Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sweet Magnolias Farm "NEW" "Feedsack Collection" now available....

Well Happy Saturday to You All !
Here we are already in October and Fall is upon us ..we are having the warm days, cool nights, and this weekend we have wind .... All the right ingredients for a perfect Autumn Day. So how's Fall looking where you are at ? Are the tree's changing color ? Are the nights getting cool ? Now don't answer that if you're in the Dakotas' because I know the answer to that, some of you all are buried in 37 inches of snow about a weather change ! Those 100 year storms always are a shocker and especially if you are in the path of one.
Well Abbey and I have been busy the last few months creating and designing our New
 "Feed Sack Collection" 
 And we are thrilled to now be offering it in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy Store.
We have collected Among a number of other vintage doodads Antique and Vintage Feed, Seed, Salt and Flour Sacks for quite a few years now ... and most of them we don't have the heart to cut up.  It's so hard cutting them when you know how rare they are becoming as the years pass and time takes it's toll on them or Mother Nature destroys them through natural disasters or the kids throw that old junk out and off to the garbage dump it goes ..and ....It's kind of like back in the day when old raggedy falling apart quilts were all the rage also known as "cutter quilts" remember when ? Well Abbey and I scoured the Flea Markets, Antique Malls, and Yard Sales for those fabulous worn, torn and ragged quilts ..only to not have the heart to cut them up ..LOL! Yep we ended up stacking them up in cupboards after choosing to cut up 1 or 2 and then be sad about it... I guess that's our sentimental hearts !
 Well the same goes for pretty much the majority of our Feed Sacks but we wanted a way to make them available for everyday use we found a way to bring you these fabulous original designs in our Everyday Farmhouse Linens.
From Natural Muslin Runners with tattered edges and triple ruffled ends ~ To Our Farmhouse Hot Pads, Flour Sack Towels and our Scrumptious Sawdust Pillows.
We have several Designs Available in the Shop now .. just click on 
"Feedsack Collection" in the left column of the shop and you will find all the runners, hotpads, and towels HERE
Pillows are in the pillow Section of the shop
New Feed Sack designs will be released every few weeks so be sure to stop by and check out what's new.
These make Fabulous gifts for the upcoming Holidays or even a Birthday or Anniversary.
Wishing you all a Beautiful Weekend .