Friday, April 14, 2017

Meanderings in the Countryside ... Farm Roads and Country Drives ..

This last week we were out meandering in the countryside on an overcast cool day. Enjoying the country roads .. seeing the farms dotting the countryside.. and all the cows out in the beautiful green spring fields munching away on the new sprouts of goodness shooting from the earth... 

We had driven by this abandoned farm a few times and on both occassions I had left home without my sidekick not Abbey .. but my camera .. but on this day out I happened to have it with me so we stopped and walked the grounds and enjoyed the old place. 

This farm had 2 beautiful old wood barns .. the first of the two was slightly smaller and had an amazing shake roof ..

When I went to photograph the front of it I was delighted to see that the barn had a face and it appeared to be smiling at me .. can you see the face and the 1/2 smile ?

Many of the fields have purple blooms throughout .. and they are simply breathtaking sort of puts me in mind of lavender fields .. however these are just pretty weeds ...

The old white farmhouse still sits proudly at the front of the property with the old trees surrounding it. The trees are just budding out so they are still looking a bit dreary and dull from winter but I imagine this weekend after an abundance of rain and now sunshine those branches will be overflowing with beautiful green leaves of goodness. 

The fields to the right of the house were brilliantly lit up in yellow and white .. although I would love to say they were some amazingly beautiful flowers.. this was simply a field of yellow and white dandelions .. nonetheless I thought it was quite pretty ...

The 2nd barn and the biggest barn on the property looks like a beacon of strength from the front .. but sadly it has fallen in on the back right side .. you can kind of see day light through the front opening there ..  

The inside is still beautiful .. and I think with some love and tender kindness the barn could be saved if one had a mind to do so ... As the stalls and pens and rafters still all looked in amazingly good condition considering .. 
As I turned around at the end of the barn and looked back out the doors I saw to my delight that the opening of the barn "the eye of the barn" .. was looking back at the farmhouse making a stunning frame around it ..  what a fun photo to discover and I was thrilled to get home and see it had turned out. 

And you know that feeling you have that you're being watched .. we seemed to have that feeling that day .. as we headed back to the car .. across the farm road .. we had quite the audience. The girls had walked in from their beautiful field of green goodness and were quite the curious ones looking on at us as if to say "Hey what are you all doing ?" 

We love cows .. so we ventured to the other side of the farm road and gave them a day they won't forget their very own "Glamour Shots" .. I think they did well posing don't you ?

Well it's Friday .. and who knows what we'll be doing this weekend .. thus far no plans .. but there's always the hunt for something vintagey awaiting .. or a country road that needs exploring .. or just a relaxing weekend at home enjoying the quiet and contentment of one's own home. 

"Happy Easter" ... He has Risen ... Praise the Lord on High !


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Some fun new pieces headed to the shop ...

Hey Y'all .. well I hope you've all been doing great ! 

I've been busy seems about every day anymore .. either making something, cleaning, cooking, or on the road hunting for vintage treasures .. 

Well this week I've been in the Making Mode .. and well be listing several new handmade pieces as well as antique and vintage items to the shop ..

When you ask .. well tonight at 6 p.m. central time .. Yes that's 4 pacific time and 7 eastern ..

We have new kiss lock frame purses .. each a one of a kind ..

Some charming St. Charles Dairy Co. Receipt books ..

A Vintage lunch pail turned Farm House Decor piece ..

Well don't miss out .. this is it for this week .. I'll be back with more goods soon though ..

Visit the Shop just click HERE


Friday, March 31, 2017

Sneak Peeks from the Shop...

Wow .. Yesterday was a great first day for our Etsy shop re-opening ..

Thanks to all who came and supported us with Likes to our shops, products, and of course purchases we are so grateful !

For those of you that missed yesterday .. we still have some fabulous pieces for you to enjoy taking a gander at ... and there will be more to come in the days and weeks ahead ..

Here's a few sneak peeks of what the shop is filled with .. 

Happy Window Shopping You All !

Visit our shop HERE


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Etsy Shop Opens Tomorrow 3-30-17...

Just a quick reminder our Etsy shop re-opens tomorrow 3-30-17 ...
10:00 a.m. central time.. 

click Here to visit the shop..

Wishing you all ...


Monday, March 27, 2017

Exciting News !!!!

Hey Y'all .. I hope this post finds you all having an amazing beginning to your week !

Well we have exciting news .. and that is our Etsy shop is Re-opening this week !

To start off with we will have all our Farmhouse and Cottage Style One of a Kind handmade designs. 

We'll phase into our graphic design Home Goods a few more months off.  But they will without a doubt be coming back for your pleasure. In fact if you have any favorite sayings or scripture you would like to see on a towel, runner, pillow .. let us know and if it hits our fancy we'll get a design going for it. 

But starting this Thursday .. you'll have the pleasure of seeing some of our One of a Kind pieces fresh off the farm. And yep we'll have some vintage finds mixed in there too cause there's nothing like a good ol' vintagy antiquey piece of goodness to fill your home and heart with.

For now I'll leave you with a few sneak peeks ..

Enjoy !


Sunday, March 26, 2017

We're now on Instagram .. woohoo !

Sweet Magnolias Farm is now on Instagram ..
Come Follow us for Sneak Peeks, Updates, and just good Ol' farmhouse fun !

Click .. HERE to be directed to our insta page


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Farm Girl Vintage Apron Penny's .. Coming Soon ..

Well we have been having so much fun creating our new line of One of a Kind Aprons or Penny's or even Cover Ups as they are known nowadays From our collection of recycled clothing, vintage and antique linens. Each one is full of it's own unique charm and beauty.. Just waiting to be paired with some cute skinny jeans and a T or a charming broomstick skirt and Lace blouse .. with a cute pair of boots or just maybe your favorite clogs ..

We headed out to an old abandoned farmhouse this weekend for a 4 hour long photo shoot of these and some other One of a Kind pieces that we will be offering up very soon ...  

Here's a sneak peek at just a few that will be coming available .. 

Stay tuned and be sure to follow our FB page HERE


Monday, March 13, 2017

The "Old Rugged House"...

This last week as I was out driving along a country road .. I came upon this "Old Rugged House"

It caught my eye and as I passed it drew me back.. I made a U-turn at the next road and returned to it.  I love passing old abandoned houses .. (although I wish they were still in use and being cared for ) it always makes me stop and think about who lived there, why it's abandoned and what life was like over the years in that house. How many families lived there and so on. 

Well this abandoned house was not without life even though one would think at first look that indeed it should be. .. No spring is upon us here and life is beginning to spring up all around this house .. from the green grass to the double jonquils blooming in the front yard. I imagine by now there's even leaves budding on all the trees. Beyond the life that was blooming .. I found another bit of life living in that house....

As I was walking up to photograph the double jonquils a bit closer .. and my feet came down upon the dried leaves and branches that had made their winter bed on the ground they made quite a crunching sound and out from the grass dashed a sweet grey cat .. leaping toward the house. I went about my business taking photos of the jonquils .. then I took a few photos of the house .. and to my delight .. that gray cat lept into the window and perched there so contentedly .. I'd say that's the old houses new resident. What a great home .. the perfect shelter from the weather .. and perfect grounds for catching mice I would say ... 

So although it's rugged and abandoned .. this old house is not without some life .. 
For me it's still a beauty to behold. I only wish I had the funds to fix it up and put it back in order .. and grey cat would still be welcome even inside. 

P.S. .. I shared these photos with the location in a local group I belong to on FB .. we all share photos and history about the area .. anyhow of all things a gal commented that her grandmother grew up in this house starting in 1921.. they lived through some hard times  but I'm sure there were fond memories as well.. why it's abandoned or who it belongs to no one knew.. but everyone had the same sentiment that they too wished they could fix her up.  

This sweet beauty is in the town of Nixa , MO..  just a hop, skip and Jump from where I live...


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Farm Sale Finds .. Oh what Fun !

Well .. it's been a while since I was to a good ol' farm Sale Auction .. Since the last time we lived in MO and that was a lot of years ago. 

I've been holding back on going .. but I couldn't resist any longer .. LOL !

So one of the first of the season was today so Abbey and I decided to go give it a looksie.. Well you know you just can't look .. Especially when these 2 gals have a love for vintage linens .. 

We walked up to the auction getting there a bit late and 2 auction rings were already going so we wandered around to see what was coming up through the day and to what did our wandering eyes appear but a big 6ft. table loaded with vintage linens and lace... So we figured we would wait a bit and bid on them .. Ha ha on us .. 3-1/2 hours later and the very last thing to be auctioned off they got to the linens .. and yes we waited .. by the hour and a half mark we figured we were in it to stay. 

Anyhow we were thrilled to come home with quite a stash .. Including some vintage ladies clothing from the 40's .. a Navy and white polkadot farm dress ( seen in top pict. middle back) that's a keeper .. a huge box of vintage baby clothes and some amazing glass shakers .. I don't know why but I love those clear glass antique shakers .. 

Well now to turn all these fun finds into some amazing one of a kind pieces .. maybe an apron, a clothes pin bag .. pillow .. who knows the old imagination will kick into gear and well Voila something will come of it all .. 

enjoy a few quick snapshots I took ...


Friday, March 3, 2017

Just Horsin' Around ..

This last week while we were out "Horsin" around .. we drove down one of our favorite farm roads. 

One of my favorite farm roads because on it we pass 2 farms that have "Clydesdales"

Oh how I have loved these horses since I was a little girl. 

I used to tell my parents when I was little I was going to have a Clydesdale when I grew up .. and well that hasn't come true .. kind of like when we were driving in the car when I was oh somewhere about 10 we passed a car I was enamored with .. I told my mom that's the car I wanted when I grew up .. it was a Rolls Royce !!! .. Yeah that hasn't happened either .. LOL ! 

Well I'm truly home here in the Ozarks surround by beautiful countrysides and farm land .. flowing streams and rivers abundant trees and green pastures and calm, quiet, days. It's the life I was meant for. 

I love all the critters be they pets, farm animals or the wild turkey, and deer .. the odd skunk and opossum ..or the little turtles that try to make their way across the farm roads .. and of course I can't leave out the birds that sing so heavenly. 

But on this day we headed out .. at the top of my list were the Clydesdales ! .. These gentle Giants with their stunning gaits and feathered legs .. their gallant strides and their sweet faces steal my heart every time I lay eyes on them. 

It's time for the Mare's to Foal .. so their were youngin's and their mama's out in their pastures .. on one side of the road .. and on the opposite side were the adults just grazing and giving the occasional whinny ! .. A horse song to behold.

Of all days I had my camera with me .. so I got a few shots of these majestic creatures .. to share with you all .. Enjoy !

Until Next Time ..