Monday, June 28, 2010

Morning Humor ...Have a Good Laugh ..Try again I changed the link ..

Maggie and I received a really funny Video this morning that made us crack up till our bellies hurt ...and we wanted to share this mornings fun with all of our blog friends ...

So ....

Click Below on the "Breakfast At Gingers" link .....

And watch for a Really Good Morning..Afternoon or even Evening Laugh !!!

Wishing all of our Blog Friends a Beautiful ..Happy and Blessed Day !!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Even the Little People came to the Chateau ...

This last weekend was a hit at the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ...even with the Little People ..

This Sweet bundle of love had the perfect view of everything ...After setting up for 2 days Friday morning I was more than jealous of this little guy ..I sure could have used a nice comfy hammock on wheels ...

But I tried to be good and realize ..his mama was raising him right and some girl some day was going to be one lucky chick to have a man that knew a way to a girls heart ..through a fun Artisan and Antique market place. LOL !!!

So I said I had more pictures to share here they are ...

O.k. these shoes are positively divine and made by the talented Lisa Loria of Vintage Bling ..She has such a great eye for putting things together ..Oh how I wish I could wear heels or shoes at all ...( well that's a whole other story ..I'm a flip flop girl not by choice but by heredity) ...I think if I remember right Lisa's shoes are going to be feautured in the Altered Couture Magazine by Stampington Art ...isn't that awesome !!!

Christie Repasy .....had all sorts of vintage goodies greeting you just outside her studio ...I think they were pretty much cleaned out by the time Saturday rolled around. ...If you haven't been to our Marketplace ..make time to come in September on the 17th and 18th ...You can by all Christies art work and offerings and meet her as well ..She's the sweetest gal ...and she's started painting on antique pieces as of late which reminisces her roots ...this show she had a gorgeous trunk an old drawer and a few other pieces that were positively breathtaking ...Oh and I forgot you can visit her studion throughout the week ...just call for her hours ...(760) 645-3946

Trisha of Vintage Bliss had these Great post cards the display and that great old typewriter ...those keep getting harder to find ..I love one sitting at a desk with an old letter rolled in it ..what a great display it makes ...

Rita Reade of Mammabellearte ...Oh my her creations are just lovely ..from her soldered charms her birdhouses ..and Bella her lovely gal that dresses to perfection ..

Linda of Linda's Ivy Nest ...some of you may remember with fondness her store in Old Town Temecula .....Well she was at the marketplace ..with all her wonderful style and more ...

Nancy Kruz ....of Touched by time ...brought all her vintage charm to the show ..what a lovely lady she is ...Visit Nancy's shop in Granny's Attic Antique Mall in Old Town Temecula ...Just ask which shop is hers find some amazing Vintage pieces ...

Debbie of Blossoms came ...her flower shop is located Near South Coast Plaza I'm told ..and if her shop reflects what she brought to the marketplace'll love it !!!!

Shirley Castellanos ...was at the marketplace again ..with her Vintage Linen Jackets, Bloomers and Lovely Vintage finds ...


Well this was just a fraction of the offerings were there ..and I missed getting pictures of several of the artisans ....

Be Sure to mark your calenders ...Sept 17th and 18th for our Next Marketplace ..

Hugs and Blessing s....Sara

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Simply Wonderful Weekend at the Chateau

"Simply Wonderful"

are the only 2 words I can find that adequately describe the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ..hosted by Christie Repasy of Chateau De Fleurs and Rita Reade of Mammabellearte this weekend.

Abbey and I are so Honored to be part of such a talented group of artisans ..and so blessed to be around such sweet, kind ladies that share a love of creating .

Plus any show that offers the gourmet Lunches we get both days is in my book the tops ..Rita's Husband Deane ..and her boys Raffaele and Allan ..Cooked us an unbelievable lunch both days with Dessert that was to die for makes it great for us artisans worries about bringing lunch or worrying about where to get it nothing would surpass what we served in my book anyway !

This weekend was full of fun and laughter it really got those good endorfins in the brain and body moving ..and I don't think I've talked and laughed so much since the last Marketplace in March.

Well of course I'm posting to share pictures of the marketplace for all you locals that didn't make it and for all my faraway blog friends that I love to share with.

Oh there's alot so be prepared ...we took a full truck load plus a 6 x 12 foot trailer with us ..we had a full 10 x 10 space plus shared a corner with Sheila of Tattered goods and let me tell you she kept us on our toes and smiling the whole show through ..that girl has energy enough for us all and she's always upbeat making it such a blessing to be around here and of course she shares our love for God so that kind of helps you know just a little ..LOL to bring us together.

So's a walk down memory Lane ..Our Shop at the Chateau De Fleurs June Show 2010

This was the opening to our shop was packed full of small goodies to large goodies ..

I shared the wonderful ottoman with you before the show ..but not our bench. We absolutely love both pieces ...these 2 didn't find homes this show so they'll be hitting the road with us in July ..well unless one of you locals out in blog land are interested ????

Abbey and I love Burlap we draped this Garden sets table in burlap and displayed all of our glass decanters, bottles and bud vases on it with moss and raffia poking out eveywhere .....

O.k.'s one of our Planters we did ..the one I gave a sneek peek of's the finished piece ...Although we sold our other planters ..this one made it's way back home yesterday ,..Papa Fred as Rita calls my dad wasn't so sad it came back ..he loves this piece ...!!! Well it will grace our garden for a while ..but it will be available for purchase to anyone local or it will be headed to our July show with us ..I can't believe it didn't sell ..I thought this piece would be the first to go ..isn't that the way it always is ..what you think will fly out doesn't and what you think won't go quick does just can't predict now can you !!!

So this was one of my Favorite Planters we did ..made from an old tool box and Buggy springs quirky and whimzical ..when the wind blows the little box sways and bounces ..I just love it !!!

Our Queen of the Garden Chair didn't last long went to a new home ...along with our Garden Queen Sign ...I'm so glad !!!

Our Beautiful Concrete Shell fountain ...our friend Pearl who comes to the Marketplace took home with her. Papa Fred was glad to load it and let it go to a new home. He's so good to me and helps with all the heavy stuff when he can ..but I know he's glad he doesn't have to help me with it again ..I told him there is always a new piece on the horizon so prepare I may be trucking home a new piece any day now ..LOL !!!

Our new Galvenized Bucket lights ..we offered for the first time ...We all loved them ...

This Urn full of bud vases was an immediate hit ..we had a phone call in from a husband that wanted all the bud vases we wrapped them up ..and later he came for them ...a gift for his wife who has a rose garden ..isn't that the sweetest and no less on Father's Day weekend .....What a Guy !!!

Our sweet Tea Cart full of Rose Pitchers (still available) ...

Another one of our Galvenized Bucket lights wrapped in Antique Lace with prisms around the rim ..a recycled finial top ..and a cute pull chain embellished with a tassle ....

Our Creamy Burlap and lace Flower Chandelier's so Yummmy !!!!

Remember I mentioned we were makinf Custom Farmhouse Romance Aprons ...Well they are not your typical apron ...these are great for outerwear over your jeans or skirt ...give up the purse and fill the 2 or 3 pockets with your cash, credit cards, checkbook ,,,and what nots and off you go in style ...They are perfect for serving a luncheon with a group of your girlfriends ..and every one is a one of a kind. We make them all from vintage lace an linens ..they are literally covered as one customer put it ..In lace ..which was a good thing. One we sold was headed to a function to where over a beautiful white dress ..another was headed to tea where your aprons have to made from recycled materials ..isn't that cool !!! We still have some aprons left ..hopefully I can post picts of them this week for you all to see !!!

So Last but not least ...this was the display at my checkout table was a last minute decision on my part ...I was looking for smalls to take with us ...and I had this epiphony that when I go places I love it when they have all the little antique mini trinkets layed out to look through when I'm checking out ..It gets me every time. So I thought surely if I love those little antique gems then other's would too ..and sure enough my little box diminished very quickly ...there's just something about all those small gems that makes a girls heart pitty pat ...don't you think !!!


So this Show we got to share a corner between our spaces with Sheila of Tattered Goods as I mentioned ...I can't believe how well our two shops blended we kept bouncing customers back and forth ...."No that's Sheila's ..and No that's Sara's" ...went on several times ...

We had a Great time setting up together ..Abbey and Sheila I think are now BFF's from what I read today on Sheilas Tattered Goods Blog ...LOL !!! Seriously ..Sheila and Abbey had a great time ..they were cracking me up all weekend long !!!

So here's a peek at Sheila's Shop ..what a talented Gal She is ..Her offerings are to die for ..

I love how she displayed her towels ...if you haven't had a chance to see them in person ..well hop on over to her BLOG and visit them in her Etsy Shop. These are quality towels she makes with great designs ..and they are NOT I repeat NOT ..iron On images. Sheila applies her images with Professional Machinery they are guaranteed to last a long time and just get better with age !!!

Is the Step stool she planted with flowers just not the cutest !!! I loved it ..!!!


Dont' forget to visit Sheila ...of Tattered Goods blog ...Her next show will be in Escondido, CA at the Urban Barn ..

And that should be our next show too ..I'll be confirming that in the next few days.
I believe it will be July 16th - 18th ...I'll get more of the details and share them with you all very soon !!!

I hope you enjoyed the picts ....and guess what ..I have more to come ..there were so many artisans and I have a ton of really wonderful pictures to share with you in the upcoming week.

Until then...wishing you all a Beautiful and Blessed week !!!

Blessing s..Sara

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sneek Peek ....Come See....

Well My wagon is draggin today ...but I'm still going ..getting the last finishing touches on pieces and preparing to get set up this week for the Chateau de Fleurs Marketplace.

I thought I would share a sneek peek of my big wonderful Pile of treasure that is headed to the show ...See something you Like ???

Well get headed to the Marketplace this Friday and Saturday ...

I'm so excited with my two signs above ....I wish I had time to make a bunch more of these ..but time has counted down and looks like I will only get 1 more done ..the two I pictured above one reads: " Summer Porch" and the other " Bird Bath" ...wait till you see them up close ..My pictures just haven't done them justice.

Last show we did in April ..all of our Planted Pieces sold out ASAP ...So for your pleasure ....we have created 3 new planted pieces each very unique and filled to the brim with Beautiful Flowers. What you may not know about our planted pieces is we make sure to fill each one with 1 to 2 Perrenials so you get year round foliage and blooms ...So when you purchase our planted pieces's just not a few pretty blooms for a shot time ..your buying. Of course there are some annuals you just couldn't have a beautiful garden without some annuals a few will have to be replaced as the seasons change ..but you will be taking home a custom made planter made with Vintage Finds and our hearts and our hands !

Yes you guessed it the picture above is a sneek peek at on of the planted pieces headed to this weeks marketplace ..and it really is a "DREAM" !!! Wait till you see it !!!

O.k. back to work's time to do a bit of sewing ...see that vintage Porch swing in the top picture ..well it's getting a one of a kind custom design seat Cushion...which I'm finishing up today.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday and Saturday from my Artistic Friends to all the customers ..Hope to see you there !!
Blessings ..Sara

Friday, June 11, 2010

Countdown 7 Days till the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace

Countdown ....

~ 7 ~ days ...till ....


*** Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ***

O.k. Girls ....Now if you haven't ever attended the Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace ...It's a must ...and you still have time to make plans to come.

Next Friday ...June 18th and Saturday June 19th starting at 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Bring your girlfriends ..your Mom about Grandmom ..or Sis or Auntie or your Niece ..Hey and even the hubbie if he's one of the guys that likes to shop !!!

Bring a cart ...Bring an oversized tote ...Bring your SUV ..Truck ...Or oversized Compact ...

Over 20 Artisans in a cozy Tree Lined Setting ...Offering there works of the heart along with Antique and Vintage Finds to die for !!!

So now your saying where ....Well it's in Fallbrook, CA ..a Quaint little town on the way to San Diego ..Quite close to the Town of Temecula.

A Fun day trip it will make rather your close by or have a bit of a drive ...Hey Make it a weekend trip ..Visit the show on Friday ..spend the night in Temecula in one of it's beautiful Hotels or Motels and visit Wine Country or Old Town Temecula on Saturday ..Can't get any better than that !!!

Oh I forgot to mention's also the weekend for the Barn Sales ..there will also be 2 or 3 barn sales going on can pick up a map at the marketplace that will guide you to the barn sales.

So Now that I've told you how much fun your going to have if you come ...Here's the fun we've been having here at the farmhouse preparing for the show ...

Abbey and I have been working for weeks now ..creating wonderful Home Decor offerings ..and have a wide array of Antique and Vintage pieces ..From Chandeliers and lighting Furniture Garden Art and Concrete statuary well as Vintage Linens ..and Our newest line ..Our Farmhouse Romance Aprons ...debuting for the first time Next Friday at the show. We have a limited Number of Aprons so be there early to get your pick.

The address for the show is:

1524 S. Hill Ave.
Fallbrook, CA 92028

Just Mapquest the address and get your direction's as easy as pie ..Look for the signs ..on your way ..Oh and a good landmark to find us by we are located behind the Jack in the Box ..take that street up the hill make a left and your there !!!

Well Off to do some more work ..Times a counting down !!!

See You All There ...Be sure if you follow our blog to stop in and let us know you came ..we would love to meet you ...

Blessings ...Sara

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where these Woman Create !!!


O.k. so while working the last few days preparing some new goodies for our upcoming show ...I had to giggle to myself when I thought of this perfect blog post, which you see I have titled Where These Women Create.

I Love love love the new magazine where women create ...I think the artistic work spaces are out of this world and if I could have a space of my own all dressed to perfection like the ones I have seen ...believe me I would.

However ........Reality is ....

If you like me ....are on a limited income ..and Live in a limited amount of space you'll find that work space ends up being in the kitchen the living room the dining room and just about any space that isn't being used. It's the reality of finding inspiration in whatever space you have. And I'm here to say it is possible !!

I'm guessing that some women may look at the beautiful work spaces in this magazine and some may feel of course envious and some may feel a bit down wishing they had such a space and some may like me dream of such a space...and others may feel deflated before they ever get started thinking how will they ever obtain such a space to work in .....but don't let that stop you from finding your creativity in whatever space you have in life at this time.

I think If you are so blessed to have a whole room or studio to create in that is awesome ...who that creates wouldn't want such a place to go and dream and work and get lost in that world of creativity we all so love ...but I think more realistically ...there are 100's if not 1000's of us out there creating in any space we can find available in our homes ...

So today I thought I would share with you all a bit of our reality ...Where we create.

BEWARE isn't Pretty !!! ...LOL

First of all we Rent right now we are limited to how much we can decorate our home's been hard ...but you do what you have to do...Second ..we have a 3 bedroom home ..1 bedroom for myself and another for my Parents ..and well the third is quite small and houses all of our supplies...and leaves no room for a table or sewing machine or any place to work's purely a storage area that we get to creep into and pull our supplies from ...All of which is on the second level so we spend alot of time making trips up and down stairs when we work.

The picture above is our living room work space.......Each morning I drag our the 6 ft work table ..hall down whatever is needed for the day ...and start laying everything out. Abb takes the left side of the table and I the right .....Once the table makes it into our living room it leaves no place for Maggies bed On the Fire Place it goes ...and that leaves 2 open chairs for us to sit in when we grab lunch or a snack.....

Maggies adjusted well and thinks laying on the hearth is special ....Oh and there's are piles of antique linens ..stacked on our Trunk/Coffee table ....

Behind one chair ...the ironing board is put up ..

Of course ..It's hot and rather costly here in CA to run Air Conditioning a Fan blowing is a must !!!

Then ...cozied up next to the kitchen bar is the portable table with sewing machine ..some weeks this becomes a daily fixture that we don't take down ....

All the while we are working ..Maggie naps ..for at her age she deserves it ....!!!

And at the end of the day ..your asking what happens to everying ....we pick it up ..pack it up and put it all away ...dinner time arrives and life switches gears's off to sleepy land a short time later ...and in the early morning the whole routine begins again...

So ...this is the long and short of "Where these women Create" ...It's not glamorous's not what you would call pretty ....But it's our reality's the place ideas are born and executed's the place memories are made and it's what we call Home ..which is a good place to be.

I will always dream that one day ...I'll have a little studio all my own to share with Abb and my Kindred Friends ..a place where I can walk in have everything at my fingertips ..and in an orderly fashion ..layed out ever so beautifully ... ...But for now ..I'm happy right where I'm at.

P.S. ....If you are coming to the Chateau De Fleurs show ....Abb and I are working on Aprons ...I know we had alot of you ladies asking about the ones we wear at the shows we have started a line of Vintage Farm Style Aprons ..that we think you all are going to love. Every one is a one of a kind no 2 alike ...So be sure to get to the show ASAP to get your pick !!!

For those of you who can't make it to the show ..I hope to offer our aprons online very soon ...!!

Wishing you all a most beautiful week ..

Blessings ..Sara