Thursday, April 29, 2010

Olivenhain Grove Sale Tomorrow ..and my Estate Sale Find !!!

Wow ...Hi there all ...My goodness it's been such a long while since I sat down and took time to Blog ...

We have been working like crazy from Dawn to Dusk preparing all kinds of wonderful goodies for the Olivenhain Grove Sale that starts tomorrow... Wow Ziggity ...between all the normal day to day things and work too ..I have barely seen my computer as of late ..which means ..I've missed out on chatting with all my fellow blogging friends ..and Of course I haven't had time to list any new offerings as of late in our Etsy shop or our Website hoping to get that started here very soon after the show is over.

If you live close to the San Marcos area ..then you ought to stop in tomorrow or Saturday between 10 and 4 and see all the wonderful offerings from the 30 + vendors that have set up. If you need directions ..the address is in my sidebar ..just mapquest it.

So I thought I would share 2 things that are headed to the show tomorrow ...

First up is this so so cute Old metal Ice Chest ..that was headed for the Ice Chest Graveyard ..LOL !!! I saved it ...and gave it a new life ...Abbs and I turned it into this wonderul Cottage Garden Planter ..Fully in Bloom with gorgeous flowers ..!

We ...Even added antique caster wheels to the bottom ..which you can't see here ..but it really makes the piece wonderful ..Add a Burlap tie in the center and some old metal letters strung on rustic curly wire inside the lid that spell out the word Garden ...and You have a sweet little Garden that puts a smile on your face.

This Cottage Garden will be available tomorrow morning at 10 sharp hurry in and make it yours ..!!!


Next up is this sweet old potted antique chair ...

I know potting chairs has been around a while ...however it really hasn't fallen out of style for those of us that love a cottage garden and a bit of whimsy. The chair makes such a great conversation piece ..and really adds a beautiful backdrop for your favorite flowers.

This chair comes in a lovely light aqua color ..A red Geranium falls out the side ..and is actually potted in an old galvenized bucket that has been fitted into the chair ...An old hose I painted up in white ..wraps itself around the chair ever so charmingly and an old vintage soaker end is screwed on the end for that vintage charm. ...And Lastly ..some vintage metal letters spell out the word Bliss ..because this chair truly is a bit of Bliss !!!

The potted Garden Chair will also be available tomorrow at 10 Sharp ...


Well I made the most fun find this last week at an estate sale ...In fact ..I went to the sale bought a bunch of stuff and left ...and a few hours later I ended up back at it because I realized there was some old hardware I wanted ..anyhow ..this time I took my time and started looking through some old cans of oil and spray paint ..and came across some cans that said "Sparkling Tinsel" on them.

Of course that made me curious and wondered what exactly "Sparkling Tinsel" was I found a pair of old scissors and pryed the tops off ..and to my absolute delight heat pitty pattered ..inside just about full to the top all 3 cans were filled with ...Antique ..."GLASS GLITTER"

O.k. are these so cool ....!!!

So your wondering what I am going to do with them ...Well these are staying put with me ..I'm sure these are one find I probably won't happen on anytime soon again. And I have a dream of having a wonderful work room with cabinetry and shelves all laid out with my supplies ..and these would be one of those spotlight pieces that I would of course decorate with. So these will be waiting ever so patiently for that one day when my room comes along ..and maybe I'll use just a little glitter on something special for my own home.

Well ..I'm about ready to fall over tired ..and yet so excited about tomorrow ..I'm looking forward to getting our shop all set up in the morning ..and greeting old friends and new friends ..and of course sending our new offerings off to new Home Sweet Homes !

Wishing you all a Beautiful Weekend ..Blessings ..Sara

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Work, Work, Shop Shop, ..It's a hard Life .....!!!

Work, Work, Shop Shop ..and Work Some more's a Hard life ..but what's a girl to do ...!!!

Wow's been so long since I have sat down and blogged or done any computer work. Such a drastic change from the norm for me.

Honestly ..we have been working round the clock as of late..Abbey and I decided to do the Olivenhain Grove Sale ..last week after knowing all was good with my Dad and we felt we could get back into the swing of things ..with all that has gone on the last month we truly lost track of time after dedicating ourselves to the show ..we looked at the calender ..Yes we did things a bit backwards ..LOL !!

Well needless to say ..we needed to put the pedal to the metal ..and go, go, go.

Between keeping up with shopping know a girl can't miss out on that ..those Estate Sales and Yard Sales just call out ..and the little white truck is trained to turn at every sign ...Then ..working on those new finds up ..sprucing up and dressing up ...It seems the days just fly by ....and before you know it the calender has turned it's pages without a gal realizing it.

So First of all ..last weekend ..Abbey and I hit this great estate sale ..We got all kinds of Great finds ..but something fun we got that we are addicted to is antique and vintage linens. Well this tarp was laid out and piled with them ..and the guy told us to load our arms up and every arm load was a $1- ...well my arms nearly grew 10ft. long in 10 seconds flat ...And so did Abbeys !

Abbey is the Clean Queen when it comes to the linens ..she dedicates alot of time to cleaning and restoring the ones she can and making sure the pieces that will be incorporated into our offerings are clean and smell good....So below I snapped a quick shot of our armfulls of linens we aquired at the estate sale their pre-soaking stage. Oh was the water filthy and stink. I don't think these linens had seen a good cleaning in well over 50 years. ICK !!!

Among the days of Cleaning will generally find us woking on new offerings right now for the Olivenhain Grove Sale ... Below are several sneek peeks at pieces in progress that will be heading to the show with us ...Remember sneek peek ..the anticipation will be in seeing them in person at the show be there or be square and get their early...gates will not open until 10 a.m. First in line gets the pickins ...!!!

Think Spring ..nests and Bird houses ... ..Above are a few that will be turned into an offering you will love for the inside of your home ..A One Of a Kind piece of Home Decor...

White Wire ...Garden Chic ..inside or out ... ...Come see what this architecural element belongs too !!!

A Garden Urn ...ready to be planted .. ...Perferct Garden Charm !!!

An Old Window ...but just not any old window ..this one is having the Sweet Magnolias Farm ..Special Touch added to it ...

These acorns and maple leaves decorate a wonderful piece .....Think TEA ....!

Do you love Garden Statuary ..bird baths and vintage Garden Elements ???? This guy ..will be headed to the show ..and is part of a 3 tier fountain ..Wait till you see it !!!

This Vintage Luggage Rack ..was one of our latest finds ...and when I saw it ..I instantly had our Farmhouse Romance Style invisioned for it. ..It's in a lucious cream ..aged to perfection ..and has gorgeous farmhouse burlap straps with vintage lace trimming the centers. ...Yes it will be at the show ...although it's hard to let go of ..because I So ...LOVE it !!

This Vintage Vanity seat ...not so pretty when we found it ..But We Gave it the old Farmhouse Charm ..It's Lovely wire Frame a yummy cream ...the seat topped in Burlap ..a vintage lace skirt ..and's perfection for a seat at the computer desk ..or extra seating in a living space ..or even at the end of the bed in the bedroom for sitting to put on or take off your shoes. Even perfect in the bathroom .. a lovely place to adorn your slippers ...and Yes it too will be headed to the show....


Well of course ..while we are out shopping for new finds to offer ...sometimes we happen on something we just can't give up at the moment. Today ..we happened upon this beautiful wicker in the most perfect shade of blue that reminds Abbey and I of the ocean ..a place we love to go during the summertime. Her and I dream of being able to live on the ocean ..taking walks each morning and evening ..while the waves crash and the sand squishes between our toes ..and can you imagine lying in bed as the ocean breeze blows in an open window and the light cotton sheers lightly drift to each side of the window sill ..the smell of the ocean aire drifts in ..and your dreams are sweet .... ..We dream of it ..One day ..maybe ..

Isn't this set so Sweet ..they are wonderfully oversized ..a chair and a rocker plus a matching ottoman not seem. They have naturally aged to perfection ..we have cleaned them up today and plan on adding a nice coat of spar varnish to seal the paint and keep it good condition for another few years ...We're not sure where it's going to be put yet ..but we know it's staying with us for now.

I hope all of my blog friends are doing well ..that life is treating you good ..and that the Good Lord is shining his light upon you. Until Next Time ....

Your Kindred Friend ...Sara

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Olivenhein Grove Sale ...

Well ...we will be hitting the road again just a few weeks ..headed south for a wonderful sale ..

The Olivenain Grove Sale ...Hosted By Gail of Casual Loves Elegance

There are going to be 30 artisans ..selling their wares ..a wonderful variety that will absolutely delight the hearts of one and all.

All this takes place ..Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st ..from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The event Location will be at 3534 Dove Hollow Road, Olivenhain, CA 92024 .... just mapquest the address for directions.

It's time to start planning that perfect day out ...with all your favorite gals ..Make a day of it ..and bring your mother ..sister or your best of friends ..carpool and save gas you have more to spend on those pieces that just call out to your heart.

Be sure to bring your shopping carts ..and your cash ....your sure to find treasures buried in the lemon groves ...that will be a must have for your home sweet homes !!!

Visit Gails Blog ...Casual Loves Elegance learn more about the show ..and to meet the artisans attending. ...We promise you won't be dissapointed.

And as last time ..we'll begin sharing some of our newest offerings with you nearer the show ...We have many new statuary pieces and garden art ..along with fabulous antique and vintage furniture pieces we are currently adding our farmhouse romance touch too. Plus Antique and Vintage Finds as well as our one of a kind handmades ...that we love to offer all of our dear dear kindred friends ..

See you There !!!....

The Sweet Magnolias ...Sara and Abbey

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Family in need of your Prayers !

Hello dear bloggerettes ....It seems here in the last Month I have been calling among you all for prayer.

It seems as though Life happens in seasons ...their are seasons of Joy ..and seasons of Sadness ..

On the front for my family we have graciously and humbly been blessed that my Dad and my Sis are recovering from each of their incidents very well.

However I have a dear friend that I have not been in contact with for the last few years that I met up with again this last weekend.

We caught up on all our families have been going through good and bad ..

However dear Friend has had her share of tough times for many years now ..starting with her son who fell out of a truck in his teen years and had some brain injuries a daughter that has had some troubles raising a grand child ..and in the most recent years her husband at 48 had a heart attack has had a second one and also a stroke with numerous other health issues. Because of her husbands illnesses trying to get S.S. they lost their home as you can see they have really had alot of tough years. This last weekend when I saw her she was telling me how her son needed dental work and she was trying to raise the money for it. I guess it was pretty bad because he was on anti-biotics waiting for a dental place to except him...but other than that all was going fairly well.

So this morning we received a call ..the story I can get so far is that her son on Easter day complained of not feeling well yesterday he was having flu like symptoms. He roomed with his aunt and she called my friend this morning saying that Danny Collapsed and the paramedics were on the way. all I know at this point is that Danny Passed away this morning. Our Friend couldn't talk very long of course this morning to be expected ..we are so concerned for her ..and of course her husband because of his health and as him and his son were very best pals.

This Family so very much could use your prayers ..they so badly need the peace that passeth understanding to consume their minds and their bodies ..they need overwhelming Grace to get through this and to begin on a new road of life one of healing.

This so very much brings home precious life is and how quickly it can be plucked from us. As the Bible say in the Blink of an Eye. We are here on this earth for what seems like a long time to many of us ..but it really is but a moment in time when you stop to think about it. We must cherish each day we have and each moment that comes to pass ..and remember that the greatest thing is "LOVE" !!!!

Thank You dear friends as I know what Wonderful Prayer Warriors you all are and I know you will be praying for my friends. Their Names are Joni, Rich, and their Grandaughter Samantha

Thank You !!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ...He is Risen

Happy Easter Sunday Bloggerettes !!! What a Beautiful Day Celebrating our Lord Jesus Christ ..who arose from the dead.

May you all have a Wonderful Day rather you are spending it with Family having an Easter Dinner, Or you are alone.

May God Bless you and Keep you all !

Blessings ..Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Rita of Mammabellarte and Christie of Chateau De Fleurs

As I sit here today gazing out my back windows on our little green lawn ...the sun is shining and the birds are playing from branch to branch in the trees ..and my heart is still singing with gladness about our show we did in March. Slowly but surely I'm getting the pictures I took ready to share with everyone...and today I want you all to meet ....

Rita of Mammabellearte.

Rita is the sister-in-law of Christie Repasy ..Who's Property the show was on. They are a dynamite team ...and really went all out to make the show an absolute pleasure and success for all of us who took part.

Beyond the show ...These two lovely gals are absolutely wonderful artisans ..that have overflowing talent.

First up ...Rita from sicily and is just the dearest gal to meet. She's my kind of gal ..not afraid of hard work ...Rita is a very accomplished woodworker ..and makes the most Beautiful Birdhouses ..and Signs ...As well as she makes the most lovely jewelry. Just like the many other talented artisans at the show ..Rita too was nearly sold out in the first day.

This was Rita's Space ..isn't it just charming !!! This sit's along the garden pathway that leads to Christie's Studio. One of Rita's remaining Birdhouses is high in the sky ...these pictures were taken the 2nd day and this is but a fraction of what was there on the 1st ..and I think a good majority of the pieces pictures here were even sold awaiting pick-up to head to their new Home sweet Homes...

Can you see that cute canopy top hanging in the picture ...Rita made a decorative top for her pop-up ...I just love it ...

I just love Rita's style ..soft and dreamy ..a vintage walk into wonderland. To Meet Rita need to visit her Mammabellearte Blog ...Click HERE to do so.


Unfortunately ..I somehow overlooked getting into Christie's Studio to take pictures and share with you all ...But Dont despair as she has a blog and website that will share with you about her far better than I can anyhow.

Christie is an extraordinarily talented Painter of Roses. Her painting are just exquisite ..and Once you've seen one you will be hooked go visit her now ...Click HERE for her blog ..and HERE for her webite ...

I Know you will enjoy visiting Rita and Christie ..and believe it or not there are still more artisans I can't wait to share with you well I can't wait to tell you all about my last 2 days adventures out saleing ...wait till you see some of the cool finds I picked up this weekend ...Coming soon

Sara of Sweet Magnolias Farm

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday.....

Those that know me well ..know that I am not the biggest fan of today's t.v. shows and movies. Please don't feel that I am putting anyone down who does's purely a personal choice based on the motto I grew up with .."Trash in Trash Out."

I'm betting most kids today have never heard that saying ..As I'm finding even though I am still fairly young myself ..this generation of young children and young adults are very much detached from history of any sort and very marinated in only the history that is made today. I think it's such a big disservice to children and adults that this has happened it is by far putting a wedge between the ages.

I was raised in the generation of color t.v. and sitcoms ..however I was very aware that there was once black and white t.v. and movies. I understood that actors of the past were every bit as good and much of the time better than those I was watching at the time. I was brought up to be respectful of history and how it allowed me to have the modern appliances and the conveniences of my day. I understood that the young men and women before me worked hard for me to have an easier life and that as older adults I was to show them respect.

I learned through watching old black and white t.v. and movies ..Good Values ..Morality ..and the Good sense to be ashamed of bad behaviour and not flaunt it in the worlds face. There was actually a time ...that unmentionable behaviour was looked poorly upon ..unlike today where it is glorified.

I am a single adult women ..and to this day although I do not have children of my own ..I do have Nieces and Nephews..they have eyes to see and ears to hear ..and I feel that it is my God Given responsibility to live a life that reflects good and wholesome is my duty to live before them a life that is responsible they have some idea of an appropriate way to conduct their own lives.

Does this mean they will choose the right things ..No. The world we live in ..Temptations ..and Satan's desire to pull them into his web ...will be an overwhelming battle for them as it is for all kids and even adults today.

But ...choosing to take the higher road no matter what the world tells you ...or teaches you is what's important. Is it an easy road ...Of course not....are there temptations ..of course there are ..can it be a lonely life ..without a doubt ...but ask me if it's a life of ..."Peace" ...and I will without hesitation give you a resounding "YES". When I walk out my front door, face my family or my friends ...and Number 1 ..answer to the lord ..I can go without overwhelming guilt or shame. I can go before them knowing I have chosen to take the higher road in life. I can say I do my best each day to do what is right. Do I fail ..of course ..we all do ..But I am so blessed to know I can go to my sweet Jesus and ask for his forgiveness. Just as anyone else can ...

I share all this today ..because I way lying in bed last night thinking about My Niece who is a young adult now and has begun to make choices for herself ..and reflecting on choices I made at her age ....and lessons I learned early on.

One of those lessons was about Movies and Television. Of course First off I learned to decide if a show was something I should be watching ..was it's content appropriate ? All I had to do was ask ..Would I feel comfortable if the Lord was sitting next to me watching this ? If the answer was No ..then why was I watching it ? Second of all not only young men and women Let alone adults ...we all have the nature of love it and wanting to be given it. This is a Beautiful thing that God instilled in us and gave us as a gift. He gave us senses ..which can be triggered by many things in life. And if a person focuses their eyes and ears on a movie or t.v. show that promotes intimacy's possible that there senses will be triggered by this too ..that their desires will grow ..and that choices will be made act on those desires.

Also I had to ask myself as a young woman ..why is it o.k. to watch scenes of intimacy in a movie or t.v . ...when if those same two people came to my home and said they were going to do such and such ..I would be appalled. I had to ask what made it any different...and my answer was there was no difference.

All this to say ..that I am shocked at what our younger generation is allowed to watch ..and why parents of today ..think it's o.k. for them to watch movies full of foul language ..intimacy ..and such ..but in the next breath tell them not to do any of it. Why fill their minds with such things ..what's the point I ask ? These precious children that were given ..God's sweet gift ...that so many are given ...and then they fill their minds with unmentionable ..thoughts ...actions and behavior ..and then ask why the world is the way it is today. Our young people are a product of what the world and their families have taught them ..and until the generation that raises the next chooses a new path ..the following generations will never know that there is truly a better life and a higher plain to live on.

Until we speak out as a nation against what is being taught to the children ..nothing will change. Choose No t.v. or Choose appropriate t.v. ...and I don't mean the family channel .. ..I can't imagine how they can call the half of it family programming.

If you already practice watching Good and Moral t.v. and movie programs or would like to ..then I would love to share with you a new series ...from the BBC ..called "Larkrise to Candleford"

There are 2 seasons available ..and it is a heartwarming and delightful series ... full of all that life has to offer ..from joy to sadness ..success to to anger ... wrong choices and the repercussions of them ....etc. A show with real emotion ..and real life experience ....and a show that promotes values and morality. We need more shows like this series in America ..but until we choose to stop seeing movies and television that does not promote the values and morality we want displayed ..they will keep on. We the people have the power to change the world ..but we have to unite to do it.

Start supporting Good T.V. and Movies ...And choose to help change the generations we will ultimately leave behind.

You can purchase the series Amazon ...Click HERE to do so ...Don't forget to add on Season 2 as well .. I also saw them available at Costco ..and online at Walmart well I'm sure E-bay would be offering them too.

I'll be sharing some other Great Movies too and I'll start promoting them in the sidebar of the blog coming soon !!!


Your Kindred Friend ...Sara