Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What is the Weather of your Words ?

What is the Weather of your Words ?

For those of you that follow our blog ..you may remember that a few weeks back I wrote a post Titled: "What is the Weather of your Heart" ...Today after beginning a new book that I bought several weeks ago and has set on shelf since ..I find that Gods timing is once again ever so perfect timing ..And This book could not have entered my life at a better time on a better day.

It is, "My Hearts Cry" ..by Anne Graham Lotz ..and if you are unsure who she is ..you will know her as Billy Grahams Daughter.

At a time in my life when God is surely Growing me ....This book has already touched my heart today ..I am already 100 pages into it ...and a Peace that I dearly needed has entered my heart.

In the first 100 pages I cannot say there is one chapter, page or section that you could think of skipping ..each word leading to the next is ever so important ..

There are many things that have stood out and touched my heart so far ...but one thing in particular that really stuck in my head ..as this was yesterdays theme for me and once again today here it is again ..are the words that we speak. Thus my post title today: " What is the Weather of your Words ?"

Are you're words ..firy and Hot, are they swirling like a tornado, are they thundering in your heart, are they storming out your lips, are they gently raining down, ??? Are they light and airy, cool and breezy, a gentle and kind wind, warm sunshine bursting forth ???

If like me you are facing a time of growth ..or you are facing other issues in life such as loss of job, home, divorce, or anything that "FEELS" negative or uncomfortable or has a negative impact on your life ...It is so very easy to get caught up in the negativeness of your situation. From your thoughts to the Words of our mouth.. There is Power in our words Great Power ...and Words impact our Lives as well as those who surround us ...They can hurt us or someone else ..or they can uplift . Negative Words spoken to ourselves in silence are just as deadly to the spirit, Just as Positive words silenty spoken can uplift our spirits.

Have your words been negative lately rather spoken aloud or in silence ? And does your situation fell worse because of it and have no positive outlook ?

I know for me that negative words can easily take over the tongue and the thought process if not closely guarded. Especially when facing an uncomfortable moment in life. However if you read closely in God's word ..he calls us to praise him even in the times life feels like it's produced lemons for us. These are times in life we can face with a positive outlook ..what things can I learn from this, how can I do or be better, what would I do over, what would I keep the same, ??? So much we can take from the uncomfortable times and create into a positive.

Praising God in the hard times ...can be hard indeed ..we find that saying a positive word is so difficult ..However ..If we truly believe Gods Word, and that he wants The best For us ..then should we not heed this advice, this command ..to praise him even in the hard times ? I should think so !

Well this all leads me to my point of posting today ..as I swore off my computer to take a break today ...but God seems to always have something different planned for our lives. I've come to realize My plans are always up for change ..When I let go and Let God !

Anyhow ..in Anne's book Chapter 3 ...she tells a story ..and this is something how it goes... At a time she had mounting Pressures and problems in life ...She wrote the following description of Jesus that I will post below ... She was inspired by someone who gave her a cassette tape titled "My King" ... A man by the name of S.M. Lockridge had been called to the platform of a church service and asked to tell his congregation who his King was ...and his description lasted 3 minutes ...! I had to ask myself today ..could I actually stand up and talk about my King for 3 minutes ? Could You ?

I challenge you as I did myself as I read Anne's description ...to read it slowly..to read each line and think about what it's saying ..what it means and the truth of it ...and while doing it ..let the "Weather of your Words" change with this Beautiful Wind that is blowing your way ..to Praise him ..no matter ..what situation you are facing ..Bad or Good ! Just Praise Him !

Here is Anne's Description of "My King"

He is enduringly strong.
He is entirely sincere.
He is eternally steadfast
He is mortally gracious
He is imperially powerful
He is impartially merciful
He is the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizons of the globe
He is Gods son.
He is the sinner's Saviour

He is the captive's ransom
He is the breath of life.
He is the centerpiece of civilization
He stands in the solitude of himself

He is august and He is Unique
He is unparalleled and He is unprecedented
he is undisputed and He is undefiled
He is unsurpassed and He is unshakeable

He is the lofty idea in philosophy
He is the highest personality in psychology
He is the supreme subject in literature
He is the unavoidable problem in higher criticism
He is the fundamental doctrine of theology
He is the cornerstone, the capstone, and the stumbling stone of all religion
He is the miracle of the ages

Keep on Praising Him for who he is.......

He is the key to knowledge
He is the wellspring of Wisdom
He is the foundation of faith
He is the doorway of deliverance
He is the pathway to peace
He is the roadway of righteousness
He is the gateway to Glory
He is the highway to happiness

Just keep on praising him .....

His Office is manifold
and his Promise is Sure

His life is matchless
and his goodness is limitless

His mercy is enough
and his Grace is sufficient.

His reign is righteous,
His yoke is easy
and His burden is Light

He is indestuctible.
he is indescribable
He is incomprehensible
He is inescapable
He is invincible
He is irresistable
He is irrefutable

I can't get him out of my mind...
And I can't get him out of my heart.
I can't ourlive Him
and I can't live without him.

The Pharisees couldn't stand Him
but found they couldn't stop Him

Satan tried to tempt Him
but found he couldn't trip Him

Pilate place Him on trial
but found no fault in Him

The Romans crucified Him
but couldn't take His life

Death couldn't handle Him
and the Grave couldn't hold Him.

And keep on Praising Him .....

He's the Lion and He's the Lamb
He is God and He is man.

He's the seven-way King:

He is the King of Jews...
that's a racial King

He is the King of Israel ...
That's a national King

He is the King of righteousness...
That's a Moral King

He is the King of the ages...
That's an Eternal King

He is the King of Heaven...
That's a Universal King

He is the King of Glory...
That's a celestial King.



I must say ..I know I would have never come up with all these thoughts that Anne ..has to describe "Our King" ...I'm so glad God blesses us through others ..I have been blessed today !

And I pray that today ..if you are facing issues in life that have you down or just are uncomfortable ..that you will find it in the depth of your being to begin "Praising" him ...through it all ...I have faced crisis in my life before ..and I'll tell you from experience .."Praising" him ..makes all the difference in how you journey through it.

And If you are out ..Definitely pick up a copy of this book ..you won't be Sorry ! You'll be Blessed !

Blessings ...your Kindred Friend...Sara

Monday, June 8, 2009

~ Thought for the Day ~ Are you headed in the right Direction ?

Do you ever feel like ..your not sure if you are headed in the right direction in life ?

I think we all struggle with this question at times in our life.

When things come to a stand still and there seems to be no answers or direction for what to do where to go ..to even stay right where we are at doing what we are doing.

We become disillusioned with life and wonder what to do ?

I know I have had these very questions ..and yet no calling to move on from where I was at ..and I wondered what to do.... and the only answer God kept giving me was from a book I read about 6 yrs ago ..and something that stuck out to me then "Work While You Wait" ... My question is always wait on what ..and he doesn't even have to answer for me to know what the answer is to that question ..if he wanted me to know NOW he would tell me ..that's the whole point of "Wait" in "Work while you Wait"..

Sometimes in this Fast Food... I deserve it world of ours ..even as Christians we are not immune from joining that train of thought (as being a Christian, that doesn't keep us from falling into wrong behaviours ..it just means we are saved by grace by accepting and believing in him).. we think God should work quick like the world around us ...so we won't be uncomfortable or disheartened or unsure. I have crossed this same road many times in my life ...been at similar stand stills for different reasons and things ..There is one thing I know I have learned one thing that may sound Cliche as you have heard it countless times that Gods Timing is Perfect timing ..And I have found that to hold so very true!

It is amazing how countless times we go through these times in life and yet quickly we forget that God always brings us through in his time ..his perfect time and in his way not necessarily ours.

Today I flipped over my page in the devotional that sits here at my desk ..and this is what I read:

God's will is doing those things we know to be right for each day and doing them the best we possibly can.

I think Abbey just told me something similar to this last night as we were talking ...that if life is at a stand still and your not sure what way to turn or what road to take ..then keep working at what you do and tell God ..I don't know anything else to do right now ..so I shall keep working at what you have given me to do right now ..Until you give me a new direction or make the road I am on more clear. Great Advice ..from a Great Mom !

I wanted to share this with you my Kindred Friends ..as I know we get on our blogs and share our fun finds , our creations, fun family picts, funny jokes, and sweet sentiments ....sometimes we lose sight that behind each blog happy person ...is a real life with real emotions, a heart that feels, and a life that is by no far perfection. We all have our moments and many times we can feel very alone in them ..thinking that everyone else is just purely happy 24/7 ..

Although ..not being sure in life doesn't necessarily make you unhappy ..it does make you human ...so Please know if you are struggling right now with anything in life ..that you are not alone ..Trust God ..although things may not be clear now ..they will be at some point. When God closes a door he opens a window.

If you haven't reached out to God in a long time ..and have tried everything you know possible to change things in your own life and it hasn't worked ..why Not give it all to God ..? He's always reaching out for us ....even when we are not reaching back ..why not reach out your hand to him ..he'll meet you wherever you are at.

For God So Loved the World that he gave his Only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have Eternal Life. John 3:16

May God's Blessings and Favor be upon you today ...and may his face shine upon you my friends ...

Blessings ...Sara

Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Whisk Brooms just listed !!!

I just finished listing some new Whisk Brooms We designed this week ..

First is Our Summer Sunflower Whisk Broom listed on our site
Sweet Magnolias Farm in the Keeping Room pg. 1

Next is Our Sewing Notions Whisk Broom ..also listed on our Web site
Sweet Magnolias Farm in the Sewing Nook pg. 2

Lastly ..our Romantic Country ..antique Lace and rusty key whisk broom which is listed in our
Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy Shoppe

Just click on the links I have created for each one and you'll be directed to either our web site or our Etsy shoppe.

Wishing you many happy returns of the day ...

Sara and Abbey ..The Sweet Magnolias

Saturday, June 6, 2009

~ This Weeks Estate Find ~

I'm in the process of baking myself some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookes and thought it would be the perfect time to share...This weeks Estate Sale finds with you ...
This Weeks Estate Finds were awesome ..However . ..My Favorite finds were These books !

I am an avid reader ..I never close my eyes each night without having my nose in a book ...books really are the gateway to knowledge and a beautiful world our minds can create ...!
Antique Books are a Favorite of mine ..I have a few favorite authors I collect ..and are hard to find and expensive so I don't get to many new ones all that often ..
Anyhow ..a friend of mine who has estate sales had just been granted an Estate of a Lady who collected antique books.. This is just a small gathering of what was there ..and the prices were awesome !

Isn't this Little Saint Elizabeth Book Wonderful ..and my pictures don't even do it justice ..it's far more vibrant than I captures as I was trying to hurry and the book is in pristine condition ...The etchings inside are just phenomenal ..I'm so g lad I was able to get it !

O.k. now this set of 3 are Dictionaries on Music and Musicians ..from the 1400s up to the late 1800's ..The information in them is just amazing ..it's like stepping back into a whole other world.

Now this book (the above pict and 2 below picts) is my prize find ..it is dated 1797 and there is no doubt it is that old ..

Look at the pages on it ..is this just amazing or what !!!

and here is the opening page of it ...Is that not exquisite workmanship ..they just don't put pride into things like they used to ..who wouldn't have been excited to get a book that looked like this inside !!!

This is another one I go ..Portraits and Principles ..I loved the embossed front and the red hardback cover ...just a Beauty isn't it !

O.k. This rates up there with my prize find the 1797 book ...This one is a German book and it is LARGE ...not just thick but tall and wide ! ..it's dates to the late 1800s and every bit of writing in it is German ..how I wish I read German as It looks ever so interesting ..the artistry throughout this book is again phenomenal ...below are just a few Full size single sheet book plates that are throughout this entire book not to mention ton's of pin and ink art ...that is so detailed it's breathtaking ...

Isn't she Just Gorgeous !!!

And Look at this Beautfy ... She looks like an absolute Dream !

O.k. now this one's awesome and I haven't had a chance to go through it yet ..but it does date to the late 1800s ..1872 to be exact ... and is titled the Under Ground Rail Road and that is exactly what the entire book is about ... accounts and stories so far as I can see the little I glanced at it

Well as you can see from my first picture I got a lot more books than these ..but I had to share my favorites with you ..don't get me wrong the others are fabulous too ..but a gal always finds her favorites and these were mine ...
I hope you enjoyed my little walk back in time ...and don't forget ..reading opens your mind to whole new worlds ..to places and times that you cannot venture in the present ..so pick up a book and dream a dream ..or gain some knowledge ...Improve yourself ..with a book !
Blessings ...Sara

WSOAPP Update Sunday June, 7th

It's that time again ...WSOAPP Update will be tomorrow Sunday June, 7th ...

We have updated our shop with all new items ...so be sure to come find a "take-me-home" to add to your Home Sweet Home ...

Just click on the WSOAPP graphic below to see our new offerings this month

With every Purchase at any place we sell we are giving FREE "Sweet Magnolias Farm" lavender sachets .

Have a Beautiful Day and God Bless ...Sara and Abbey "The Sweet Magnolias"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maggie Girl is feeling better WooHoo !!

It's been a while since I last posted about my Maggie ..I think the last post I wrote is how my heart was broken that she could no longer make it upstairs with me at night ..


That has been the case ..ever since ..we both have adjusted ..although she has her bed at the bottom of the stair well and Yes you literally have to step over her at night and in the early morning ..I tried moving it about 3 feet out of the way ..and I ended up finding her curled up on the Tile floor in the morning ..So back her Bed went to the stair well ..Oh well I love her and she's worth stepping over anytime ..LOL !!

For those of you who aren't aware ..Maggie is a Golden Retriever..I have had her since 6 weeks old ..and she is now 13 ..That's an extremely long life for a Golden...anyhow she has severe debilitataing Arthritic Joints ..and Fatty Tumors on her body ..but She Smiled through it every day ...She injured her back leg one day and could barely walk ..and she weighed over 100lbs ..big for a girl I know ..Well I couldn't lift her so off we went to the vet and We had the best thing happen ..Did you know they now have Glucosamine shots for Dogs ?? They do it is called Canine Adequine ..they give a series of 4 shots in the first month and then 1 shot thereafter ..and it works in restoring joints in 90 some % of Dogs ..So I went for it with her ..

She has just had her 5th shot today which our Vet kindly allowed us a prescription for and to give it to her ourselves....

Anyhow all that said ..I wanted to show you my new improved Gal ..I shot these picts of her last week ..She was rolling like a horse on her back out in the yard ..having the best old time ..Her limp is gone and she doesn't struggle to get up anymore ..No she doesn't come upstairs still not that she can't she snuck up one day while I was gone so I now block our stairs off when I leave ... I just prefer she doesn't climb them there is no sense in re-injurying that back leg ..She's older and needs to be accomodated for that ..

Oh and I forgot we got her to lose a bunch of weight ..she never ate alot to begin with just about a cup and a half a day ..but She wouldn't lose weight ..And I was afraid I was going to starve her ..Well we got rid of the Dog food altogether and she now Eats all Natural ..Chicken and a mix of veggies and fruits and LOVES it ..and She has lost a ton of weight ...So that has been a big help too ..

well here are my picts of her ..hope you enjoy them !!!
hugs and Blessings ..to you all ..Sara

KSGP Updated Yesterday

Well I guess better late than not at all ..I forgot to post yesterday that My KSGP group had their first of the month update ..so go check out all the new offerings ..Plus the New free Giveaway on the Home Page !!!
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Early Works Mercantile Updated Today !

Don't forget ..to get on over to Early Works Mercantile !!!
Today was our 1st of the month update ...
I have just been through looking at all the new items ..and I must say there is a beautiful varitey of offerings once again this month.
Doreen sure picked a fabulous group of artisans!!!
Alright just click the logo above it is linked to my page and then you can click on the artisan directory from there.
Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless !!!