Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maggie Girl is feeling better WooHoo !!

It's been a while since I last posted about my Maggie ..I think the last post I wrote is how my heart was broken that she could no longer make it upstairs with me at night ..


That has been the case ..ever since ..we both have adjusted ..although she has her bed at the bottom of the stair well and Yes you literally have to step over her at night and in the early morning ..I tried moving it about 3 feet out of the way ..and I ended up finding her curled up on the Tile floor in the morning ..So back her Bed went to the stair well ..Oh well I love her and she's worth stepping over anytime ..LOL !!

For those of you who aren't aware ..Maggie is a Golden Retriever..I have had her since 6 weeks old ..and she is now 13 ..That's an extremely long life for a Golden...anyhow she has severe debilitataing Arthritic Joints ..and Fatty Tumors on her body ..but She Smiled through it every day ...She injured her back leg one day and could barely walk ..and she weighed over 100lbs ..big for a girl I know ..Well I couldn't lift her so off we went to the vet and We had the best thing happen ..Did you know they now have Glucosamine shots for Dogs ?? They do it is called Canine Adequine ..they give a series of 4 shots in the first month and then 1 shot thereafter ..and it works in restoring joints in 90 some % of Dogs ..So I went for it with her ..

She has just had her 5th shot today which our Vet kindly allowed us a prescription for and to give it to her ourselves....

Anyhow all that said ..I wanted to show you my new improved Gal ..I shot these picts of her last week ..She was rolling like a horse on her back out in the yard ..having the best old time ..Her limp is gone and she doesn't struggle to get up anymore ..No she doesn't come upstairs still not that she can't she snuck up one day while I was gone so I now block our stairs off when I leave ... I just prefer she doesn't climb them there is no sense in re-injurying that back leg ..She's older and needs to be accomodated for that ..

Oh and I forgot we got her to lose a bunch of weight ..she never ate alot to begin with just about a cup and a half a day ..but She wouldn't lose weight ..And I was afraid I was going to starve her ..Well we got rid of the Dog food altogether and she now Eats all Natural ..Chicken and a mix of veggies and fruits and LOVES it ..and She has lost a ton of weight ...So that has been a big help too ..

well here are my picts of her ..hope you enjoy them !!!
hugs and Blessings ..to you all ..Sara


  1. oh your maggie is a sweet puppy..so glad to see her enjoying life again with a little kick in her step...:)

  2. Sara, I'm so glad for Maggie and you. I wish they had those shots for my Ashley and Patches. They both went thru the same thing Maggie did and unfortunately I lost them both and the young age of 5. It was very hard. Enjoy all the years ahead with Maggie. Take Care Karen

  3. Thanks Gina And Karen ..

    Yes I am enjoying every day with her ..and I am so very blessed to have had her this long ..Can you believe it ..I have 2 goldens and my older on is 15 ..and still kicking ..

  4. Aw Sara, so glad the shots worked for Maggie, she's one happy girl, I actually see her smiling in one of the photos. Too cute!

  5. GREAT news that Maggie is feeling better. She has a beautiful smile and I know you're both happy, happy, HAPPY!

  6. maggie and my nugget have a lot in common. nugget developed cruciate's disease which is like a torn acl for humans. very popular in goldens, far more than hip dysplasia. i have been dreading giving nugget his shots, and will now. adequan is awesome. i have used it for my jessie (horse) in the last years of competing and it works wonders.


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