Saturday, June 6, 2009

~ This Weeks Estate Find ~

I'm in the process of baking myself some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookes and thought it would be the perfect time to share...This weeks Estate Sale finds with you ...
This Weeks Estate Finds were awesome ..However . ..My Favorite finds were These books !

I am an avid reader ..I never close my eyes each night without having my nose in a book ...books really are the gateway to knowledge and a beautiful world our minds can create ...!
Antique Books are a Favorite of mine ..I have a few favorite authors I collect ..and are hard to find and expensive so I don't get to many new ones all that often ..
Anyhow ..a friend of mine who has estate sales had just been granted an Estate of a Lady who collected antique books.. This is just a small gathering of what was there ..and the prices were awesome !

Isn't this Little Saint Elizabeth Book Wonderful ..and my pictures don't even do it justice's far more vibrant than I captures as I was trying to hurry and the book is in pristine condition ...The etchings inside are just phenomenal ..I'm so g lad I was able to get it !

O.k. now this set of 3 are Dictionaries on Music and Musicians ..from the 1400s up to the late 1800's ..The information in them is just amazing's like stepping back into a whole other world.

Now this book (the above pict and 2 below picts) is my prize find is dated 1797 and there is no doubt it is that old ..

Look at the pages on it this just amazing or what !!!

and here is the opening page of it ...Is that not exquisite workmanship ..they just don't put pride into things like they used to ..who wouldn't have been excited to get a book that looked like this inside !!!

This is another one I go ..Portraits and Principles ..I loved the embossed front and the red hardback cover ...just a Beauty isn't it !

O.k. This rates up there with my prize find the 1797 book ...This one is a German book and it is LARGE ...not just thick but tall and wide !'s dates to the late 1800s and every bit of writing in it is German I wish I read German as It looks ever so interesting ..the artistry throughout this book is again phenomenal ...below are just a few Full size single sheet book plates that are throughout this entire book not to mention ton's of pin and ink art ...that is so detailed it's breathtaking ...

Isn't she Just Gorgeous !!!

And Look at this Beautfy ... She looks like an absolute Dream !

O.k. now this one's awesome and I haven't had a chance to go through it yet ..but it does date to the late 1800s ..1872 to be exact ... and is titled the Under Ground Rail Road and that is exactly what the entire book is about ... accounts and stories so far as I can see the little I glanced at it

Well as you can see from my first picture I got a lot more books than these ..but I had to share my favorites with you ..don't get me wrong the others are fabulous too ..but a gal always finds her favorites and these were mine ...
I hope you enjoyed my little walk back in time ...and don't forget ..reading opens your mind to whole new worlds places and times that you cannot venture in the present pick up a book and dream a dream ..or gain some knowledge ...Improve yourself ..with a book !
Blessings ...Sara


  1. those are wonderful books and surely give you lots of inspiration too...thanks for sharing...:)

  2. Great finds!! I have a love for old books, too..Especially old bibles. My best is dated early
    1800s and when I found it had been covered with a make-do calico fabric cover probably done in the mid-late 1800s. I love it!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. WOW Sara you really have found a treasure, God knows you love your he found you a whole group of them, what a great gift.


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