Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday ~ Support your Local and Online Small Businesses

Hey Y'all ..
Today is Small Business Saturday .. honoring small business be they brick and mortar or Online shops such as ours...
So be sure in all your Fun Shopping this weekend at all those large retail stores ..not to forget your local small businesses that work hard to bring you beautiful items that you can't find at those big box stores along with great service and big friendly smiles !

We just want to send out a big "THANK YOU" to everyone who supports our small business.
The truth is .. this is how I make my living . Most weeks I work 6 days and sometimes I have to work 7... Abbey pitches in and helps a lot . which is an absolute blessing .  My Mom is Awesome !
Running a small business isn't all fun and games's definitely not sitting around each day just having fun doing what you want ..contrary to what some may think.. No there is a schedule to be kept. Clients need questions answered or they are wanting to know when their items will arrive at their home ...or can we customize items etc. the list goes on. Then there's the book keeping which can take hours and the social media that needs updating .. then there's the work actually creating each item since we are a made to order business. Most days for me work begins the moment I roll out of bed and my feet hit the ground. There's the sewing that needs doing all day .. and the packaging of the orders once they are completed...which takes much longer than one would think... and then cleaning up after the day has come to an end.
 In between all that .. there's everyday life . We still have to clean house .. make meals, run errands and keep life moving forward. I love the work I have been blessed to do and that I get a great partner to work with Mom .. but as I said it's not always fun and games .. It's a joy to be doing what I love but in the end it's a business and it's "A lot" of work to keep it running smoothly and to do a job that's well done so that I can be proud to send our products to someone and know they will enjoy and treasure it for years to come.
It astounds me when I think of the sheer amount of items we have shipped to homes in the last 4 to 5 years. And that many of them have made it overseas... to the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, UK, Slovania ..just to name a few's amazing ! And that each one of those handmade items were made right here in our home by our hands. Just thinking that something we made is being enjoyed in the homes of so many people is exciting and it makes me so Thankful, Grateful, Humbled, and Inspired to continue on this beautiful journey the Lord has blessed me with.
So once again "Thank You" .. I am so honored to have such wonderful clients that support my business it truly blesses me each and every day !
And Just a quick shout out ... that if you're needing some Sweet and Unique gifts be it for family, or friends this Christmas ..
We have a bundle of charming Farmhouse Goods for Under $20-
You'll be giving an item that is unique, handmade in the U.S.A and most of all made with Love by a Small Business ! 



  1. I just hung the Merry and Bright on my stove:) LOVE it! Enjoy your weekend, HUGS!

  2. This is what I LOVE about livin in the USA!! Home Made Home Grown Home Did!! Supporting each other and working hard everyday. XOXO Love ya Fran.


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