Thursday, May 5, 2022

The Sister Circle ... Do You have a Sister Circle ... ?

It's been a lot of years since I've taken the pleasure of sitting down and just reading a book. It's something I used to on a daily basis. I'd ready myself for bed .. and then crawl in my covers with a new/old book and delve into another world. Sometimes I couldn't put the book down and I would read into the wee hours of the morning of course making it hard to crawl out of bed for work the next day .. some of those stories just get their hooks in you and don't turn loose ...

Well as I said it's been a lot of years since I enjoyed reading in the evening .. life changes and there were a number of reasons I quit one being as I got older I had a much harder time focusing for long periods of time.

Recently Abbey Mom mentioned to me "do you remember that book series you read years ago about some ladies" .. well that was pretty vague and I have read a lot of books over the years. I tried to think of what book series that would be and just kept drawing a blank. She kept at it for several days into a week and another until she said it's something about a circle ... then another few days she was on her laptop searching for inspirational books with the word circle in the title. Finally she said one day was it "Sister Circle" ? .. It sounded familiar ...

She looked up that name and sure enough there was the book series "The Sister Circle" by; Nancy Moser and Vognette Bright. Yep sure enough that was the books I had read and shared with her umpteen years ago .. lets not count ! Interestingly I had only shared with her about the books all those years ago but had never read them with her. But somehow they popped back in her mind and well I have to call that a "God Thing."

I would love to say that I still had the books but not long after I read them way back when I loaned them to a family member and from there well who knows where they ended up.

Abbey researched purchasing them again so we could read them ... and in so doing found a wonderful site called Internet Archive Search where you can borrow books for an hour at a time as long as no one else has it checked out and can renew that hour as long as no one is waiting to check out the book behind you .. I guess you would say it's a virtual library ...

We were both thrilled ... and I started reading aloud the first book in the evenings for about an hour and a half .. Not having read aloud for that long in years my throat got a little sore the first few nights but it soon went away and we are now half way through book 3 of 4 in the series.

Honestly after all the years that had passed since I read the series I couldn't remember a lot about the storyline other than a lady had an old antique house that she turned into a boardinghouse ... And these women along with her created The Sister Circle. That Circle like the circles in the water created by a pebble thrown into a pond reached further out to more women and more lives with back stories, histories, heart ache, anger, frustration, that turns to hope, joy, love and a future none of them could have ever forseen.

There's Evelyn who's just lost her husband and wonders what she's going to do with a big empty house full of rooms and her life... Enter Mae the 50 something Hippie, Tessa The 60 something History buff that's serious and staunch, And Audra Mom to 5 yr old Summer a young twenty something trying to make a life for her and her daughter after making bad choices as a young woman ... The Four women argue, irritate, frustrate, share their secrets, Bond and Love one another and begin the Sister Circle .... only to move out move on and leave Evelyn with empty rooms needing to be filled once again ... It's moving, Touching, right to the heart with lots of wonderful life lessons to be learned and wonderful Joys to celebrate.

The series is just an absolute joy, it makes you think about others, Understand others, and most of all above all things LOVE others with a servants heart.

We'll be starting on book four in the next few days and honestly I'm already dreading that there's an end .. I hate that there's an end .. when you fall in love with the cahracters and the lesssons to be learned and the new lives they are living .. you just don't want there to be an end .. Kind of like a good movie series that you hate to end.

If you're a reader, or like me it's been a long time since you've read, or maybe you want to try your hand at reading .. this is such a great series ... give it a try .. you can check it out at the virtual library HERE ... or you can purchase it online in a variety of places ....

Book #1 is The Sister Circle Book #2 is Round The Corner Book #3 is An Undivided Heart Book #4 is A Place to Belong

If you're looking to have your heart softened, your outlook on the ppl that surround you changed and for God to fill your heart with his overflowing Love will this series certainly fills those desires ....

Until Next Time Sweet Blessings Sara

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