Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Sweet Liberty ~ time to Celebrate the red, white and blue ...

 Well it was a beautiful rainy day here in the Missouri Ozarks .. so much needed rain at that .. it's been unusually hot early in the season and it's caused it to dry out a bit more than we would like.. so we were thrilled to see the rain fall today and see on the radar more in store for tomorrow .. all our wonderful farms in the area I'm sure are thankful to have some water fill their ponds for all their livestock. 

It's been a busy few months here at the farmhouse from keeping our shop space up, keeping our etsy shop full.. and creating handmade pieces not to mention just the every day living one has to do. 

I feel blessed to have such a full life. Every day I wake up I know I have things to do and/or places to go and people to see and things to accomplish. I'm not sure what I would do if I had to sit down to very long ..
So are Y'all  ready for the Fourth of July ?

It's just around the corner and if you haven't already got your red, white and blue decor up then it's time to get in gear and get some patriotic decorations up and let Old Glory Wave  ..

We've been working on a fun "Patriotic Sweet Magnolias Farm Original" custom order for a client of ours.. who requested a vintage style half round flag bunting. We were thrilled to take on the challenge and give it a whirl .. and we're even more thrilled with the end results. 

We ended up designing and making 2 Large Flag buntings one for our client and another to list in our Etsy shop.. which has sold..
These large buntings end up being approx 61 inches wide x 32 inches long .. so a wonderful statement piece for an entryway, wall of a porch, or inside across the mantle or on a wall above a couch .. just about anywhere you fancy...

The buntings were such a joy to make that we've decided to do a few more this weekend and will have them available the first of the new week ( hoping for Monday) ..since these two found new home sweet homes ...

Here's a few close ups for you all to enjoy .. 

Hip Hip Hooray for the Red, White and Blue !
Until next time ..

Sweet Farmhouse Blessings

Monday, April 16, 2018

It's been a while .. what's new at the shop

Hey Y'all .. well it's been a while .. life seems to always be so busy .. I'm on of those gals that doesn't like to sit still so I've always got something going ..from making Flossie homemade dog food, doing the dishes ..laundry and so on .. or I'm in at my work table getting OOAK pieces made or out on a photo shoot getting new vintage goodness ready for our Etsy shop and our Shop Space at Camp Flea Antique Mall .. The fun never ends .. LOL !

Well do we think spring has arrived here in the Mid West and East ? ... From what I can see today on the forecast I just think it might be here to stay this time .. we had a few false positives the last month but I think we're on the right track now.

Well I just thought I would pop in and share a few things I've added to our etsy shop in the last week ..

This super fun 1960's Floral and Fruit print tablecloth .. now if this doesn't shout spring I don't know what does ..

This lovely early 1900's Rose pitcher is perfection for those spring bouquets ..

Needing to get organized but in an Oh So Cute way .. this 1940's vintage shoe bag is just stunning and in pristine condition such a Rare find these day and love the floral print fabric it's made from .. it would look so charming in a studio with laces, trims, ric rac and more stored in the pockets or just a great piece of wall art in a bedroom with vintage hankies and flowers poking out the pockets ..

I feel head over heels for this amazing tablecloth made from 4 vintage floral print flour sacks all sewn together .. featuring stunning flower baskets trimming the outer edges .. it could also double as a curtain .. as there is a pocket sewn in the right end of it .. how beautiful for a bathroom or bedroom !

I just think I have way too many vintage loves but vintage clothing rates a high 10 on my list .. and this antique double net lace dress is a fabulous early piece ready to be displayed with a charming old straw hat .. don't you think !

And oh dear ones my love doesn't stop  at vintage linens or antique clothing .. it continues right on in to the farmhouse kitchen .. and this amazing set of antique metal cannisters are absolutely pure farmhouse perfection .. !

And of course I can't ever get away from the creative side of life .. so I am now offering 2 new  aged ribbons ... First up is Aged Vintage Violet .. 

And 2ndly is this beautiful age deep aqua .. so scrumptious !
our ribbons come in 5yd lengths ... and are beautiful tied on packaging, used in sewing, crafts, scrapbooking oh dear they are just pretty for even filling jars with .. 

Well that's what's new in my Etsy shop .. with more to come... vintage goodness added weekly .. 

Y'all have a great week ..

Sweet Blessings

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Morning Finds at the Springfield Garage Sale

Sometimes a gal just needs to cut loose and have a little fun ..and well that's just what Abbey and I did today .. 

I've been working so hard lately sewing our new Farm Girl Fancies Upcycled Flannels and filling custom order for other items that beyond heading to the local thrift for some clothing finds it's been all work and no play and I hear that can make you a dull person .. LOL ! 

Last year Abbey and I went to our local indoor garage sale which is held at the fair grounds .. and needless to say we had a lot of fun and came home with some fun finds .. So when the ad for it rolled through on my FB page in December I was so excited.. truth be known I had forgot all about it till I saw that ad. Well since then I was counting the days and today finally arrived

We were in line early .. and it's a good thing we were cause I couldn't even see the end of the line I think it was miles long .. 

At the garage sale its varied from people selling household items, new clothing, blankets, signs, and a mix of old and new junk .. just whatever you've got to sell you throw it out on some tables or display it nice and pretty ... 

of Course Abbey and I are the antique,vintage and rustic lovin' gals so our eagle eyes are on the lookout for some scrumptious vintagey goodness ..

Well this years sale didn't dissapoint at all  we shopped for about 2-1/2 hours  then went and had lunch and then headed back for a few of the larger pieces we needed to pick up after emptying the car, laying down the seats and rearranging everything and literally we were left with not an inch to spare .. we know how to shop right LOL!

Well here are a few of the fun things we found today ..

Victorian Era net lace dress and vintage petticoats and old floral millinery hat..

Ooodles of vintage lace cause seriously I am obsessed with antique and vintage lace and was thrilled to find all this .. I collect old sewing notions so the wood bobbins of thread were a must and that big one at the top .. its like 4 or 5 inches tall .. I LOVE IT !  and of course I'm swooning over the vintage cloth tape measure.. yep I collect em .. that is old tape measures .. being a seamstress that's probably a no brainer .. but I love them and started collection about oh 10 yrs or so back and filling up an antique glass pickle jar with them ..

On the more rustic side of things are these old cow bells .. with their leather straps still attached .. I love them .. I just wanna pick em all up and ring em at the same time .. wow that would be loud I may need some ear plugs along with the rest the fam and old Flossie dog would be scared to death from the noise so as much as I would like to these cuties are going to be fairly silent except the odd clank or two when moving them .. I was thinking wouldn't these make cute tie back for curtains ... I sure think so.

well I guess I better EXIT for now .. we filled the car with many other fun vintage and antique pieces which will be headed to our shop at Camp Flea .. photographed for our Etsy shop and a few pieces we will keep... 

It was a nice day to be away from sewing .. to get out in warmth and sunshine of a beautiful day .. as another round of cold weather is headed our way next week ..

Hope you all have an amazing weekend ..

Farmhouse Blessings

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Have a beautiful and blessed week..

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Week..
Because you are beautifully Made 

By An Awesome Creator ! 
Our God is an Awesome God !

Farmhouse Blessings

Sunday, January 21, 2018

A sneek peek at some of our newest Vintage Goodness ..

Just a quick Hello this beautiful Sunday day ...
and a quick sneek peek at some of the new vintage goodness just added
you our Etsy shop HERE

Enjoy !