Saturday, May 18, 2019

What's new at Spring Creek, Gone Antiquing, and Allergies on the attack...

It's been a busy week for me how about Y'all ?

First part of the week was spent doing a complete revamp to my shop space at Spring Creek Antiques. Abbey and I added all sorts of new vintage items to my space including some new furniture pieces that are for sale. This weekend we hit up a fun antique sale and I came home with some great finds which I can't wait to get into my shops and in my Etsy shop as well... the down side of the week was the tree pollen got to me again and literally within 1 hour of being out at the antique sale I was sneezing 5 and 6 times in a row over and over then the watery eyes, the sinus issues and a really strange sore throat that still has it's hold on me tonight. I broke down last night and took some Benadryl to go to bed and it did help... today is much better than it normally is when I just ride it out for a few weeks....

So on to sharing my shop space revamp ..

I took this space over from a friend who just did a beautiful job picking products and styling it. And although I would love to say I could make it look like she did .. we all have our own touch and way we see things styled so it will always be different from the beautiful way she styled it. 
When I took it over I bought most of the permanent (Not for sale) furniture items she had in order to make it an easy switch for me. Since taking it over in February.. I decided the last few weeks that I would love to give it a whole new look and I would actually like having a few pieces of furniture that were different and for sale to be part of the space .. 
So this week Abbey and I headed in and added the cute vintage red paint table .. the adorable white cupboard, and all the little tables benches, shelf and our cute lil' ol' dress form "Mabel" all gussied up in her Dress and Apron from the 1940s ..

I offer mainly antique and vintage items with a few new farmy items tucked in. I am generally an all vintage girl at heart .. but I don't mind a few new things if they have the right look, style and are a good quality item. Antique, Vintage and the right new pieces can make a beautiful marriage. So rather you love vintage or new farmy pieces or both you can find a sweet variety in my shop space to choose from...

This little red and white truck is just one of many new but vintage pieces that made it to the shop this week as my heart tugged to keep it. It's a hydraulic truck so the dump back on it raises up .. I could just see it at Christmas with a load of bottle brush trees tied with jute laid in the back of it and a tiny wood sign hanging from the side .. something like "Farm Fresh Trees U- Cut Em"  Right now I have some really cute farm style absorbent stone coasters that are packaged in sets of 4 tucked in .. perfect for these warm summer days when your sweet tea or ice cold coca-cola starts sweating from the humidity and you don't want rings on your table .. and you want something cute to set them on  ..

And if you like some one of a kind pieces .. well the fun red birdhouse is just that a OOAK that Abbey made.. a cute one holer that simply nails or screws to the wall, post or fence .. and has some cute little architectural finds and wood trims she added to gussy it up.  Just below it .. is an authentic piece of folk art .. a handmade rooster and chick sitting on a fence post... what a darling piece for the mantle ..

Who out there loves old advertising tins ? My hand is raised in the air and I'm jumping up and down !!!
From Marshmallows. Crackers. and Coffee tins and more.. there's some charming tins awaiting a new home sweet home.

I seriously think I could have shelves full of these old tins or stacks on benches .. I love early advertising pieces that are full of color, great graphic designs and cute fonts...

And of course it's Spring well for some of us .. seems old man winter is trying to hold on with clenched fists this year for some of you .. but for those of us who are now hitting temps in the 80's with lots of rain it's the perfect time to be planting and adding some charm to your farm by sprucing it up with some pops of color. Flowers, Gardening tools, sweet signs and more ...

If you like the cute Garden and Potting Shed signs .. those are handmade and I have one of each available in my Etsy Shop  HERE

Well the shop is choc full of wonderful Farmhouse and Vintage Goodness I hope you enjoyed a little stroll through our shop space ....  if you're local or just passin' through the Missouri Ozarks be sure and take a minute to stop by for a little shopping and while your in at Spring Creek Antiques be sure and grab some good eats at Spring Creek's Tea Room..(Tuesday -Saturday)  From scrumptious sandwhiches, soups, salads...and Oh Girl the desserts are to die for .. you'll struggle on what dessert to choose and you may need a piece for eating in and a piece for taking on the road and a piece for when you get home ... you're warned ... "Just sayin'"

Spring Creek Antiques and Tea Room is located in Ozark, Missouri .. just off hwy 65 and the Jackson Street/hwy14 exit.  .

Until Next Time
Sweet Blessings

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day .. to the Momma's of Children and fur babies

Happy Mother's Day ...

 Wishing a beautiful and blessed Mother's day to all of you mom's. Being a mom is a hard job. It's the biggest and most important job that God has Blessed so many women with. Some of us were not called or able to be momma's .. I had the dream in my youth of being married and having 6 or 7 children .. the proverbial home with picket fence, a loving, devoted, hard working and Godly husband. But the years passed and life took me in other directions and that dream didn't happen. Instead the Lord had a different plan for my life and although I still have that faint what if in my heart I know that his plans are the best laid plans .. and I trust him with my whole heart. 

God gave me motherhood through my four legged fur babies...

I've always loved animals from the time I was little. Especially dogs. Growing up I had a Lhasa Apso named muffin that I dressed in doll clothes and put in my baby buggy and strolled around the house with. Then there was Daisy our Yellow Lab who I loved so dearly and made mud pies with... then there was a long gap before Sadie my Black Lab made it into my life as a young woman but I had to let go of her to another home because of her aggression. Then life blessed me with my Golden Retriever Scout and 3 yrs later a second Golden Maggie both of which I raised from 8 weeks to their deaths at 17 yrs old and 13 yrs old and only months between their deaths when my heart was distraught and hurting at their loss .. and I was much older and realizing that my years of child bearing were coming to an end .. I cried out to my sweet Jesus to fill my heart, life and hands with another fur baby .. a little girl with pig tails is exactly what I asked for.. and along came my Sweet Flossie Girl I have now. A springer spaniel with long ears "pig tails" you might say .. and she came in a package that unbeknownst to me as her tiny baby body laid in my hands the day I took her home would need so much care, looking after and lots of love to see her through almost dieing during a vaccination to having an auto immune disease that once again almost took her life at 3 yrs. I remember the heart ache and pain of being in that ER room seeing how sick she was and feeling helpless to make her well.. Having the Dr.s come in and say they had exhausted all resources and knowing at that moment in my heart that all resources were not exhausted because God was there and on our side and either way his will would be done and my faith would see me through .. so I said to my parents who were with me .. 

God told us in the bible were 3 or more are gathered he hears our prayers ..( 19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew chapter 18 Verses 19 & 20)
so I said it's time to lay hands on Flossie and ask for her healing. We gathered on the floor around her all laying our hands on her and lifting her up in prayer as tears streamed down our faces, lumps in our throats that God's will would be done to either let her go or allow her to heal. I really had no idea what would happen after that ..other than I knew I had to have Faith that all things would work together for good no matter the outcome. In this case the next 24 hours proved to be a joy and healing began with the Dr.s being shocked at test results coming in... and here we are 3 yrs later with my little sweetheart in remission. A sensitive little one I've been given the privilege to care for and be a mama too. Not in the same way as a human child by any means there are big differences there I'll be the first to admit that .. but when it comes to love, and heartache .. I can begin to understand a  momma's heart. It can be filled with so much joy you want to burst and it can be filled with so much hurt and sorrow you wonder how you will ever mend... 

So God has fulfilled that maternal need to be a mom in a way I never would have expected. To care for the animals he put here among us.

 My own momma and I have been close all my life. We have an unusually close relationship that we treasure as we both know that it is a friendship that most will never experience and some do not understand .. but we feel so very blessed. She has shared with me her joys, and sorrows of what she has loved about being a mom to what she has heart ache over, has given me a little insight into the sheer roller coaster ride of emotions and responsibilities that not only shape the children she's raised but has shaped her as she's grown older. Life has changed her immensely over the years.

I can see that youth and age both have their good in the world .. With youth comes an energy and excitement at all the new and wonderful things that you get to experience as a newly wedded couple with children on the way. To becoming parents and the joys and fears that come with it. With age comes the joy of watching your children flourish..and possibly seeing grandchildren come along or in some cases the sorrow of seeing your children make poor choices for their lives. To even losing children. And hopefully with age comes wisdom.. looking back on those younger years and learning from the mistakes that were made or being joyful about the good choices you made for your children.
No matter what there is so much that goes into being a Mom and no one woman is going to get it all right all the time. 

Being a mom can be as painful as it is rewarding. It's in my opinion from the outside looking in the hardest job a woman can have.

Some are blessed with motherhood and other's are not.. that doesn't make one more or less than the other in this life. God call's us all to different roads .. what's important is that we do our best to Glorify him in whatever road he has called us to travel. 

So to all those with a  mothers heart out there today ..I wish you this day ..
A Happy Mother's Day.

May God Bless you and keep you and may he gather you up in his arms and give you rest.

Sweet Blessings

Friday, May 10, 2019

My new shop space at The Vintage Peddler in Springfield, MO Spring 2019

Well if you read one of my last posts you know I talked about making new changes in my business. I talked about diversifying and getting a few shop spaces in a few different places. 

So my new but smaller shop space that I have taken is at the Vintage Peddler Antique Mall in the heart of Springfield, MO.

For it being a much smaller space than what I had, I'm amazed at the amount of product I have been able to get into it. What a blessing that is. 

This shop space inspired me to design it in what I call "Rustic Romance" .. To me Rustic romance is antique and vintage items that are worn, tattered, chippy, rustic goodness ... items that have a story .. one's that are by no means perfect. And the romance comes in, in soft goods such as pillows, linens and Florals,which I'll be adding in the weeks to come.  We have a pinterest board called "Rustic Romance" HERE.. a style that I love and it gives me inspiration for design and display's been one of my favorite boards that we have created over the years. 

We've got the shop space up and running and of course I still feel like it needs some tweaking and fine tuning and after today's Spring Shop Hop with several items selling it will already need a little TLC this coming week.  Over the weeks ahead I'll enjoy adding more antique, vintage and handmade finds.. I can't wait to get a few more hand made goods added too.

Here are several photos of what we've done so far .. and as I said the Spring Shop Hop at "The Vintage Peddler" Started today and will continue through the weekend .. so if you're local or passin' through be sure and stop by and enjoy some amazing shopping.

Enjoy the photos and address of TVP I will add at the bottom of the post.

You can visit our shop space inside "The Vintage Peddler" Antique Mall.
1432 E Trafficway St, Springfield, MO 65802
 (417) 864-9808

And I want to say a Big Thank You to my Sister in Christ Debra who has a heart after Christ and listened to that still small voice who led her to bless my life and inspire me to make some changes I had been praying about for a long time. Our Dear Lord led her into my life and used her to answer those prayers. Thank You Debra for listening to Gods leading I am ever grateful to you. Much Love sent your way! .. 

Until Next Time...
Sweet Blessings

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Organic Wildflower Honey and allergies in Dogs ~ Goodbye itchy skin, watery eyes and more.

Many of you know my Flossie girl from the day she first came home to be my sweet fur baby .. to 3 yrs later when she became sick with AIHA ( Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia). 

For those of you that don't know .. Flossie is my four legged fur baby ... She's a beautiful English Springer Spaniel and she's now 6 yrs old. In Flossies 3rd yr she became ill with AIHA an auto immune disease which she had a less than 50% chance of surviving. She beat the odds and lived through and is now 3 yrs in remission. With AIHA it's much like cancer in the since that it can come back at any time what is referred to relapsing. 

Well prior to Flossie getting AIHA .. she started having severe allergies and after she went through the AIHA for 1 yr and came off all meds her allergies were as bad if not worse. I was at a loss for what to do with her for the first year so the poor thing broke out in hives ended up with skin infections, lost tons of hair, chewed herself raw, eyes poured down her face, ear infections, and more and I would have to medicate her sores with antibiotic cream, cortisone cream and then cover with powder to get relief and healing, I was even using Gold Bond powder on her daily to help calm the itch which worked to a degree. It was absolutely horrible for her and agonizing to watch her go through after going through such a horrible disease and making it through only to live in a constant state of itching. 

Some might be thinking why not put her on an allergy med from the vet. A - she has an immune system that over reacts so adding meds to her life isn't a good choice for her. B - I have learned through her disease how to treat ailments naturally and it works... sometimes it takes longer but it works and with no nasty and horrible side effects that are short lived or long lasting from man made medications.

So this last year I went on a search to see what I could find to help with her allergies, Some wrote to switch to a grain free raw food diet .. check mark already done she eats a whole food raw diet for 2 yrs now... and allergies were still an issue, another things was to use Colostrum, check mark again I had used that for over a yr, another suggestion was Quercitin with bromelaine check mark again and still no help. So I found one last natural option that I hadn't tried and that was Organic unfiltered all Natural "LOCAL" Wildflower Honey.  I found a great article by: The Ottawa Valley Dog whisperer all about Honey, the different kinds of honey, what not to use, what to use, and how can read that article HERE

All Natural Honey has bits of pollen from the local flowers and grasses etc .. when it's ingested it causes the body to build immunity to those pollens and takes away the allergic reaction .. at least that's how I explain it in my simple persons terms.

So about 12 weeks ago just before spring kicked in I headed to a local shop HONEY HEAVEN that sells local honey. Told them what I needed Organic unfiltered all natural Wildflower Honey and they carried it. I bought a bottle and started Flossie on the amount that was recommended in the article. Now it was a wait and see what was going to happen when all the trees and flowers and grass decided to bloom and spread all that pollen. Well they bloomed and the pollen was heavy this year my car went from charcoal grey to a bright green yellow fuzz and I came down with some massive sneezing, eye watering, sore throat, and overall tiredness from it all myself ..  But my sweet Flossie girl hasn't had any itching at all, no chewing, no hives no nothing well I take that back she has the slightest watery eyes but nothing severe like she was. So I think we have the allergy issue solved naturally and I'm so so happy for her. 

I wanted to share this in case you have a sweet little four legged friend that could use some allergy relief. In hopes that if you've tried other things including vet meds and they haven't worked this just might be the thing that does.

Sweet Blessings

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Lifes about changing, nothing ever stays the same ....

Well I think my title sums up life to a tee. Don't you ?

and I believe if I remember correctly those are lyrics from an old Garth Brooks song. 

Well once again it's been a while since I last blogged Fall of last year to be exact. Life has become one day of business that runs into another anymore. Some days I just want to say stop and let me off. But I can't complain to much when I've created my own busy life. And My life has been so blessed by God.

The last several months have been full of me praying and praying and asking the Lord if I was headed in the right direction for some reason something just seemed off to me. Had I missed any roads he wanted me to take or had I taken roads he really knew I shouldn't but I did. And that my eyes and heart were open to new opportunity or changes. I was searching for some guidance.

8 week ago some of those answers to prayer came through an odd sequence of events in life that truly I can say were a "God Thing". There was no doubt that he provided me with some pretty distinct answers that I was not expecting at all.. and in so doing he took me in a new direction that hadn't been on my radar at all "He's kind of cool that way".  And that is slowly unfolding in my life right now.

My business is my livelihood I'm just a single gal that does what she loves despite the fact I'll never get rich at it...  and I'm not a gal that has to have a lot to live or be happy. I'm a pretty easy keeper. I guess that's a good thing considering. But sometimes I like so many others can push so hard to make a living that it leaves you worn thin and wondering am I doing the right thing ? Not to mention I've had a few health issues I've dealt with the last year that have added to my exhaustion.

One thing I knew for sure was that I very much miss the handmade side of my business and I have literally had no time for it. I love creating and designing.  And another was that I needed to be investing my time into not only the things I love but where business is most productive financially for me it just makes perfect business since. And as much fun as I love to have with work I have to be sensible too. Sometimes we have to see the whole picture and realize changes have to be made.

So I looked over my books and sales for the last 2 years and did some investigating to see where my time and energy would be best invested. 

And the conclusion was I need to get back to creating and designing with some vintage fun mixed in. Yes gals that means my upcycled clothing will be back along with many other hand mades that I love creating in the coming months.

So over the next few months I'm making some changes to my business .. We've all heard the word diversify .. or the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket" .. so I'm working at doing just that with my shop spaces. A few smaller spaces  in different locations where I can still enjoy selling and creating beautiful displays . I might try a market.  And I will be getting back to creating my OOAK handmade designs and offering more in my Etsy shop like the old days. So if you see some changes happening Y'all won't be going hey what's going on with her is she going out of business ... Nope not at all .. just making some changes where changes need to be made.

And another thing I have missed a lot the last few years is being able to share more here on my blog.. Instagram and FB are great for sharing quick snippets but it really lacks the option for more in depth posts and leaves me feeling a little lack luster. Over the years I so enjoyed connecting with gals through my blog and I made several long lasting friendships which I hold dear so I look forward to getting back to it and sharing recipes, projects and just personal bits and bobs like I used too. So in the coming months as I restructure things I'll be hoping I'm not so exhausted all the time and I'll be here sharing the things that are dear to my heart and hoping and praying that I've chosen the right new path for this stage of life and if not that the Lord opens doors and shuts them and that I have the eyes to see and ears to hear to keep moving forward or staying still if that's what he calls me to do.

Until Next time .. which I'll be hoping is very soon as I get things changed up...
       Sweet Blessings