Monday, December 19, 2016

Friends are the Best part of Christmas ..

~*~ Friends are the Very Best Part of Christmas ~*~

Well I hope this blog post finds you all ready or near ready for Christmas day. I hope you all have been enjoying the beauty of the season from Coast to Coast rather you're enjoying a warm sunny day in the west or your bundled up by the fire in the East.

Here in the Ozarks we enjoyed a light dusting of snow on Saturday Night .. making for a beautiful scene the next morning. It's cold and we have been bundled up rather indoors or out .. I do love the winter .. !

I've been a busy little bee this last week enjoying doing some hand stitching which I haven't done in so many years probably nearing dare I say 15 yrs.  Many moons ago I created and designed little prim stitcheries and either turned them into pillow fronts or framed them. A dear friend of mine always loved those stitcheries and sweetly thought of me this year to design a stitchery with a special saying on it. My Friend Joni's son passed away a few years back unexpectedly. Like all Mama's who have had a child pass away the heart never gets over it. With time the pain maybe lessens but the hurt never goes totally away. And like all of us who have lost loved ones you never stop wishing they could be with us again.  And it seems when the Holidays roll around those memories and those desires seem to strengthen because you just want things to be the way they were.

Well I was so blessed to have Joni ask me to create a stitchery with this special saying .. I did some research to see if there were any designs being used along with the saying and overall it was pretty much just the saying on some stacked packages. So I set out to create something simple yet meaningful and a design that reflected Christmas and the memory of Danny.

I got a few quick shots of the finished stitchery before rushing it off to the mail so it would make it in time for Christmas. Joni hasn't decided yet if she will frame it or make it into a pillow. I think either will be positively lovely !

I'm just so so thankful to have been honored to be a small part of keeping Danny's memory alive. And knowing that a little bit of my handiwork that the Good Lord has blessed my hands to do will be a special part of a dear friends home each year and that it will make her heart smile.

To all of you who have lost a loved one.. I know the road after is not always an easy one. Each person responds differently to death and heals differently and moves forward differently and that's o.k. because God made us each different inside and out. We are each special in his sight and he loves us so dearly.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas !
Jesus the reason for the Season