Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday ~ Support your Local and Online Small Businesses

Hey Y'all ..
Today is Small Business Saturday .. honoring small business be they brick and mortar or Online shops such as ours...
So be sure in all your Fun Shopping this weekend at all those large retail stores ..not to forget your local small businesses that work hard to bring you beautiful items that you can't find at those big box stores along with great service and big friendly smiles !

We just want to send out a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who supports our small business.
The truth is .. this is how I make my living . Most weeks I work 6 days and sometimes I have to work 7... Abbey pitches in and helps a lot . which is an absolute blessing .  My Mom is Awesome !
Running a small business isn't all fun and games's definitely not sitting around each day just having fun doing what you want ..contrary to what some may think.. No there is a schedule to be kept. Clients need questions answered or they are wanting to know when their items will arrive at their home ...or can we customize items etc. the list goes on. Then there's the book keeping which can take hours and the social media that needs updating .. then there's the work actually creating each item since we are a made to order business. Most days for me work begins the moment I roll out of bed and my feet hit the ground. There's the sewing that needs doing all day .. and the packaging of the orders once they are completed...which takes much longer than one would think... and then cleaning up after the day has come to an end.
 In between all that .. there's everyday life . We still have to clean house .. make meals, run errands and keep life moving forward. I love the work I have been blessed to do and that I get a great partner to work with Mom .. but as I said it's not always fun and games .. It's a joy to be doing what I love but in the end it's a business and it's "A lot" of work to keep it running smoothly and to do a job that's well done so that I can be proud to send our products to someone and know they will enjoy and treasure it for years to come.
It astounds me when I think of the sheer amount of items we have shipped to homes in the last 4 to 5 years. And that many of them have made it overseas... to the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, UK, Slovania ..just to name a few's amazing ! And that each one of those handmade items were made right here in our home by our hands. Just thinking that something we made is being enjoyed in the homes of so many people is exciting and it makes me so Thankful, Grateful, Humbled, and Inspired to continue on this beautiful journey the Lord has blessed me with.
So once again "Thank You" .. I am so honored to have such wonderful clients that support my business it truly blesses me each and every day !
And Just a quick shout out ... that if you're needing some Sweet and Unique gifts be it for family, or friends this Christmas ..
We have a bundle of charming Farmhouse Goods for Under $20-
You'll be giving an item that is unique, handmade in the U.S.A and most of all made with Love by a Small Business ! 


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving You All !
Well it's a beautiful Cool Crisp Sunny Morning here.
The rays of the sun are peeking in the windows ... the birds are flitting and chirping around their feeder, I imagine they are thankful for all the fresh seed we put out this week.
Flossie and I are cuddled up under our blanket in our chair ..
Abbey's snug in her blanket enjoying the morning on pinterest and
dad's dressed and read to say hello to the world this morning .. he's the early bird that always gets the worm ..
It's been another Good Year ... it's had it's ups and it's downs just like all the years that have passed and once again the Good Lord got us through .. with all the pain there was joy .. and I am so Thankful !
I am grateful for the home we have that provides us shelter and luxuries such as running water and hot showers and a stove and oven to prepare our food.
I am grateful for the soft bed I have and warm blankets to have a good nights' sleep.
I am grateful for the cupboards that are full of food the refrigerator that stores what will be a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner Today ...
And I am Grateful for my Family.
Mom .. she's always there when you need her .. she's the rock .
Dad he's a helper always there when you ask ..
Flossie she's a cuddler always there to love ...
Today I thank God for my many blessings ..
Friends that are near and dear
I thank him for you ..
Yes you,
you are a blessing from God,
and I'm glad he sent you my way.
May your Thanksgiving be ever so Blessed.
May it be full of Peace and Joy and Goodness.
Wherever you are and whatever your plans
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all
and for those of you sitting down to enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving Dinner...


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A little More Christmas Cheer added to the Farmhouse

Happy Wednesday Y'all !
Well Thanksgiving is just around the corner ..I'm looking forward to some Turkey, Stuffing and Sweet Potatoes  ... How about you all ?
I'm also looking forward to Christmas ... the Carols being sung.. the fireplace crackling... a cup of Hot Cocoa .. and decorating ..
This week we've added a little More Christmas Cheer to the Shop ... So Yes I had my cup of Cocoa ... and sang a few carols in my head .. and imagined the fireplace crackling ... instead I think I heard the ting ting ting of the toaster cooling down but I imagined it the crackle of the fireplace .. LOL ! 
Well gals I just wanted to share that we have been adding more Goods to the shop...
Here's a few Sneak Peaks !

You can visit the shop HERE
Wishing you all a Merry and Bright Week !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Vintage Cranberry Recipes and Ocean Spray Clip Art ~ Free Printable

Thanksgiving it Say's
While flipping through one of our "October 1953" Family Circle Magazines ..I stumbled upon this great  Ocean Spray add that Shows 3 Prize Winning Cranberry Recipes .. Each were judged at Country Fairs and Cranberry Festivals ..
I thought it would be so much fun to share all of these with you for your Thanksgiving Dinners
Here at the farmhouse we love making the old recipes I'm sure many of you do also.  
Below is the full page add with recipes .. which you can print out ..or I have provided each recipe individually for those of you that might have just one you would like to print out and try .. and a fun little piece of vintage Nostalgia the Ocean spray Cans clip art ..


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Countdown To Thanksgiving are you READY ? Fall at Sugar Pie Farmhouse

Well the splendor of Fall has arrived .. ...
The Trees are turning to beautiful vibrant fall colors

 We used to live in the Ozarks of MO .... and this picture so very much reminded me of the beauty that the Ozarks offer. My Body left there but my heart stayed .. there is a splendor and a peace that I have never found anywhere I have been but in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks ..
The Air is turning crisp  .. the mornings dewy and  there's a lovely crisp fall breeze that bites at your nose.. the kind that makes you want to wrap up in your soft fall coat .. throw on a scarf that you can bury your nose in .. it's the kind of weather that I love .. especially when I lived in the Ozarks.
Then we had a lovely farm .. the house set atop a little hill .. and overlooked a large expanse of hay fields .. it had a raised front porch that was 40 feet long, the length of the front of the house .. and we lined it with old antique rockers we picked up at antique shops.  We found old wood troughs throughout the property and we drug them up to the house and used them as planters on the porch ..filling them with beautiful flowers for the seasons.
The Fall Nights were lovely spent on the front porch .. the citronella candle lanterns lined the porch railing .. while we bundled up in our blankets and just rocked  in the beautiful quiet of our country home. Some Nights we enjoyed the quiet and would speak a word or two ..but mainly we sat in silence drinking in the beauty of the serene quiet where only the sounds of nature could pierce the quiet countryside. Other nights we would bring out an old book.. and take turns reading it .. I remember one such book we enjoyed on that front porch was " The Story Girl" ... ah sweet memories ..
Life is definitely about making memories ... I can look back and say that I have good memories in my life .. oh there are bad ones too ..I won't fool you in to thinking any different .. but I love to remember the good ones .. to let them gather in my mind like a good seasoned pot of vegetable soup and to let them simmer throughout the day and enjoy the memories that I have of beautiful moments in my life.
Holidays are definitely about making memories ,... I'm certain we all have good and some not so good memories involving Holidays .. The important thing is we can make our Holidays into great memories be it if your single and a party of One or a Small family on their own ..or a great gathering of friends and family. We can take the initiative and make our holiday and house a home with beautiful lasting memories for ourselves and others.
I was just recently visiting my sweet friend Ruthanns blog ( Sugar Pie Farmhouse) or to many who know here "Aunt Ruthie" .. She has a great blog post titled "5 reasons why fun family traditions are so important"
and she's having a giveaway too ! .. Some charming items you won't want to miss out on trying to win ....
Fun Family Traditions are so important rather we are young or old .. I know some people out there that have amazing memories of Holidays in their homes and others that don't really have any ..
The important thing is that when we become adults we have the ability to continue making great holiday traditions or to begin making them if we haven't had them ..
There are some people in this big Ol' country of ours that just have a knack for teaching .. and well Aunt Ruthie is one of those dear sweet gals with that gift.
Recently she has started her Sweet Home Revival Series ..  a Video Series where she shares her home, her heart for the Lord, tips for keeping a home, recipes , and decorating ideas to make your house a little more homey !
From Aunt Ruthies Kitchen she shares with you how to make her favorite fall dessert "Butter Crunch Pumpkin Pie Bars" ... Oh Yummy !

One of my Favorites of the series are her Cup and Saucer Chats .. seriously just fun to hear her tips and information on how to cozy up your home...

Her First Time Pumpkin Growing Gives gals who have never planted anything a little hope ..Aunt Ruthie brought in a bumper crop of tiny pumpkins this year and are they adorable ! But not without a little problem with the ground hog ...

And how to set a Festive Fall table without breaking the bank ..yet it's absolutely darling .. I have to admit I love this table idea and my head started spinning with all sorts of spin off ideas ..LOL!
There are several other videos in the series .. I haven't mentioned you can check them out when you visit Aunt Ruthies blog.
I was blessed to receive the videos from her and have to say that she just does an amazing job Sharing and Teaching .. just being the encouraging women that the Lord has called her to be.
There are Two different Series this fall for a total of 6 videos

 .. so head on over and grab yourself the videos .. and you know what ~ these would be perfect to gift a friend or a young woman just starting out with a family with these videos .. they could really give a boost to a new wife or mother looking to fill her home with the comforts of family tradition ..
You can go grab your Sweet Home Revival Fall videos on her blog HERE
Wishing you all a very Happy Fall Y'all !


Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Little Fun on the Side With Custom Designs at the farmhouse

Hey there you all
Well Happy Fall !
I hope You're all savoring the Fall weather ..although it's not so very fall in our neck of the woods .. been a bit on the warm and very dry side here .. but I hear the cool weather is treating everyone else to a beautiful fall color change and cool crisp and breezy days ..
It's been a while once again since I last blogged .. I don't think I'll ever get the blogging on a regular basis down to a science ..there just too many variables in life that take me in so many other directions that I seriously some days could multiply myself times 3 or 4 ... LOL !
This last month has been extra busy .. with a small business you always have to "Try" and be ahead of the game and well this year we tried with all our might to get Christmas out early for all those gals who are just clamoring to get in the Holiday Spirit early ... I know for some of you it's too early .. you want to savor fall and Thanksgiving and I totally understand that .. it seems for us that the holidays move on by so quick and that you are started on one before another even ends ..
Well in all my Christmas Hustle and Bustle the last month .. I Had a fun Custom Project I was hired to design and create by "Touch By Time Vintage Rentals."  I know I've mentioned them once or twice before .. A Mother Daughter Team Like Abbey and I .. Only they are in the wonderful business of making great memories through vintage Prop Rentals for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby and Wedding Showers etc. and during this time of year Family Photo Shoots for Christmas.
Nancy and Kelly .. Planned a  Christmas BOHO by the Sea Session for Families this year ( just one of their unique Christmas sessions)  .. and asked me to provide them with a Burlap and Lace Bohemian Teepee they could use at the Ocean for their Prop... and I'm always up for designing custom Pieces's a nice change from my day to day work.
So I began the process literally having 1 day to dedicate to designing, assembling and completing it ..

 When Making these much larger items .. I love the designing stage .. but I can't say I love the assembling stage .. Of course the larger the project like this teepee it's always far more awkward getting all that material up on the sewing table and through the machine .. and this piece was no exception...

I love working with odds and ends and scraps .. looking at each piece in a new light and how it can be arranged so that it fits that Free Style BOHO look yet has continuity.
The above Picture and the below one are just a few quick shots I took well because Flossie sauntered in  from the back yard and plunked herself down inside the teepee .. as if I was making it for her .. LOL !
But it captures a little of the work I was doing .. by adding the vintage Lace and ribbon trims ..
Now some people would probably have possibly opted to try and glue the pieces on .. and I suppose for a one time use or just using it at home that might work .. however this piece will end up being rented out numerous times throughout a year and it really has to withstand being carried to and fro so for me sewing every piece on was really the best choice to give Nancy and Kelly a quality Piece that will last and look great for a long time to come.
That being said when you work with so many odds and end pieces that are randomly shaped .. well it's a lot of work pinning it all together and then getting that amount of fabric with all those pinned pieces onto the machine and then turning it in the head of the machine etc....
Well I did it was a challenge but in the end I won ( not saying there wasn't just a few frustrating moments LOL ) .. and well it came out  just beautiful ...

 Kelly and Nancy .. set it up with some of their beautiful small props( Pillows, crates, benches, lanterns etc) .. and London Light Photography shot the Family Photos  and it all turned out to be a fabulous Christmas BOHO by the sea ...!
(photographs courtesy of London Light Photography)
Another Fun ..Custom Design I worked on for Nancy and Kelly this summer .. were these Rustic Ruffled Wedding Chair Covers ..
These Charming Chair covers ..were a lot of fun to Design and Create..

The Mr. and Mrs. Chair Signs are actually removable .. I designed 2 other sets for Brides and Grooms to choose from ..
And this adorable Couple chose them as their prop for their Engagement Session and will be using them at their wedding Next Year ..
(photos courtesy of London Light Photography)
These are just a few of the things I do on my Day's Off .. which are very few these days .. I'm generally squeezing in a fun Custom Day ..where I get to let my imagination have fun ..and design things outside our every day Farmhouse Home Linens ..

P.S. If you're in the Southern CA area or planning an event in the area and would like to rent the teepee or wedding Chairs be sure to contact Nancy and Kelly at Touched by Time Vintage Rentals .

Until Next Time...