Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm would Like you to Meet ...Maryjane of Beehive Cottage ! ...


Well I've been meaning to share our New sweet friend Maryjane of Beehive Cottage with you all .. and well time just always gets away from me especially time on the old computer.

Sometimes it's hard to break free from work and just sit down and share a bit .. and finally I have a moment to do so ...

Sweet Maryjane has been a great supporter of Sweet Magnolias Farm ... She has her Kitchen bedecked with many of our Farmhouse Towels ..and 2 of her tables are dressed with our Burlap Runners ... which I was thrilled to make for her...

Abbey and I had the Pleasure of  meeting Maryjane and visit her home a few month ago ..boy seems like yesterday how time flies !

And Let's just say Abbey and I were right ready to move in Lock.. Stock and Barrel ..into her beautiful home ! I can't tell you how lovely it is ...and the pictures she shares on her blog are beautiful but as pictures go they never show the absolute true beauty of seeing something first hand..

And She's got Chickens and the darn cutest chicken coop you ever did see that's in the process of being made or maybe it's been made by now .. I'll let her share that with you on her blog ... since I'm not sure if her project is quite done yet and don't want to spoil her joy of sharing it firsthand.

Here's Maryjane ..On the Right ..Yep that's Aunt Ruthie on the Left of Sugarpie Farmhouse ..They got to meet to for the first time in June...

 And speaking of True Beauty ... Well Maryjane exudes that inside and out ..Shse as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. She's the most delightful and gracious hostess and just makes you feel Happy All Over ... Y'all might remember my dog Maggie ..My golden Retriever ..well I always said Maggies was first in line the day God was handing out happy ... and she got it all ..... Well I have to say Maryjane was first in line for happy the day she was born too ... Not trying to compare ya to the Dog Maryjane's just all about the Happy I'm making the comparison too ..LOL !!!


And Maryjane has the most delightful ...little vintage trailer  ... Oh I'm not supposed to envy but I have to admit a slight shade of green kind consumes me when I look at her trailer ..I've always wanted one ..but the right time just hasn't presented itself in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy takin a gander at Maryjanes ...

 Maryjane is the owner of  "The Beehive Cottage" ... She has her little trailer of wares she pulls to a local market ..and she also sells her wares on Etsy ... yep ..she's got the most darling things ...

From Wonderful Cottage Style Garlands ~ to the Sweetest Gift Tags ~ rather they be Baby ~ 1950's Retro ~ Western and more ..there's something for everyone ...


She has 2 shops to find some wonderful goodies in...

First up is "The Beehive Cottage" Visit it HERE 

Second up in "Sassie Sadie Lee" Visit it HERE 

And I'll leave you with this too darlin photo of the inside of Maryjanes Trailer ... Makes you just wanna go inside have lunch and chat the day away  ....

You can see more of Maryjanes' trailer HERE 

Maryjane has been such a blessing to Abbey and I ...and she's sent a few wonderful things our way ..and in fact Thank You Mary Jane for that Little truckload I picked up ... hoping it's going to be something wonderful for September !

Oh oh and I can't forget's her blog ...
Don't forget to visit and tell her The Sweet Magnolias Sent you !

Wishing you all a beautiful Day filled with much happiness and joy !

This is the Day the Lord made and I shall rejoice in it !



  1. My heavens, THANK YOU so much you sweet darling ladies! You just make me cry! Thank you so much for your sweet, kind words...and guess what? I feel the same about you two! I am so blessed our paths have crossed this time in our lives. My daughter and I have talked many times about you and what sweet ladies you are! xox

    Hey, I got an both need to come back and have lunch with me in my little trailer and we can chat the day away! LOL! Really, really!

    Thank you once again. Love you two to pieces!

    God bless!

  2. That trailer is adorable! and love all the oh so cute tags!

  3. I love the cute trailer and the beautiful photos! What fun!

  4. Hello Sara,
    I'm new to your blog and here by way of Maryjane's blog. Love her! :)
    I'm really enjoying your blog. So cute and full of homeyness. :)

    I'm following you now... I hope you will come by and say hi. :)



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