Sunday, March 30, 2014

~ Creating Vintage Charm ~ Farm Fresh Clothespin Bag just in time For Spring

Well just as promised I'm back and finding time to blog again .. Yippee !
And What a great Start !
Sonia Crouse is the Editor in Chief of "Creating Vintage Charm" a Lovely Magazine that can only be purchased online. It is a Printed Magazine and is delivered to your doorstep...
This Beautiful Spring Issue is compiled of some wonderful Artisans and Simply Beautiful Pictures.
You can grab your Copy HERE
We were absolutely thrilled when Sonia Contacted us and wanted to add our Charming "Farm Fresh" Clothespin bag to their Marketplace pages .. Thank You Sonia !  We are ever so Grateful.
So Here's the Pin Bag that you'll find in the new issue ...
Designed here at the farmhouse in Vintage White Eyelet Yardage With Ruffled Eyelet Trims, And Vintage Lace Embellishments ...Plus the addition of the words "Farm Fresh" Appliqued to the front .. this piece is on of our "Sweet Magnolias Farm One of a Kinds" ..
We love designing and creating unique pieces with Vintage Materials ..that way the person that makes this piece part of their home, can enjoy that it is unique to their home.

With Springtime now here and arriving throughout it's the time to let the nature do the work for us. To let the Rays of the Sunshine pierce our clothing and linens with it's warmth, drying them to scrumptious perfection .... And why not keep the pegs and pins in a charming bag that's easily carried from Laundry Room to Line ...
Available HERE
Hope you all are having a Beautiful Sunshiny Sunday afternoon ..and if not I'm sure a little sunshine is on it's way ...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

~ Good News ~ and a Grateful Heart !

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Hello Dear Blog Friends !
It's been a long while since I posted .. and I think it's about time for me to finally return...Thank The Lord !
This Scripture from Psalm 61:2 .. can pretty much sum up the Journey of this last year for not only myself but for my family... Many times we found our Hearts overwhelmed and our Rock and Redeemer is where we turned our hearts and he sustained us just as he promises.
So The Good and Wonderful News is that Dad is on the mend .. It's been about 6 weeks since they removed the last drain which I can tell you just terrified all of us, fearing that they were taking it out to soon and we would end up back at the hospital to have it re-inserted ...But our Fears never came to pass .. and amazingly Within days we began to see a huge upswing in Dad's health. In the last week to 10 days I have to admit he is as close to what normal was before he got sick .. Still a little sore where all those muscles were cut for surgery but that's to be expected ..but he's back to walking Flossie twice daily, Driving, and he's even been to visit his buddies at the shooting range twice in the last 10 days ..So I would say he's pretty much doing AWESOME !  Thank You Lord for hearing all of the prayers that were lifted up.
It's hard to believe a year has past .. so much has happened in such a short span of time .. it's like a whirlwind in my mind to look back at all that we experienced and all that we accomplished in that time and the truth is that it was through the strength of the Lord that any of it happened, We never could have climbed the mountain that stood before us without the helping and guiding hand of our sweet Lord Jesus.
I know so many of you were praying for us and I can't express how much that means to us to know that you cared enough to say a prayer in our behalf even though many of you didn't know us personally. There is such goodness in the heart of so many. I  can truly say that your prayers were felt .. Peace was at the root of this entire journey .. even in times of crisis The Peace that Passeth Understanding was placed in all our hearts.
Each Day I do begin it with a grateful heart ......
There's so much to be thankful for .. the simplest yet most valuable thing as groceries in our frig and cupboard, Cold water that flows from out faucet, warm blankets to cover up with, clothing that fills our closets, warm beds to crawl in at night when we are tired and need refreshing from busy days, and the list could go on. As Americans we are Rich beyond our wildest dreams .. we have a vast wealth that cannot be imagined by many other countries .. Every day should be a grateful day if for just these things.
I'm so grateful that for my Dad that he has been given that blessing of healing. The Journey we have had, could have gone in a much different direction we are fully aware of that. I am grateful that for now we still have him in our lives .. and I hope that we have him around for a lot of years to come. I shall be grateful for him because I know so many others that have lost a loved one and how their heart aches to have them back .. I am grateful that I have him until it's time for him to journey on to his permanent home with our Lord Jesus.
I'm hoping to be back blogging more often as time allows in the days and weeks to come. I spent 3 days last week cleaning out and reorganizing the garage and if you could see our 2 car garage stacked side to side back to front and to the top was no small task ..but it was time to start prepping for a Yard Sale .. So it's all organized and cleaned up with some much needed additional space  and now this weekend it's on to the back yard ..Yes where I have more of the good stuff stored ..After my last market in September of last year the area was torn to smitherines and I can't even lay my eyes on it without having a sick tummy at the mess that was left due to that quick surgery that happened with dad right after .. Anyhow that's on the agenda for my weekend .. Trying to take back control of our home after letting it all go for so long.
Again Thank You all for your Prayers and Comments they meant the world to us and If ever you are in need of prayer for any situation please feel free to drop us a line, we would be honored to add you to our own prayer list. God Calls us to take care of each other and Prayer is the most important way we can do that ..
 Until Next Time
Wishing you all a Beautiful and Blessed Week and Weekend !

Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Long and Tiring Journey....

Well .. this poor old blog has suffered the loss of my time and energy this last year.
Since last March's kind of been a scattering of posts. I started out with a lot of gusto the beginning of last year ..and just about march life started to get a little complicated and something eventually had to give.
I tried with all that was in me to keep those proverbial balls of life in the air .. but my arms just got a bit weary and a few of those balls ..(the blog) being one I couldn't catch and well it's just been lookin' sad ever since.
Our Journey started last March .. I know I mentioned it back then and a few times thereafter about my Daddy being sick.  It started out with nothing more than him not feeling well and mama and I being concerned it was possibly something to do with Heart Disease ... so we sent him to his Heart Dr. ... and they found through a blood test that he had only 1/2 his blood in his body ..which meant he had an internal bleed some where. That put into motion a whole array of trips to new Dr.s .. trips to the hospital for transfusions ...and the diagnosis was that he had an ulcer and some meds and time would heal it up and all would be fine...
That began our Long now near a year Journey down a road with twists and turns and bumps along the way...
Finally after 6 months of him not getting any better and his losing all the blood that they kept transfusing him with which meant he was still bleeding .. and the fact that his ability to eat was lessening by greater leaps and bounds as each day passed .. we put our foot down and asked for a specialist.
The specialist ordered up a specialist which ordered up a whole lot of special tests ..a long way from home at a hospital where they only do those kind of special tests ...
So off our Journey took us in another direction a direction of searching for an answer to 6 months of uncertainty and concern for a man growing sicker and thinner by the day ...
By August ..He was unable to eat anything more than a slice of bread and 1 ensure maybe twice a day ..
Of course it was in our thoughts just like the Dr.s helping us that he possibly had cancer.
The tests that were ordered would give us that answer ..and Praise God there wasn't any cancer.
But the special tests with the specialty Dr. did show that Daddy had what they call a non-healing ulcer sittin in a spot you don't want an ulcer to sit. And a part of the intestine called the duodenum  had strictures in it ..(scar tissue) so much so it was blocking off the passage of his food when he tried to eat the food couldn't pass and all that acid the stomach made just washed back over that ulcer and wouldn't let it heal.
Well Hooray they finally found the problem what to do about it. Only 1 option and that was major surgery or as the next Dr. we were sent to said..Major Major Surgery ... So quickly they scheduled him for surgery in October .. and on the 16th .. his life and our life got a little topsy turvy...
The Surgery went well ..but the pain associated with it was enormous .. he screamed and writhed in paid for near more than 72 hours pain meds would work ..
Mama stayed by his side the entire time ..and I sat outside with Flossie Dog and waited for him to finally come to some kind of comfort in his discomfort whatever that was.
What was supposed to be a 3 to 5 day stay turned out to be 9 days ..
We came home.. and within 24 hours we were back at the hospital ..mind you a hospital near 100 miles from home no less. With a specialty surgery we had to return to that hospital to that Dr. which was fine with us .. but oh what a long drive .. this time we were headed back because he had developed a fever .. which meant in our minds infection ..and it wasn't a surprise on one hand considering the extent of the surgery I believe there 4 surgical sites inside plus they had to cut him from his left to right side right at the rib cage the chances for infection dealing with the gut ..where substantial in our minds.
we headed back ..he was admitted again.. given heavy antibiotics and all was good 6 days later we headed back home.
We were all tired and weary a bed was like a double edged sword was the gift of rest .. but on the other hand there was no long periods of sleep when you knew daddy needed to be cared for .. so any little wink of sleep we could catch was an absolute blessing.

6 Days passed after the last hospital visit and the antibiotics had been completed for 2 days and the fever came back again .. And Yep .. off to the hospital we were again.
5 more days at the hospital .. the infection had been nipped in the bud once again ..and home again we came...
We were now into the busy season with work .. Holidays were hovering and Abbey and I were taking care of Daddy and working like crazy to keep the business going ...
As the days passed into weeks ..daddy grew in strength .. he could now eat again .. and even though things were moving slow for him since the recovery period was up to a year for such a massive surgery .. we were all thrilled with his progress ..

About 3 weeks ago ..this prayer above says it all for mama and I ..
Daddy started having fevers "crazy fevers" as we called them. His Fever would get to 102 degress then in 15 minute time drop back to normal ..then an hourlater back 100.4 and 10 minutes later down to 99.0.... and then totally disappear for 12 was the strangest thing ..
This went on for 2 weeks ..and Yep we called the Dr. and yep daddy went back on antibiotics.
Basically the Dr.s Could't find where the infection was coming from even when they cat scanned him looking for abcess's  ..there weren't any .. So it was a wait and pray the antibiotics would kill the infection.

2 weeks ago yesterday ... Mama and I were working ...getting our new line of linens ready to photograph ..and Daddy came to the stairs and said to please help him he was in dire pain....

We ran upstairs and he started moaning and hollering the pain was so severe ...So in a flash we were in the truck and headed back to the hospital to the ER ... driving near a 100 miles with someone in dire pain is just plain nerve wracking ... but we made it and I'll admit it was in record time ...

5 hours in ER .. with no results. Pain Meds weren't working now the pain was so severe you could here his hollering down the corridors ..

Cat Scan still showed nothing.

But he had a massive infection "Sepsis" brewing in his  body..

More antibiotics were given .. Pain Meds Upped and still no relief ..the pain only grew more massive.

72 hours later he nor mama had slept ..the Dr.s were doing everything they could for him ...Sunday the pain began radiating into his shoulder so they knew things were progressing and they took him for another cat scan which finally showed a small pocket of fluid at one of the surgical sites ..

They decided on adding a drain ..and in so doing found a greater amount of fluid in the abdomen than what could be seen in the cat scan.

12 Days later .. we finally came home from the hospital ... and he's now resting comfortably. Still in some pain ..has the drain still in ..and is still on antibiotics ..

The journey down this road still continues and we can only hope and pray that this is the end of this illness ..that Healing will now begin and his body will begin recooperating.

So as you can see ..the blog has been on a long list of "To Do's" .. but pretty much near the bottom going on a year now.

Hopefully sometime here in the near future ..I will get the free printables back ...and we can do some cooking and baking in Sweet Magnolias Farm Kitchen .. and just share some fun stuff !

Until then ..I'll just do my periodic updates on our Shop ..

Thanks so much for your sweet comments ..your concerned e-mails..... It's always a salve to one's soul to know people are thinking and caring about you !

Wishing you all a Beautiful February... and  Lovely Valentines !


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sweet Magnolias Farm Valentine Towels And Pillows Now Available

Hey there all you Sweethearts ...
Just wanted to drop a Line
Our "Valentines" are now
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To our  "Love is"  Towel

To our "Made with Love" towel ..
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There's something "Sweet" and "Lovely" for everyone !

There's even several choices for Ruffles from Charming Colors to  "Simply White"
And Grab one of our "New" Valentine Farmhouse Sawdust Pillows for that someone Special ...

Valentine's is less than a month away ... so don't forget to get your orders in now ...
for your
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Hugs and Love from the Farmhouse ..

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Renewed Spirit Cambria Shores Inn

Happy New Year !

My Goodness is it just me or does it seem as I grow older that the years just seem to pass more quickly ?

2014 already. It seems like yesterday when we were turning the year  2000 "the Millenium" .. and everyone was scampering to save the world. Computer Crashes worldwide were going to happen and all sorts of other frightening things.  Here we are 14 years later ... and another year older and hopefully wiser.

I hope you all had a fun New Year Celebration ..that is if you celebrate .. I'm not one of those that does .. My idea of celebrating is just a good old black and white movie a good dinner and to hope for a good nights rest. I know not to exciting by any means but it's just my speed ..LOL !

I also hope you all had a Super Duper Merriest Christmas !

We decided to change things up this year.

Usually Christmas is just myself and my parents here at home with a traditional home cooked meal, which is truly a favorite of mine. I am without a doubt a complete homebody so celebrating right here at home is the perfect Christmas ..but this year we decided to step out of our box and get away for a Christmas Vacation which I must say was very much needed !

After working 12 and 14 hour days for the last 10 days leading up to Christmas ..Abbey and I were exhausted and just about burned out. But we made it through .. The Lord gave us the strength, energy and will power to make it through.

Working from home however means that your work is always pretty much in your face. And it gets so hard to just walk away from it even when you are on your down time. There is always something that needs doing or can be done and for me it's hard to not do it. So getting away where I couldn't work at all was a really wonderful idea.

We decided we would head out on the Saturday Morning before Christmas for one of our Favorite Destinations .. Cambria, CA. It's a small town that sits on the CA coastline. Not touched by chain stores or chain restaurants. They have done an amazing job keeping it a small town filled with shops and restaurants owned by small business owners. They even keep a limit on housing which really makes for a beautiful place to visit. You truly feel like you can get away here from all the hustle, bustle, and craziness of the everyday world so many of us live in.

So off we went ...arriving to find our beautiful destination.. just as lovely and untouched as it was 5 years ago when we last visited.

The Motel we love to stay at is "Cambria Shores Inn" .. it sits on an ocean front road that runs about a mile I believe and is filled with many more motels all of which have ocean front views.

The above photo is of the knoll that sits out front of Cambria Shores .. filled with aqua Adirondack Chairs. These very Chairs are where you would find the 4 of us ..just about everyday we were there. Lazing in the Chairs ..listening to the roar of the Ocean .and watching the surfers, paddleboarders and other vacationers walk the wooden boardwalk along the ocean.

This is a birdseye view of the motel... a sweet single story place most likely built back in the 50's which has been renovated beautifully with all the modern conveniences you could want...
Most of the Rooms have ocean Views .. Ours did .. and every morning we rolled up the blinds and opened the window and had our breakfast in bed...

 Cambria Shores Inn ..has so many special touches but their breakfast in a picnic basket brought to your room every morning a 8 a.m. and hung from a cast iron hook outside your door is positively wonderful. Fresh Fruit, Orange Juice, Bagels, and Muffins along with real silverware and cloth napkins is just the perfect touch .

The big Plus about Cambria Shores Inn for us is that they are "Dog Friendly"...Yes any size dog as long as it's friendly is welcome. In fact upon arrival you will find a special basket addressed to your dog. With Food and Water Bowls and Place mat, A towel for drying off after getting out of the Ocean, Dog Treats and much more. Plus dog biscuits come in the breakfast basket every morning so your best friend isn't forgotten. They even provide throws for the beds so your dog can cuddle and sleep with you .. and during the summer time they have an old cast Iron tub for washing all the sand off your dog after a day at the beach.

Just down the road a mile or so is a Dog beach ... where we took Sweet Flossie ..

This was her 1st time to the Ocean ....
I was a little concerned about how she would react to the roar of the Ocean and the water rushing up the shore.... She's always been a bit of a cautious pup

Well she hurried into the ocean and swam away
No not really....
I just loved her paw prints in the sand and had to get a picture of them.

Flossie had Such a Fun time at the beach .. she was a little cautious at first .. there was a small rock sticking out of the sand on the beach...and she went about 6 feet around it in all directions ..I would try to coax her to it ..but she would get within a foot of it and then quickly begin back peddling.We eventually conquered the fear of the rock after I covered it in dog treats and they were more important than her concern for what the rock might be or do ..LOL !  

The above photo is of the ocean front 2 lane road that runs in front of the line of motels that all overlook the ocean...Each one has been beautifully renovated over the years and all are well kept. We were shocked at how many people were vacationing for Christmas in Cambria. We had this picture in our heads when we decided to go that we would be there all alone... but the opposite was true. Scads of people with their dogs walked the street, the boardwalk and played in the ocean. And the motel we stayed at was full every day. We met some wonderful people while staying and Flossie met some furry friends that she got to play and bark with as well.

This shot was from the Adirondack chairs on the knoll at our motel... all those rocks you see out there in the ocean.. each day they were covered with seals... You could walk the wooden boardwalk ( where you see the people standing) the complete mile length of the beach .. down to the lookout where the seals are. There are steps that lead down to the rocks where you can view the tide pools with sea urchins and starfish and other little sea creatures and you can view the seals up close and personal too.
And in January begins the whale watching season .. Now how fun would that be !
Well 5 days was fabulous but I sure think I could have gone for a whole month. I was just getting relaxed when it was time to come back home. However I came home with a renewed spirit... and that's a good thing. Being able to enjoy all God's beauty and peacefulness was just an absolute blessing as well as making more memories with my family !
It truly was a Merry Christmas I won't forget !