Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rub a Dub Dub ... Flossies in the Tub ... The Flossie Chronicles , Tales of a Springer Spaniel

Well it's that time ... yes it's time for "The Flossie Chronicles" ..
Good Ol' sweet Flossie Girl .. She's such a joy ..
After having Golden Retrievers for the last 17 years's actually quite alot of fun having a new breed of dog in the house.
They may say a Dog's a Dog ... however they are dead "Wrong" about that.
Oh sure there are some things the same ..but when it comes to personality ... I must say there is quite a difference.
I always described my Maggie and Scout when they were alive to people as Giant Cats...and it was true ..they were always like 2 large cats. They just lazed around and found a good spot to curl up and go to sleep and that was that.
However on the other hand we have Flossie ..and although she's a Very Good Girl ... She's not a kitty kat type of puppy at all. Nor do I think she ever will be.
Obviously she's just a pup so she's full of lots of wonderful bounding energy ..but Flossies full of bounce that I just have a feeling is going to stick with her and I'm loving it.
Recently Flossie got an outdoor bath... Normally she gets a shower bath .. but it's not always easy soaking  her in a bath tub and leaning over it is a killer on the back. So Abbey and I opted for the good ol Fashioned Galvenized tub method...and grabbed a wood table plopped it on and we had our own instant  "Pup N Suds" ...A good Soak and Clean up for any ol mutt !
Yep .. can't you see how thrilled she was !!! LOL ! However you must admit she was a pretty good girl sitting there not trying to jump out while I photographed  her.
 I think at this point she was a tad bit disgusted with me taking photos of her all wet ... she does prefer to be dry with a bit o fluff for her photo ops ... but I couldn't pass up a few picts of her in the tub ... She pretty much forgave me afterwards when she realized a few treats were in store.

 Yes these are the Sad ... Eyes ...

And these are the begging eyes ...
That lead to the few treats after the bath ..
I admit I'm pretty much in love with Flossie and it doesn't take much for her to wrangle my heart into her lasso.
However I'm not a push over and we do have our house rules which I don't give in to.
Flossies looking mighty beautiful after her bath ... and smelling so sweet ..and still growing too. Just about the time I think she's nearing adulthood .. I see a pict of a full grown springer and realize she's still got a long way to go. Which is fine with me because I am so enjoying her puppiness. Soon that will be gone and as we all know we can't turn back time to capture the sweet moments of those early days again I'm happy to have them last as long as I can.
Well It's late eyes are drooping other dogs are tired... and tomorrow's another busy day preparing for TVM.  And for those who have asked if our sneep peek offerings are going to be available in our online shop ..The answer is Yes. The shop will re-open on Sept 11th and I will begin adding new offerings daily including those in the sneek peeks for TVM...
Wishing you all Many Happy Returns of the Day !


  1. Flossie is so cute but yes, she didn't look too happy getting her bath! LOL! What a good girl to sit and get her picture taken! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  2. OMG, Flossie is so adorable, love those eyes to... sweet!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Hahahahha... luv the eyes.
    WE have a 2 year old Chocolate Lab. The eyes are just as expressive.
    So cute!
    Cheers, Gee

  4. Sara: Flossie is wonderful. Don't you just love those expressive eyes.What a cutie..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. oooohhhh, that is the sweetest, saddest face EVER!!!!


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