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What is the Weather of your Words ?

What is the Weather of your Words ?

For those of you that follow our blog ..you may remember that a few weeks back I wrote a post Titled: "What is the Weather of your Heart" ...Today after beginning a new book that I bought several weeks ago and has set on shelf since ..I find that Gods timing is once again ever so perfect timing ..And This book could not have entered my life at a better time on a better day.

It is, "My Hearts Cry" ..by Anne Graham Lotz ..and if you are unsure who she is ..you will know her as Billy Grahams Daughter.

At a time in my life when God is surely Growing me ....This book has already touched my heart today ..I am already 100 pages into it ...and a Peace that I dearly needed has entered my heart.

In the first 100 pages I cannot say there is one chapter, page or section that you could think of skipping ..each word leading to the next is ever so important ..

There are many things that have stood out and touched my heart so far ...but one thing in particular that really stuck in my head ..as this was yesterdays theme for me and once again today here it is again ..are the words that we speak. Thus my post title today: " What is the Weather of your Words ?"

Are you're words ..firy and Hot, are they swirling like a tornado, are they thundering in your heart, are they storming out your lips, are they gently raining down, ??? Are they light and airy, cool and breezy, a gentle and kind wind, warm sunshine bursting forth ???

If like me you are facing a time of growth ..or you are facing other issues in life such as loss of job, home, divorce, or anything that "FEELS" negative or uncomfortable or has a negative impact on your life ...It is so very easy to get caught up in the negativeness of your situation. From your thoughts to the Words of our mouth.. There is Power in our words Great Power ...and Words impact our Lives as well as those who surround us ...They can hurt us or someone else ..or they can uplift . Negative Words spoken to ourselves in silence are just as deadly to the spirit, Just as Positive words silenty spoken can uplift our spirits.

Have your words been negative lately rather spoken aloud or in silence ? And does your situation fell worse because of it and have no positive outlook ?

I know for me that negative words can easily take over the tongue and the thought process if not closely guarded. Especially when facing an uncomfortable moment in life. However if you read closely in God's word ..he calls us to praise him even in the times life feels like it's produced lemons for us. These are times in life we can face with a positive outlook ..what things can I learn from this, how can I do or be better, what would I do over, what would I keep the same, ??? So much we can take from the uncomfortable times and create into a positive.

Praising God in the hard times ...can be hard indeed ..we find that saying a positive word is so difficult ..However ..If we truly believe Gods Word, and that he wants The best For us ..then should we not heed this advice, this command ..to praise him even in the hard times ? I should think so !

Well this all leads me to my point of posting today ..as I swore off my computer to take a break today ...but God seems to always have something different planned for our lives. I've come to realize My plans are always up for change ..When I let go and Let God !

Anyhow ..in Anne's book Chapter 3 ...she tells a story ..and this is something how it goes... At a time she had mounting Pressures and problems in life ...She wrote the following description of Jesus that I will post below ... She was inspired by someone who gave her a cassette tape titled "My King" ... A man by the name of S.M. Lockridge had been called to the platform of a church service and asked to tell his congregation who his King was ...and his description lasted 3 minutes ...! I had to ask myself today ..could I actually stand up and talk about my King for 3 minutes ? Could You ?

I challenge you as I did myself as I read Anne's description ...to read it slowly..to read each line and think about what it's saying ..what it means and the truth of it ...and while doing it ..let the "Weather of your Words" change with this Beautiful Wind that is blowing your way ..to Praise him ..no matter ..what situation you are facing ..Bad or Good ! Just Praise Him !

Here is Anne's Description of "My King"

He is enduringly strong.
He is entirely sincere.
He is eternally steadfast
He is mortally gracious
He is imperially powerful
He is impartially merciful
He is the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizons of the globe
He is Gods son.
He is the sinner's Saviour

He is the captive's ransom
He is the breath of life.
He is the centerpiece of civilization
He stands in the solitude of himself

He is august and He is Unique
He is unparalleled and He is unprecedented
he is undisputed and He is undefiled
He is unsurpassed and He is unshakeable

He is the lofty idea in philosophy
He is the highest personality in psychology
He is the supreme subject in literature
He is the unavoidable problem in higher criticism
He is the fundamental doctrine of theology
He is the cornerstone, the capstone, and the stumbling stone of all religion
He is the miracle of the ages

Keep on Praising Him for who he is.......

He is the key to knowledge
He is the wellspring of Wisdom
He is the foundation of faith
He is the doorway of deliverance
He is the pathway to peace
He is the roadway of righteousness
He is the gateway to Glory
He is the highway to happiness

Just keep on praising him .....

His Office is manifold
and his Promise is Sure

His life is matchless
and his goodness is limitless

His mercy is enough
and his Grace is sufficient.

His reign is righteous,
His yoke is easy
and His burden is Light

He is indestuctible.
he is indescribable
He is incomprehensible
He is inescapable
He is invincible
He is irresistable
He is irrefutable

I can't get him out of my mind...
And I can't get him out of my heart.
I can't ourlive Him
and I can't live without him.

The Pharisees couldn't stand Him
but found they couldn't stop Him

Satan tried to tempt Him
but found he couldn't trip Him

Pilate place Him on trial
but found no fault in Him

The Romans crucified Him
but couldn't take His life

Death couldn't handle Him
and the Grave couldn't hold Him.

And keep on Praising Him .....

He's the Lion and He's the Lamb
He is God and He is man.

He's the seven-way King:

He is the King of Jews...
that's a racial King

He is the King of Israel ...
That's a national King

He is the King of righteousness...
That's a Moral King

He is the King of the ages...
That's an Eternal King

He is the King of Heaven...
That's a Universal King

He is the King of Glory...
That's a celestial King.



I must say ..I know I would have never come up with all these thoughts that Anne ..has to describe "Our King" ...I'm so glad God blesses us through others ..I have been blessed today !

And I pray that today ..if you are facing issues in life that have you down or just are uncomfortable ..that you will find it in the depth of your being to begin "Praising" him ...through it all ...I have faced crisis in my life before ..and I'll tell you from experience .."Praising" him ..makes all the difference in how you journey through it.

And If you are out ..Definitely pick up a copy of this book ..you won't be Sorry ! You'll be Blessed !

Blessings ...your Kindred Friend...Sara


  1. Wonderful article Sara, thank you. He is the great "I AM."

  2. Thank you for this post. Will look for the book!

  3. I "had" to come back and read through these descriptions of the Lord again. I've sat here staring at my screen for quite a while now just thinking how I would describe Him. I know it was no accident that I come back here today. I know my mind was supposed to "try" to wrap around how BIG, AMAZING, AWESOME, POWERFUL MY GOD is today.
    But I better get off the computer. My teacher might flunk me for taking so long on my new assignment. lol ;)

  4. i am sad that you were on burnout, but am so happy you are feeling better. i love cambria, my brother lives in cayoucus, so i love going their. its beautiful, peaceful and fun to shop and look around. i am glad you are enjoying your vacation. praying for you.


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