Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rub a Dub Dub ... Flossies in the Tub ... The Flossie Chronicles , Tales of a Springer Spaniel

Well it's that time ... yes it's time for "The Flossie Chronicles" ..
Good Ol' sweet Flossie Girl .. She's such a joy ..
After having Golden Retrievers for the last 17 years's actually quite alot of fun having a new breed of dog in the house.
They may say a Dog's a Dog ... however they are dead "Wrong" about that.
Oh sure there are some things the same ..but when it comes to personality ... I must say there is quite a difference.
I always described my Maggie and Scout when they were alive to people as Giant Cats...and it was true ..they were always like 2 large cats. They just lazed around and found a good spot to curl up and go to sleep and that was that.
However on the other hand we have Flossie ..and although she's a Very Good Girl ... She's not a kitty kat type of puppy at all. Nor do I think she ever will be.
Obviously she's just a pup so she's full of lots of wonderful bounding energy ..but Flossies full of bounce that I just have a feeling is going to stick with her and I'm loving it.
Recently Flossie got an outdoor bath... Normally she gets a shower bath .. but it's not always easy soaking  her in a bath tub and leaning over it is a killer on the back. So Abbey and I opted for the good ol Fashioned Galvenized tub method...and grabbed a wood table plopped it on and we had our own instant  "Pup N Suds" ...A good Soak and Clean up for any ol mutt !
Yep .. can't you see how thrilled she was !!! LOL ! However you must admit she was a pretty good girl sitting there not trying to jump out while I photographed  her.
 I think at this point she was a tad bit disgusted with me taking photos of her all wet ... she does prefer to be dry with a bit o fluff for her photo ops ... but I couldn't pass up a few picts of her in the tub ... She pretty much forgave me afterwards when she realized a few treats were in store.

 Yes these are the Sad ... Eyes ...

And these are the begging eyes ...
That lead to the few treats after the bath ..
I admit I'm pretty much in love with Flossie and it doesn't take much for her to wrangle my heart into her lasso.
However I'm not a push over and we do have our house rules which I don't give in to.
Flossies looking mighty beautiful after her bath ... and smelling so sweet ..and still growing too. Just about the time I think she's nearing adulthood .. I see a pict of a full grown springer and realize she's still got a long way to go. Which is fine with me because I am so enjoying her puppiness. Soon that will be gone and as we all know we can't turn back time to capture the sweet moments of those early days again I'm happy to have them last as long as I can.
Well It's late eyes are drooping other dogs are tired... and tomorrow's another busy day preparing for TVM.  And for those who have asked if our sneep peek offerings are going to be available in our online shop ..The answer is Yes. The shop will re-open on Sept 11th and I will begin adding new offerings daily including those in the sneek peeks for TVM...
Wishing you all Many Happy Returns of the Day !

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm 1st sneek peek at Farm Goods headed to "The Vintage Marketplace"

Well are you all ready for "The Vintage Marketplace" ????
I'm afraid Abbey and I are running around like a chicken with it's head cut off ...
And well that's just not a pretty sight at all ...especially if like me  you too grew up on a farm and actually saw that happen more than once ... LOL !
Well we are doing are mighty best to get lots of "NEW" farmhouse offerings ready for the TVM
We have been so gosh darn busy the last few months working away with our online shop ..that it's been quite a chore to get lots of new goodies ready but on the other hand it's been alot of fun working on new items. So refreshing to be designing, creating and just about ready to be offering up some new works of our hands....
And well I thought you all might just want a sneek peek....
 First up is our all new Farmhouse Feedsack Clip boards and Journals ... Made right here at the farmhouse by none other than these 2 Sweet Magnolias ..

 We'll also be packin the old truck up with our new Farmhouse Feedsack Pillows .. Yep they are just too too cute and perfect for adding to your cupboard, sitting on a shelf or filling up a baske with .. They are might scrumptious and soft too !

We've also go a whole new line of Farmhouse Canvas's ... Yep ..See that cute farmgirl with her dog in the background ..Sure enough it's a wonderful Farmhouse Art Canvas ... Each one has a wonderful Character filled image. And they are all truly One of a kinds all the original images are owned by SMF ... So you won't find them anywhere else... From Farm Girls in Canoes,  Farm Girls Camping .. To Farm Girls on Vacation ..we have a wonderful variety to choose from ..and each canvas is trimmed in rustic lace ..and topped with our new signature tattered feedsack flour.

 And Last but not at all the last of what we are bringing just the last of what's in for this sneek peek today ...are  4 new Fall Flour Sack Designs ...
Our Fall towels Have our newest Color Images ... designed right here at the farmhouse...with gorgeouse fall ruffles ...
We're countin down .. ... Just 11 more days ... and we look forward to seeing you all there ...

Now Don't forget .... mark your calender .... and come have a wonderful 2 days or Rustic Farmhouse Romance with us ..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ...

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ...

Abbey and I wanted to say Congratulations to BeTsY ... of

She's The winner of our Free Farmhouse Flour Sack Towel Giveaway ...that was Hosted by Debra of Common Ground Last week !

Thank You to Debra ..for hosting the Giveaway ..and Thank You so much to all those who entered we are so honored !

Be Sure to stay posted with us as we will be having another Giveaway in mid to late September ...

Wishing you all Many ...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm is "Gearing" up for the Fall Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ...

Well Gals and Guys .... Abbey and I are "Gearing" up for the Fall "Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks" ..

Can you believe it's already that time again  ?
Well Slap me silly cuz we can't either ..!!!

So as you all know every marketplace has a theme that Christe and Rita the hosts set ...and it's up to each individual seller rather they choose to participate or not ... Well the theme for September is Rustic Romance ...


it's the perfect time of year for a little bit of rustic style and a little bit of romance if your askin me !

And as you all know ..Abbey and I always try and follow the theme and throw in our own twist ...


So We'd like to invite you all down in September to ....

Yep ...This Septermber The Sweet Magnolias Farm Gals .. are going camping ... that is camping down on the farm !

Our Take on "Farm Style Camping"

We've got a whole lot of new offerings in store for you ... Abbey and I are so excited to share with you all several of our new designs ...

And YES YES YES ... The Farmhouse Pumpkins will be there ... Abbey's working away creating them ...and let me tell you ..she's got all new designs this year that are so awesome ..
all I can say is so so Farmy and So So Rustic ... and "Alot" of one of a kind pumpkins. Plus this year we are introducing ... "The Cream of the Crop" Jumbo Pumpkins that are just to die for !

All new Farmhouse Feedsack Aprons
Cozy Farm Pillows for decorating
All new Farm Mugs for Fall Apple Cider
Fall Flour Sack towels
And Lots of Vintage and Antique pieces that will make your cotton pickin mind spin out of control ....

And these are just to name a few things...

A few sneek peeks will make there way to the blog just a few weeks so keep checkin back !

So grab your bed roll .. your old pill'r .. Fill up your canteen, And bring along some of that good old Flapjack mix ... and bring a song in your heart ...Cuz it's gonna be a great 2 days of Camping out "Sweet Magnolias Farm" Style ...

Mark the Calenders ..Sept 8th and 9th !


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm ..."Free Giveaway" hosted by "Common Ground" ... Now Through August 10th

Have You Heard The News  ???

Common Ground is Hosting a Free Giveaway starting today !!!

FOR:   One of Our Sweet Magnolias Farm Original Flour Sack Towels

Andif you win ... you get to choose the towel you would like from our handful of designs in our Etsy shop !!!

To Enter you Must do so over at Common Ground 

 There's (5) ways to Enter Which you can read about when you hop on over there...

You Have ooodles of chances for winning this Free Giveaway ! So go get yourself entered !

Times a countin down Girls ...and if you snooze you Lose !

Sometimes the Earlybird does catch the Worm !

Just Sayin !

Until The 10th ... Wishing you all barrels full of Luck ... and if you just don't find that luck falls on your side  that your horseshoe is facing down and not up .. Well.. you can always grab yourself a little towel of your own in our shop as a sweet little way of saying Thank You or Just Because to lil ol' you !



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm would Like you to Meet ...Maryjane of Beehive Cottage ! ...


Well I've been meaning to share our New sweet friend Maryjane of Beehive Cottage with you all .. and well time just always gets away from me especially time on the old computer.

Sometimes it's hard to break free from work and just sit down and share a bit .. and finally I have a moment to do so ...

Sweet Maryjane has been a great supporter of Sweet Magnolias Farm ... She has her Kitchen bedecked with many of our Farmhouse Towels ..and 2 of her tables are dressed with our Burlap Runners ... which I was thrilled to make for her...

Abbey and I had the Pleasure of  meeting Maryjane and visit her home a few month ago ..boy seems like yesterday how time flies !

And Let's just say Abbey and I were right ready to move in Lock.. Stock and Barrel ..into her beautiful home ! I can't tell you how lovely it is ...and the pictures she shares on her blog are beautiful but as pictures go they never show the absolute true beauty of seeing something first hand..

And She's got Chickens and the darn cutest chicken coop you ever did see that's in the process of being made or maybe it's been made by now .. I'll let her share that with you on her blog ... since I'm not sure if her project is quite done yet and don't want to spoil her joy of sharing it firsthand.

Here's Maryjane ..On the Right ..Yep that's Aunt Ruthie on the Left of Sugarpie Farmhouse ..They got to meet to for the first time in June...

 And speaking of True Beauty ... Well Maryjane exudes that inside and out ..Shse as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. She's the most delightful and gracious hostess and just makes you feel Happy All Over ... Y'all might remember my dog Maggie ..My golden Retriever ..well I always said Maggies was first in line the day God was handing out happy ... and she got it all ..... Well I have to say Maryjane was first in line for happy the day she was born too ... Not trying to compare ya to the Dog Maryjane's just all about the Happy I'm making the comparison too ..LOL !!!


And Maryjane has the most delightful ...little vintage trailer  ... Oh I'm not supposed to envy but I have to admit a slight shade of green kind consumes me when I look at her trailer ..I've always wanted one ..but the right time just hasn't presented itself in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy takin a gander at Maryjanes ...

 Maryjane is the owner of  "The Beehive Cottage" ... She has her little trailer of wares she pulls to a local market ..and she also sells her wares on Etsy ... yep ..she's got the most darling things ...

From Wonderful Cottage Style Garlands ~ to the Sweetest Gift Tags ~ rather they be Baby ~ 1950's Retro ~ Western and more ..there's something for everyone ...


She has 2 shops to find some wonderful goodies in...

First up is "The Beehive Cottage" Visit it HERE 

Second up in "Sassie Sadie Lee" Visit it HERE 

And I'll leave you with this too darlin photo of the inside of Maryjanes Trailer ... Makes you just wanna go inside have lunch and chat the day away  ....

You can see more of Maryjanes' trailer HERE 

Maryjane has been such a blessing to Abbey and I ...and she's sent a few wonderful things our way ..and in fact Thank You Mary Jane for that Little truckload I picked up ... hoping it's going to be something wonderful for September !

Oh oh and I can't forget's her blog ...
Don't forget to visit and tell her The Sweet Magnolias Sent you !

Wishing you all a beautiful Day filled with much happiness and joy !

This is the Day the Lord made and I shall rejoice in it !