Monday, July 17, 2017

Howdy y'all ..Here's some fun new offerings....

Hey Y'all .. well how's summer treating you  ??? I hope you're all doing well and staying cool wherever your neck of the woods is ...

We're doing wonderful .. it's been hot the last few weeks here we are officially in the Dog Days of summer for the next 6 weeks .. so I just stay in the cool or go out in the cool car into the cool stores .. LOL .. I'm not big on the heat as I have mentioned over the years in many of my posts .. Yep I'm one of those gals that probably would love cold Alaska... 

Well all this hot weather and staying in the cool house has given me plenty of time to work on fun things to add to our Etsy shop ..

I just added over 40 new items this evening .. from Antique and Vintage to our Original One of a Kind Handmades ..

So I thought you might enjoy a sneek peek so here it goes ..

 Visit our Etsy shop  HERE... 

Have a lovely summer's week Y'all .. 

Farmhouse Blessings ..

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Us Honey Bee's are addin' sweet vintage nectar to our shops ..

 We're busy as the summer Honey Bees here at the farmhouse .. flitting from one Hive to the other filling them both with lots of good nectar .. 

Our shop space is open and doing well .. and this week our Etsy shop is filled and open again with all sorts of new vintage goodness and our Sweet Magnolias Farm Original Hand Mades ..

So we thought we would share with you all a sneak peek at just a few of the fun pieces filling the Etsy shop  .. 

And if you want to stop in and take a closer look and see all of our Etsy offerings you can do so by clicking HERE

Now for a little peek at the nectar we added this week ..

If you're headed to Southern Missouri ~ come visit our shop in person at the Camp Flea Antique Mall and Vintage Marketplace in Ozark, MO. It's well worth the visit 27,000 sq ft and 200 vendors to shop from .. Including Lil' Ol' Us .. Just ask where shop #777 is .. 

Until Next Time ..


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our New Shop Space .. Now Open in Ozark, MO at Camp Flea Antique Mall

Hey Y'all .. well once again it's been a long time between posts. Well this mother/daughter duo have been super busy galavanting all over the countryside and we opened a shop space at a local antique mall. 

Well this was never in our plans completely we tossed the idea to and fro .. had a few malls we really liked and talked about "If we ever get a space again" ..but never really went for it. I wanted a big space .. Abbey was into a small space .. and most places had some small spaces available but I just couldn't get into a small space .. well a large space in one of the local antique malls came available .. and it had electricity which is always a biggie to me .. I like lights and well lit spaces .. anyhow that kinda sold me on it and here we are a month later moving in, setting up and putting our toes in the water in our New Home Sweet Home of MO to see if the locals and the passerby's like what we offer as well as all our wonderful clients did on the west coast. By the way we miss you all .. just not CA.. LOL !

So we've been working hard setting up our shop .. and I thought you all might enjoy seeing what we've done. And for those locals that happen on our blog .. well come down and see us at Camp Flea Antique Mall and Vintage Marketplace in Ozark, MO.

Today we went back in and added an old wood header over the door .. and hung our shop sign. Abbey designed our shop sign from an old apple basket lid and some vintage aluminum lettering ..and I truly love it ..

 And we added our business cards to the shop .. although I didn't get a photo of them .. this is them .. my front and back designs. 

I kept my old farmhouse I love .. but went to a simpler two tone design in charcoal and white .. and designed our business name with a great whimsical font.

Well if you live in or near the Springfield/Ozark Area .. or are traveling to the Branson area ..on 65 hwy .. well be sure and stop in and see us at Camp Flea Antique Mall and Vintage Marketplace. 

Until next time ..


Friday, April 14, 2017

Meanderings in the Countryside ... Farm Roads and Country Drives ..

This last week we were out meandering in the countryside on an overcast cool day. Enjoying the country roads .. seeing the farms dotting the countryside.. and all the cows out in the beautiful green spring fields munching away on the new sprouts of goodness shooting from the earth... 

We had driven by this abandoned farm a few times and on both occassions I had left home without my sidekick not Abbey .. but my camera .. but on this day out I happened to have it with me so we stopped and walked the grounds and enjoyed the old place. 

This farm had 2 beautiful old wood barns .. the first of the two was slightly smaller and had an amazing shake roof ..

When I went to photograph the front of it I was delighted to see that the barn had a face and it appeared to be smiling at me .. can you see the face and the 1/2 smile ?

Many of the fields have purple blooms throughout .. and they are simply breathtaking sort of puts me in mind of lavender fields .. however these are just pretty weeds ...

The old white farmhouse still sits proudly at the front of the property with the old trees surrounding it. The trees are just budding out so they are still looking a bit dreary and dull from winter but I imagine this weekend after an abundance of rain and now sunshine those branches will be overflowing with beautiful green leaves of goodness. 

The fields to the right of the house were brilliantly lit up in yellow and white .. although I would love to say they were some amazingly beautiful flowers.. this was simply a field of yellow and white dandelions .. nonetheless I thought it was quite pretty ...

The 2nd barn and the biggest barn on the property looks like a beacon of strength from the front .. but sadly it has fallen in on the back right side .. you can kind of see day light through the front opening there ..  

The inside is still beautiful .. and I think with some love and tender kindness the barn could be saved if one had a mind to do so ... As the stalls and pens and rafters still all looked in amazingly good condition considering .. 
As I turned around at the end of the barn and looked back out the doors I saw to my delight that the opening of the barn "the eye of the barn" .. was looking back at the farmhouse making a stunning frame around it ..  what a fun photo to discover and I was thrilled to get home and see it had turned out. 

And you know that feeling you have that you're being watched .. we seemed to have that feeling that day .. as we headed back to the car .. across the farm road .. we had quite the audience. The girls had walked in from their beautiful field of green goodness and were quite the curious ones looking on at us as if to say "Hey what are you all doing ?" 

We love cows .. so we ventured to the other side of the farm road and gave them a day they won't forget their very own "Glamour Shots" .. I think they did well posing don't you ?

Well it's Friday .. and who knows what we'll be doing this weekend .. thus far no plans .. but there's always the hunt for something vintagey awaiting .. or a country road that needs exploring .. or just a relaxing weekend at home enjoying the quiet and contentment of one's own home. 

"Happy Easter" ... He has Risen ... Praise the Lord on High !