Monday, June 8, 2009

~ Thought for the Day ~ Are you headed in the right Direction ?

Do you ever feel like ..your not sure if you are headed in the right direction in life ?

I think we all struggle with this question at times in our life.

When things come to a stand still and there seems to be no answers or direction for what to do where to go even stay right where we are at doing what we are doing.

We become disillusioned with life and wonder what to do ?

I know I have had these very questions ..and yet no calling to move on from where I was at ..and I wondered what to do.... and the only answer God kept giving me was from a book I read about 6 yrs ago ..and something that stuck out to me then "Work While You Wait" ... My question is always wait on what ..and he doesn't even have to answer for me to know what the answer is to that question ..if he wanted me to know NOW he would tell me ..that's the whole point of "Wait" in "Work while you Wait"..

Sometimes in this Fast Food... I deserve it world of ours ..even as Christians we are not immune from joining that train of thought (as being a Christian, that doesn't keep us from falling into wrong behaviours just means we are saved by grace by accepting and believing in him).. we think God should work quick like the world around us we won't be uncomfortable or disheartened or unsure. I have crossed this same road many times in my life ...been at similar stand stills for different reasons and things ..There is one thing I know I have learned one thing that may sound Cliche as you have heard it countless times that Gods Timing is Perfect timing ..And I have found that to hold so very true!

It is amazing how countless times we go through these times in life and yet quickly we forget that God always brings us through in his time ..his perfect time and in his way not necessarily ours.

Today I flipped over my page in the devotional that sits here at my desk ..and this is what I read:

God's will is doing those things we know to be right for each day and doing them the best we possibly can.

I think Abbey just told me something similar to this last night as we were talking ...that if life is at a stand still and your not sure what way to turn or what road to take ..then keep working at what you do and tell God ..I don't know anything else to do right now I shall keep working at what you have given me to do right now ..Until you give me a new direction or make the road I am on more clear. Great Advice ..from a Great Mom !

I wanted to share this with you my Kindred Friends I know we get on our blogs and share our fun finds , our creations, fun family picts, funny jokes, and sweet sentiments ....sometimes we lose sight that behind each blog happy person a real life with real emotions, a heart that feels, and a life that is by no far perfection. We all have our moments and many times we can feel very alone in them ..thinking that everyone else is just purely happy 24/7 ..

Although ..not being sure in life doesn't necessarily make you unhappy does make you human Please know if you are struggling right now with anything in life ..that you are not alone ..Trust God ..although things may not be clear now ..they will be at some point. When God closes a door he opens a window.

If you haven't reached out to God in a long time ..and have tried everything you know possible to change things in your own life and it hasn't worked ..why Not give it all to God ..? He's always reaching out for us ....even when we are not reaching back ..why not reach out your hand to him ..he'll meet you wherever you are at.

For God So Loved the World that he gave his Only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have Eternal Life. John 3:16

May God's Blessings and Favor be upon you today ...and may his face shine upon you my friends ...

Blessings ...Sara


  1. So true Sara, and it seems we have no time for our God in our busy lives. I'm so glad he reached down to us, always reminding us...of His love for all.

  2. Thank You Sara... I needed that!

  3. Fabulous post and advice! For God so loved the world...INDEED!

    I have an entry that might be of interest to you; it's about One Thousand Gifts.

  4. How true. We do get caught up in our daily lives and when trouble comes we wonder how it happened. How right you are about wanting it fixed now so we can go on with our merry lives. God works in the darkest times of our lives and if we listen, we will grow in him. If we don't, we will fall over that same stick in the dark over and over. Thanks so much for sharing Sara.



  5. Thank you Sara.
    You are so right if we would just slow down and here what the lord is telling us and reach out and take his hand and let him take control. It would be a better world for everyone.I cant imagine not having the Lord in my life.Thank you again


  6. God bless you Sara!
    You are so right... and I'll stand in faith with you as you wait and work! His timing IS PERFECT. Sometimes He just has more dots to connect before we can move forward. He has to set people and places into his perfect position for us.
    I want to encourage you today that WOW ... IS HE USING YOU for His glory.
    SMOOCHY holykisses,
    Ps. I can't wait to start my class! I'm glad our dots connected!


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