Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Memories .. we all have a few .. "The Window in the Barn"

The Window in the Barn ... 

It's amazing how spark memories buried in our minds and bring them back to life and allow us to relive those times long ago as though they are today. 

These images of Barn Windows sparked a memory from long ago for me... when I was a wee bit of 7 yrs of age we lived in a small Horse town. We had a small plot of land with a home and a barn and room enough for a few farm animals ( 1 cow, several chickens, 2 ducks, 1 pig, 2 dogs and 3 horses). 

My Dad worked a lot of hours so it left my mom in charge of the house and the garden as well as the animals and us kids. We had our chores and helped out. We had a small red barn.. my dad had shot guns for country shooting and hunting ...and had a re-loading center in the front section of the barn. Another area was for all the saddles and tack .. and a small dark back room maybe 10 x 10 ft. if that was where we kept the feed... 

Back then we would drive the truck down and buy Alfalfa Cubes at the feed store . They would use a small tractor/loader to fill the bed of the truck with cubes .. and upon returning home my mom would shovel all those cubes from the truck bed into the feed room. She was quite the young woman. I remember helping try and throw a few in by hand .. but the door was narrow and she swung that shovel with a mighty strength and she always told me to stay well back so I wouldn't get hurt.

On several occasions as she swing the shovel or had to go inside to push the cubes further back in the room, making way for more cubes ....she mentioned she wished that feed room had a window for some light .. because the mice liked to hide in that room .. and you never knew when one might take a run for it across your foot less in the dark. That happened on several occasions.

Well one day I got it in my head no less at 7 yrs old that I was going to make a window for mom. So I set out to the barn .. picked up the Bale cutters which had one sharp pick style end on them .. and began banging at the wall ..I have no idea how much time had passed but enough for me to get the tiniest hole started in the wall.. when mom came looking for me... She didn't get mad at me ...I think she was shocked I had picked a hole in the barn ...I explained I was making a window for her ... I can't remember much after that other than we boarded up the hole .. and we never did put a window in that room ... I tried though. I was certain then that I could make a window just as beautiful and perfect as these barn windows below ..

 I hope you enjoyed a little memory from my life ..

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