Saturday, February 27, 2010

Estate Sales Galore, Magpie... and Spring Blooms ..

Hello chickadees ...boy what a week this has been ..Like a big roller coaster ride ..

In the midst of it all this week ..a girl just has to take some fun time and hit all the Sales she can. It's a great uplifter go treasure tramping ...

In the last month there has just been gobs of estate Sales ..more than I can keep up with ,..and far more than my pocket book can handle's pretty stretched right now ..but gosh when someone tells you a nickel a piece on a stack of vintage linens do pass a deal like that up ...LOL !!! I didn't ..!!! I don't have any pictures of those to share with you ..because I forgot to take a pict before Abbey dumped them into the boil pot to clean them get our vintage linens clean Abbey goes through a very long and daunting process restore them they can be treasured for many more years to come.

I did however get some picts of many of our other finds this week to share with you ....

This morning we headed to an estate sale in wine country ..It was fun because they had alot of new items ..several pieces we got had been purchased at home goods ..and were just perfection ...The Picnic book is just wonderful and has so many great ideas ..Abb and I thought it was perfect timing with spring right around the can't see it but it's sitting on this Lovely silver compote ...just a dream ..I can't wait to get it cleaned up ..and isn't that little beehive watering can adorable won't be copper colored for very long ...It's getting a makeover this week ..

The two booklets above are ever so sweet ..we found these at a great estate sale that we went to yesterday ...Oh was it fun ..lots of fun little hardwware finds along with an antique trunk ..I've yet to pull from the truck as it's been raining here.

O.k. these Mirrored Pedestals with floral etching are just divine ...I snatched these up the minute I saw them ...they are just a bit dusty and need a good cleaning and that's it ..such a fun find !!!

O.k. I have to admit Abbey and I have a real thing for Jars ..She started collecting Canning jars years ago ..then apothecary ..and now we love these wide mouth candy style jars ..they are perfect for keeping collections of feathers, string, ribbon, buttons, cookie cutters, birds nests and so much more in ...

Isn't this pedestal mirror so sweet's all stamped tin ...and wire ...Just a little dusting and this charmer will be ready to go.

This reproduction Toliet Water bottle is sweet ...Abbs found this and another one ...Tags from the store still on them ...I guess they never were used ...I think some lavender water would be sweet stored inside or just filled with lavender buds ...We shall see ...

This floral papered 4 drawer cupboard ...was an exciting find yesterday ...Of course ..We pull up to this yard sale ..Abb jumps out (I drive) and I tell her go ahead I can see there is nothing there ...When she starts pointing at it ...Well I ever learn my lesson that you have to get out of the truck ..not just drive by and think you can see it all ..Well nonetheless we brought this sweet gem home and the drawers were loaded with old sewing notions ..just what we need more of ...LOL !!!

This sweet vintage pillow set is quite adorable ..You don't see such sweet pieces like these that have survived the years around too much anymore ...I can see them in a lovely pink room.

Frames ...I'm always a sucker for frames ...These will be getting a makeover too ..Time I need more time ....I have more makeover projects than time anymore ...

Oh yes and this morning we hit a garage sale ...found these sweet jewelry pieces ..I love the black and white brooch and earrings set ...they are my favorite ..

Some fun odd finds ...that will make there way into one of our projects one day down the road ...However the bottom 2 metal pieces ..I already have an idea for those ...I'm thinking spring and birds nests ...

I'm telling you there were truly more sales than one person could get too or have enough money to buy ...Look at this cute all metal cupboard has great bones and is severely in need of a makeover ...which will be happening this week ...there was no way I was passing this sweetie up ...along with an antique white dresser and nightstand ..that are not pictured ..

Anyone for Architectural statuary ....Me Me me me me me me me !!!!! This piece is just perfect ..chipped ...tattered and shabby ...This piece will be headed to the show we are doing in March .... along with several other finds pictured above ...

Well I hope you enjoyed our treasure tramping adventure this week ..I know we did ...and I hate to say it ...but I'm already thinking about next week ...LOL ..isn't that how it is ..we are addicted to the hunt ..of finding the next gem ..of traveling the highways and byways ...and the love of reclaiming old treasures for new ....


Well earlier in the week ..I believe it was on Wednesday ..I was getting ready to leave to go with my Parents to the hospital for Dad's tests ..and I always make sure the dogs have had some outside time ..before locking them in while we are gone. ... I guess while I was getting ready Abbey had burnt some toast and stuck it outside on a table to get the burnt smell out of the house ...And Eagle Eye Magpie ....knew right where she laid it ...

I was out in the yard ...when Maggie disappeared then re-appeared within seconds ..casually laid down in the grass ...and started chewing on something ...When I hear she took the toast ...Sure enough ..the temptation of the burnt toast had overcome her ..and how she got it I don't know ..but she made her way far enough on to that table and swiped the toast ..Literally it was so burnt to a crisp ...she had to chew on it I got a few snapshots of my little burnt toast thief.

Here you can see she has quite the mouthful ...

And here she is trying to chew off another morsel ..Maggie would convice anyone she possible can that she never gets fed and that she's starving ..this Dog loves food ..and we truly have to be careful she will literally eat anything she can get her sweet little lips on ...


That Same morning before we left ...I noticed this New bloom on a rose bush we have near our arbor ...the colors were so vibrant and breathtaking ..I just had to get a close-up shot to share ...Isn't it gorgeous !!!

Well That ends my fun post for today ..I'm sure there will be more ahead ..In fact with all the rain we are getting and then warm sunshiny days in between the poppys are starting to bloom ..I imagine in the next few weeks the hills will be covered in them and look like they are on fire ..I promised some friends on the east coast I will get some pictures of them ..and I will share them with you all too !!!

I'm off ..time to get busy ...Wishing you all a Beautiful Weekend ...

Blessings ..Sara

Friday, February 26, 2010

His Grace is Sufficient....

What a Week .....

You know ...when there are weeks like this week ..I really don't know how I would function without the Lord. I Struggle through my days even with him so what would it be like without him ..I don't even want to go in that direction.

The above picture is just what I need ...Is what God is giving Me ...and is what I am thankful for this week.

As many of my blog friends know ..I'm a single gal that shares a home with my parents . We are all three the best of friends beyond our Mother /Daugher and Father/Daughter relationship and have always been. I have found in life that it is more than a blessing to have such a close relationship with my parents I know so many including my own parents that had very rocky relationships with their parents. I guess our relationship is sort of like a marriage ..we wake up every morning to see each other at our worst and best moment ..worst and best moods ...and are there to lift each other up when times are down and there to laugh and enjoy each other when times are full of happy moments. Oh we get on each other's nerves...we've hurt each others feelings ...and we've even barked a time or two at one another ...but in it all ..we have Loved each other ever so dearly ..we hold each other with kit gloves knowing that our lives are so close and so precious to the other ..that we would never intentionally hurt one another. All that to say ...that my parents are ever so dear and precious to me and when their life is rocked so is mine.

Last week my Dad had a routine check-up with his Heart Dr.. Three Years ago at the age of 59 he had to have a triple bi-pass ...then just over a years ago he had to have carotid artery surgery. So at his check-up last week ...the Dr. showed some cocerns with the same carotid artery ...he had tests done this wednesday and we were called to the Dr.s immediately yesterday. In his first surgery he had a 70% blockage they supposedly fixed just a year later it's showing a 90% blockage in the same artery. It's rather mind boggling if you knew the massive changes my dad has made to his lifestyle and eating . All his tests for cholesterol, blood pressure and such come back with such amazingly good number ..the nurses have asked us what did you all do to change. He's the stellar patient ..that has tried to change everything for the better in his life and has actually stuck with it. All it took was his bi-pass to go through such a horrendous surgery and recovery know that he NEVER wanted to go that route again.

Well now we are awaiting a call from a vascular surgeon to see where we go from here. It seems for several years now ...his health has been an issue and just about the time that we feel like we are recovering from one thing ..another seems to hit....and that is without a doubt where we need God's Grace more than ever to get us through this next hurdle. He's brought us through all the rest and I know he will bring us through this one. Not just a couple days before Dad had to take the tests ..he was given a scripture in Deutoronomy that Promised him God would see him through. So we are standing firm on that Promise ..knowing that God will see us through.

His Grace is Sufficient !!!

May God Bless you and Keep you my Friends ..and May his Grace also be upon you !


Friday, February 19, 2010

My Dream Room ....

I was just over visiting Stefanie of Rose Petals and Rust Blog ..and checking out her Pink Cottage she has had erected and is now decorating ..she painted the floors in it ..just like my dream room picture that I have stashed away on my travel drive for that day ..(hopefully soon) when we are out of this rental and into our own home.

Here is my dream room ...

I know your probably saying wow that's so simple and plain ..Well ..Yes it is ..and I'm sure knowing me I would have to add on some elements they don't have here ...Like Lots of antique lace pillows and probably some wainscotting to the walls ...but I call it my dream room not because it's exactly decorated as I would do it ..but Because it's so wonderfully Light, Airy, and Serene eveokes a feeling of peacefulness in me ..and after living in a rental I am unable to decorate and make my own ..It gives me hope for what I will be able to do in time.

My main reason for saving this picture was the floor ...I "LOVE IT" I want to do this to my own floors ..I think in a house that even has plywood subfloors it would be just perfection ripping out the carpet and painting them ..then adding some tall Mop Board for base board ...and it would just be simply breathtaking.

As for the Bed ..I think it's Beautiful ..but I think I shall stick with my Antique East Lake Bed ...It has a gorgeous tall carved Headboard ..a matching footboard ..and I added a metal frame so it would accomodate Queen matresses ..then added to box springs so it would be nice and tall ..I alway dreamed of crawling up in a tall bed and now I have one ..If only it had the surroundings to compliment it ..but I know in time it will ...and when that time happens I'll be sharing pictures like crazy till everyone gets sick of looking ....LOL !! Actually if your like me I never get sick of looking and have waited in anticipation to see each step stefanie is taking with her little cottage ...

If you haven't visited stefanie will you should ..Her blog is as sweet as she is...Click HERE to visit ...

If like me your dreaming for that special place or that special room ..don't give up your dream ..sometimes dreams take time...but eventually if you pursue them ..they will come true !

The Lord tells us ask and it shall be given unto you ..I have asked and I now await him ever so patiently.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Weeks Estate Sale Finds ...

Remember my Lucky Penny earlier this week ????

I think it's a long lasting one ...LOL !!!

Today we had several estate sales lined up to hit ...the first one I found a few things ...but the second one ...I just about fell over when I walked in one of the bedrooms after the sale had been open for 30 minutes and found all this wonderful lace and linens my amazement.

I couldn't believe no one had touched it ...then I remembered my Lucky Penny earlier this week ...and figured God's Blessing was still pouring out on me ..I must admit it feels rather good ..because I have my days like I'm sure many of you when I feel rather unworthy of God's blessings.

So here's some picts of my Blessings..

The long piece to the right is a slip ..and Oh is it cute ...if I were only the size I "USED" to be ..I'd be wearing it proudly ..But since i'm not ..well it's going to become somthing else ...LOL !!! and are those lace butterfly appliques just not the sweetest ..I can't wait till Abbs or I figure out what to add those too !!!

The Lace hankies are just Gorgeous ..those I will leave as they are and will get them washed and pictures taken and make them available for purchase...they are far to pretty to cut up !!!

This set of 4 flower frogs ..I feel in love with ..with spring just around the corner they are coming into season once again ..and of all things they are in 4 descending sizes from Small to large when they are stacked they are so wonderful ...I love using the old frogs to hold old ephemera and photos ...Don't they look so perfect this way ...!!! I found these at the first sale we hit this morning much fun !!! These I will be listing in our Etsy store this evening.

This needlepoint stool I just love ..I missed out on another one some other lucky gal got it ..but I look at it this way we both got to go home with a lovely treat.

This is the top's in a chocolate brown with a pink, blue and light heather flower and leaves ...just scrumptious ..!!!

Lastly ...I picked up this set of old pyrex refrigerator dishes ...This pattern is "Amish Butterprint" . I don't know about all of you ..but glass is the best way to keep left overs ..hands down over plastic. I do admit we use tupperware here at the farm sometimes it's what works ..but we do keep the plastic to a minimum and try to stick with glass not only is healthier but it sure keeps the food well and the bonus is when you open your frig door ..there's style inside ..!!!

I'm headed over to Etsy just as soon a I finish here and will be listing ..The Frogs, The needlepoint Stool and the Pyrex Refirgerator Dishes.


Well I picked up several other goodies today ...a whole bunch of antique garden tools ..which I hope to get picts of tomorrow ...and get them listed on our website ...Plus I will be listing several new offerings on our site in the next few days ...Pieces I picked up on Monday when we went antiquing ...

And can you believe it ...there's another Estate Sale starting tomorrow morning ..will I be there ??? You can count on it ...I have Estate Sale addiction ...and my Truck knows just where to turn ...LOL !!!

Hope this day finds all of my Kindred Friends doing well and with a smile on your face and in your heart !

Blessings ...Sara

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

White Wednesday ..first Farmhouse Journal available

Good day to everyone out their in blog land !!!

and a ...

Happy White Wednesday to You all ...

Well we have finally completed our first Farmhouse Romance Journal and I have just made it available in our Etsy shop.

I thought this was the perfect day to share with you all a little sneek peek at it.

You may recall me posting this picture last week of our 3 Journals in the works ...Well 1 has been completed ..I had wished for all 3 ..but boy has it been busy around here and if your a creative type probably know how easy it is to get sidetracked beginning other projects that are fresh in your mind end up in 20 different directions ..LOL !!

This is the Farmhouse Romance journal we have completed ..the insides were quite time consuming to do ..but they were well worth the end result ..take a peek below ..

Viola Gwyn is the Title of the vintage book we used ..we felt it perfection to use the title page and place this sweet girl on it.

The inide pages there are 91 double sided in all ...are filled with blank pages as above with sweet birds and other designs decorating them a place to jot down memories, thoughts or ad pictures or memorabilia.

A good amount of the pages we embellished with vintage ephemera pieces ..and decorative stamps in sepia, black, and a light moss green.

We even left pages of the book revealed inside ..with decorative antique style stamped designs upon them for a wonderful early look.

Here are a few more of the blank pages ..with designs from an antique stamp set we aquired dating to the 1800's.

This journal is for sweet kind hands ..and lovely memories and thoughts is a vintage piece made for those with vintage hearts ..

To visit the journal in our Etsy Store HERE

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Presidents Day and My Luck Penny !!!!

I found a lucky Penny Yesterday !!!

About a week ago I received in the mail a little card from my favorite antiquing haunt reminding me of their Presidents Day Sale (which was yesterday) Abbey and I discussed going but never made any definite plans. We are those kind of gals that don't so much make plans but kind of wake up and decide on a whim ..hey lets do this or that.

So as both of us sat in our living room early yesterday morning groggy eyed ..wrapped in blankets and staring at one another ..I decided I wanted to go. We hit the floor running and Dad went along for the fun as he always does ..and drove our little hearts out to make it just a wee bit early so we could hopefully be near the front of the line in getting in. Sure enough we were the second in line.

We happened upon some acquaintances of ours and were chatting waiting for the shop to open ..when I spotted a penny on the ground ..Dad said to me ..'It's your lucky Penny for today" ..I laughed it off and chuckled and didn't give it much more of a thought.

This is the outside of the Shop we go to ..they really have made it cute ..a sister and Brother own this place ..and their mom and dad help out too's the best place to go ..they are the kindest place I can say I have honestly been ..always perky and happy and so very pleasant...

This Car was for sale yesterday for 11,000 ...can you believe it ..what a find ...I would love to have a car like this to bop around in on the weekends ..but I just don't have the extra funds to have that kind of fun ...LOL !!!

The doors opened and Abbs went one way and I the other this is a pretty big place. I found a few things right off ..and then I hit on something I was so excite about ..a White Mountain Junior Ice Cream Freezer ..that may not mean much to many of you ..but it did me ..these are the tiny Freezers and hold merely a pint and are quite the collectible...I checked the price and was floored then realizing it was sale day I checked the signs in the shop ..lo and behold 20% off was mine.

My arms were loaded down with all sorts of wonderful finds ..and by the time I checked out ..the hot item at the counter that was trying to be bought by many was my little ice cream freezer... but it was my lucky day !!!


So after we finished up a few hours later literally ....Abbs mentioned a close by old town antique area we haven't been to in years...we decided to make a day of it and head over. We got there and right off I went into a shop and they had vintage clothing ..usually vintage clothing means ...1950's and newer ..but this shop had 2 original prairie dresses and 2 Early petticoats one of flannel ...They are gorgeous and now mine ..because the price was so good I couldn't turn them down..Yippee !!!

We headed to the second level of this shop ...and walked the first aisle then came down the middle aisle ...I was ahead of Abbs a few shops ..(usually am LOL ) and I happened upon 2 shops across the aisle from one another literally looked like a bomb went off and on reflection I can't believe I didn't take picts to share with you !!! Well I chuckled at this mess in awe and walked back to tell Abbs ..wait till you see what's ahead ...she walked up in awe and amazement as I ...and while she was in a stare at it all ..My eye was caught by a clear plastic box on a shelf ..Is that antique lace trims ??? My true down fall I can never have enough of them's a love and a passion I think shall never leave my soul...Indeed I took the box off the shelf and it was loaded ..Abbs jumped in pulling more boxes and will it was the best Booth I had ever seen in my life at that point ...LOL !!!

No prices were posted ...but we kept digging ...finally a man came by that worked there and we asked and prepare ...$1- an item ...he told us. Oh now this space was more magnificent than ever to me ...I think I heard the angels sing ..and I know the light of heaven shone down for a few seconds ...LOL !!!

Well I took pictures to share with you ...and the gentleman that added it up was rather generous in what he thought amounted to a $1- Lets just say ..My "Lucky Penny" was really Lucky yesterday !!!

I did take some picts of our lace this morning as Abbs and I went through it all again ..when we were a bit more focused and not so overcome with excitement.

It doesn't look like alot here ..but there are over 80 card of antique lace trim alone ..not to count all the loose pieces ..those in packages and all the yards upon yards of satin and gros grain ribbons. P.S. Nope the cost wasn't over the 80 cards ..I'm telling you he was very generous !!!

O.k. are these just not gorgeous ...

Look at all this scrumptious vintage ribbon ...this is the nice old stuff that they just don't make anymore !!!

This stack has a few early doll petticoats in it along with some wonderful wide pieces of early eyelet.

The few pieces in this one with the blue flowers, and yellow flowers ..are all inserts for the front of blouses ..I haven't ever had any of these before and think they may be for a project for myself.

Well the day was coming to an end ..and on the way home we planned one more stop and that is to a place called Tai Pan Trading's a wholesale place open to the public and I had some credit money good there from a return I made at Christmas time ..

They sell all new merchandise with lots of florals and housewares ...I thought you might find it of interest ..since they only have 3 or 4 stores in the U.S. and they are all based on the west coast ..Utah and I think just here in CA.

If you like Beach and Ocean Decor they have alot of wonderful pieces !!!

I took this picture just to try and give you an idea of the size of this place ..Christmas was my first time to this place and let me tell you I think it is honestly as big as a football field inside ..maybe bigger ...

They have such wonderful gardening pieces in right now ..I loved so Many !!!

Abbs and I loved this wire mesh cloche with the bird on top ...Isn't it the sweetest !!!

I feel in love with this wire stemmed glass cloche Nest ...I had such great ideas for some altered are inside it ..but it wasn't feasible price wise for me to do that with ..

These are all metal sunflower garden stakes ..the heads are on big springs ..that bounce in the wind ...It would be so fun to have a hole section of the garden with these in it ..very whimsical indeed....

I think that brings a close to our day ..we made it home after dark and nibbled on left overs from the night before ...It was such a fun day ..and I'll always remember my Lucky Penny !!!

The One God sent me from heaven yesterday to remind me that he loves to bring a smile to his children's face providing the desires of their hearts no matter how small they are .. a bit of lace and I felt like I had won the lottery ..It's amazing how God can turn the smallest things into such amazing Joy in our lives ..and yesterday he did ...he sent me a Penny from heaven ..that Blessed me 10 times over !!! Thank You Lord !