remember when I was a little Girl .. Life was not always financially easy for my parents. Many a months we visited the dinner table and night after night we had a supply of beans and a slice of bread .. We never went without food .. or even clothing.  Mama always sacrificed.. if we needed a new pair of shoes or a new dress or pants .. She always put us first.  She would wear undergarments she had to pin together, worn out shoes, or shirts and pants that were worn thin.
We always came first with her. 
Beyond Mama .. there is no Greater Love other than that of Christ.
But I think she did and still has done an amazingly beautiful Job of emulating her Lord.
Thank You Mom .. for Blessing me with such a Beautiful example of what a Mother should be .. and for giving me a Love that I can share with others in my Life .. The Love of a Mother.
An amazing Friendship .. "Best Friends" ..
Happy Mother's Day Mama !
Mama with her doll on their front stoop when she was just a little girl.
Mama ( Abbey) and I .. "Best Friends"
Thank you Sweet Jesus .. For my Sweet Mama, My Heart overflows with the most blessed gift  I have been given ...
Wishing Everyone a Beautiful Mother's Day ... I hope you too have Fond and beautiful Relationships or Memories of your Mother's.
 Or have been given the beautiful gift of Children to become that Mother for your children you wished you would have had.
Mother's Make a difference in the world .. It is a Privilege and an Honor and a Great Responsibility to Mold and Teach such precious Gifts from God.

So do you have a wonderful Memory of your Mother ? A sacrifice she made, something funny she did, something Kind,  or a Skill she passed on to you ... Share it by leaving a comment .. and celebrate Mother's Day with us.
Wishing you all a Lovely "Mother's Day"


  1. Sara,
    This was just beautiful. You and your mom are so sweet. Glad to hear you had a great Mom's Day.

  2. Oh what a sweet post! That could be my daughter and me! We are the best of friends too! Thanks for sharing your beautiful Mom with us! Hugs to you dear friend!

  3. Beautiful.....hope you had a blessed day! Roxie

  4. What a beautiful post and tribute to your Mom.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  5. What a sweet post. You two remind me of my mom and I. We too are best friends. :)

  6. I too have that same relationship with one of my daughters and I love it! I did not have that with my mother. Looking forward to the relationship I will have with my granddaughter! Great post! How blessed you are!

  7. lovely post, Sara; you and your mother are blessed indeed.


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