Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sweet Magnolilas Farm Offerings can now be found at "The Farmers Wife" in Temecula, CA


It's been a bit quiet lately here on our blog ..but not so much here at the farmhouse ...

No the rat-a-tat-tat and the zooming of the sewing maching motor have been at full speed around here lately ..and Abbey and I have been rather busy bees making Honey filled offerings that have been heading out to near and far places around the globe ...

One of those places happens to be near by us ... and that's the wonderful Farmhouse Store... "The Farmer's Wife" in Old Town Temecula, CA

If you haven't been to Old Town Temecula ..well you'll have to make a day trip or even a weekend of it. There are some wonderful shops.. Antique Malls and Wine Country is within just a few miles ..and there's some beautiful Hotels to stay at.

If your a local ..well you already know about Old Town ..Or so I hope !

Just this last week ..I delivered a custom order Farm~brella ... which "The Farmer's Wife" ordered specifically to Compliment her new line of Dishes that were on their way to the shop .. and This week the display went up and "WOW" they couldn't go together better than ... well ... "Biscuits and Gravy" ...!

Yes They are offering the Farm~brella for purchase and it could be yours if it's still there ..I hear tell that you have to grab these One of a Kind Custom pieces rather quickly or they skidaddle right out of the store quicker than grasshoppers on corn.

The Dishes that have now arrived are absolutely Farm Charming .. in Aqua's ~ Red's ~ Pink's ~ Sweet Florals and Adorable Designs ..they are "Mix-n-Match" .. Just like a Farm Girl Inherited her Grammy's Dishes !

And Of course ... I had to grab a quick shot of Our Sweet Magnolias Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels Piled high in the old Grocery Cart .. Just makes them so scrumptious you wanna "Hug Em" ...

So if you wanna see more of our farmhouse offerings  ..and you wanna have a  fun ..tummy extravaganza ... Head on over to the "The Farmer's Wife" ...

The shop is located in Old Town Temecula .. In the Chapparel Building Next to the Starbucks .. Yes you can grab that frappuccino Latte that even makes the day better now doesn't it !

And for all you far away farm gals ..Yep can still find our farm goods in our Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop ... Right HERE ... We're just spreadin our wings and expandin a bit to a few near places and a few far away places .. which I'll share about more another day !

Wishin you all Sunshine Dreams and Lazy Daze .. Just like the Farm~brella Say's !


Saturday, June 16, 2012

LOL ~ Laughing Out Loud ~ A Funny thing or two that happened just the other day ...


(From our WA-Hooooo Board on Pinterest)<p>

I find that this is so so very True !

A "SMILE" Can truly set everything straight... I've learned through many a lesson a valuable truth .. that how we approach life generally what we get out of it. Rudeness begets Rudeness .. Sadness tends to beget Sadness .. Joy is most genereally Contagious .. and a Big Smile or a Great Laugh brings alot of happiness to a room ...

So it all started with check fabric the other day .. I was in search of some and called my local fabric store to find out if they had a particular checked fabric ..and of course I got a sweet gal .. but she had a very hard to understand accent ..and I ask her about my check fabric ... and she replies with "what is check fabric ?"  I'm thinking  is she kidding with me .. and Nope she wasn't ....I then tried by saying "You know Check fabric like Gingham but it's a cotton print" .. and her reply " What's Gingham" this point I'm frustrated and thinking surely she's just joking .. So I say " Is there someone who works in fabric that knows the department ?" and she replies " I work the department, I know fabric" ... So my first reaction was to get super frustrated .. which I must admit I did .. then realizing that would get me no where .. I had to put a smile on and realize the humor in having an employee who works the fabric department that doesn't know what checked fabric is .. and my Smile set everything straight .. !!! ...

 and No I never found out about the fabric .. I drove to the store instead.

So I head out this same day with Abbey to run some errands Fabric store being one of them ..and round about mid -day we decide it's time for a quick bite to eat and the nearest spot is a Burger King ..which we haven't eaten at in years ... So we head in look at the menu and wonder what the difference in size between the Whopper Jr. and The Whopper is ???  So I say to the "MAN" behind the counter .".What is the difference in size between the whopper Jr and the whopper ..?" .. fully expecting him to answer that one is a 1/4 lb and the other a 1/2 etc..... Oh NO ... He holds out his hands and makes a circle and starts with a small circle and says "ones this small" ..Then expands the circle and says "ones this big" ... at this point I am so wanting to bust up laughing it was just so funny .. but I don't want to embarass the man I try to hold back ..but I can't hold back the smile plastered on my face from wanting to laugh ..and he just smiles really big back ... as though he had done something really good Or maybe he thought I really liked him? ..  Well ... My Smile set everything straight ....

By the way ..Burger King has posters inside that show people eating at real dining tables with real plates and silverware ..Milk shakes in shake glasses and so on .. I so wanna know where that Burger King is ??? LOL !

Anyhow ..Abbey and I chuckled so much over the size of the burger  and we surely won't ever forget that  .. AND.. No I never found out the acutal size ..I ordered the JR size ...and remember the commercial in the 80's "Where's the Beef" .. well my sentiment exactly.

So on to the Hardware store for some supplies .. .. I head in going right to the spot the item I need is at and it's all gone. So I ask an employee for help once again .. Surely this is going to go right ! .. She checks on the product and can't find any ..then finds another employee with a computer gadget that shows their stock info and sure enough they are out .. I ask " Do you know when they will be in?" And she answers " We get stuff in all the time" ... Abbey hears this answer and has to walk down the aisle a bit to giggle because she know's it's not my day for asking questions .. I was hoping for we get a truck in tonight and they should be out by tomorrow or the following day ... just a basic day to come back so I don't have to check back every day being that I Live a 22 mile round trip from this store. ...Once again .. I Smiled and it set everything straight !

I could have got mad .. I could have been rude ... I could have complained .. But honestly what good would any of that done but made a stressful day for me ..and a tough day at work for all of them .. The instances were really so small that when you think about it getting mad or rude on my part would have been silly .. And I learned this lesson Long ago We have choices in life ..right down to how we react .. and I have learned  .. " You can catch more flies with Honey ..than you can Vinegar" ..

So the next time you feel a bit of frustration creeping in .. or want to get mad or rude .because honestly it's in all of our natures to do so Try ...


It Sets Everything Straight !

Until next time ... "Keep Smiling"


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm's ...New Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels just in to the shop..

I'm sneeking in for a minute .. to let you all know that we have listed Our newest 2012 Farmhouse Flour Sack Towel Designs in our Shop .. HERE

We Sold out of these at our Recent Marketplace and I finally have been able to get them listed in our online shop for those who don't live nearby .

 Our "I love you Like Biscuits and Gravy" is definitely the Off the Charts best seller .and I have to admit it's one of my Favorites since I'm a biscuits and Gravy Lovin Gal ... I could eat them just about every morning with a big scrambled egg and some  good Maple bacon .. But alas I do hold back and only have them ever so often ..
  If you too Love  this Towel ... This is the first one in our new Line of  " I Love You Like" .. towels .. There will be more coming in the weeks ahead .. and here's a hint's pretty sticky !

 And I may not be southern ... but I shoulda been southern .. Somehow I didn't land in the right spot .. Because I love all the Southern Sayins ..and boy get me around some southern Gals and my drawl kicks in like nobodies business ...

 I Love our new "Farm Fresh" Truck .. this one just reminds me of the Farmers Market .. I can see pullin up in my old truck ..filled with Farm Fresh Goodness from the Garden ...

And ... of course a Girls gotta have her some Sweet Tea ..and a Whole lotta Jesus .. !!! .. Cause that's a combination that's out of this world ...

There's a few more new designs .. and some of our standard designs with new ruffled prints ..

And just so you all know .. you can get an all white ruffle if you prefer .. or if you see a ruffle on one towel and you want it on another towel that doesn't have it .. Just give us a hollrt and we'll be glad to add the ruffle of your choice ! ...

Well this gal has to get back to the sewing table...

Thanks to Ruthann @ Sugar Pie Farmhouse and to Maryjane of The Beehive Cottage ...for giving us such sweet blog write ups this last week .. ! We are so honored !!!!

Until Next Time ..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Filling the Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop with New goods ....

Just wanted to pass it on ..that I have been adding new goods to the Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop today .. at request of several gals ..who asked is there any of those wonderful offerings that didn't sell at the Marketplace ..???

Well the answer to that is "YES" .. there are always many items that make there way back home with us ..and are looking for a new Home Sweet Home ....

I have been so busy filling custom and wholesale orders this week ..that I have to admit that I have neglected the online shop a bit .. But I nipped that in the bud today ...

So here's a few of the new offerings for you to take a peek at .. Or hop on over ot the shop .. HERE

I'll be adding more Possibly tomorrow ..Or Early Next week ... Will have to see what the clock and calender tell me ..

Have a Beautiful remainder of the week ..


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Magnolias Farm .. at The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks June 2012 Picts.

It was such a beautiful weekend for us at the Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks..

Despite a few interruptions for us .. Like the truck breaking down Thursday Night on the way home with the trailer being pulled ...however luckily we were just exiting the off ramp and I was able to glide to the side of the road ..

Thank the Lord for Friends and Family who came to our Aide ..and we eventually got the trailer back to the rental store and the truck towed to the mechanic...

And of course comimg home Friday Night to find our Sweet Golden Scout of 17 years had passed in her sleep on a sunny golden afternoon in the Yard glad she went in her sleep .."Thank you Lord" ..

Life Just happens ..and I always say it's a good thing it happens without us knowing ahead of time or we would fret, stress, panic ..and just be out of our minds with worry ... I'm always glad it does happen without me knowing ..and I just cross that bridge when I come upon it...

As I said despite a few interruptions to the weekend .. we had a wonderful time at the Vintage Marketplace once again .. We changed spots .. actually created a new spot at the park that hadn't been one before and Abbey and I love it .. it was so much fun creating for this spot ..and I'm already having tummy butterflies of excitement about the possibilities for the fall Marketplace in September ..

Well we finally for once finished setting up while it was still sunshiny out and I could grab some picts ..or should I say a whole barrel full of picts to share with you all ! ..

I have to admit this is my favorite setup we have ever done ..and I am in love with all the color we used this time .. It made me smile inside the whole time we were creating for the marketplace and I'm still smiling today .. Color just seems to do that for me ..

So here's the picts ..there's alot so sit back grab some sweet tea ....and a cookie for dunkin ..and Enjoy !

Below are 2 pictures of the inside top of our pop-up ... Abbey and I created panels to fit inside the top of the tent ..disguising all the bars and outside cover make it feel like a beautiful room outdoors ..and it worked .. it was if I may say so stunning .. I'm not usually one to praise our work ..but in this case I think we did an outstanding job creating this .. all praise to the Lord for giving our Minds and our hands the ability to create this ..

And I am so Thankful for this Last picture .. I created a patchwork and lace top ..for a Vintage Umbrella ..and I forgot to display it in my picts the day of setup above .. And opening day ..I was too busy to grab picts and forgot I didn't get one .. As I went to sleep Sunday night after getting home dawned on me I hadn't grabbed a photo of it and I could have cried .. Well Thank You to a Vintage Marketplace Shopper who took pictures and blogged about the show ..she snapped a photo of it and I found it today ..I was jumping for Joy ..! Thank You to Karen ..of

Thank You to all of the Customers who came out to support TVM .. We appreciate your coming .. we appreciate you making purchases .. if it wasn't for you we surely could not bring you such a wonderful Marketplace

And a Big Thank You To Rita, Christie, Dean , Rafaelle, & Allen ..and all the others who pitch in to out with ..and make this a successful Marketplace .. You all Are the Best and We Love you !


So if you didn't make it to this Marketplace .. Guess what we are already counting down to the next Marketplace ..just 3 months away September .. and Yes ..if you love our Farmhouse Pumpkins ..they will be coming to the Marketplace in September Once again designs too !

For More TVM Picts of the other Vendors visit the TVM facebook Page HERE


Sunday, June 3, 2012

In Memory of Scout.... 6-1-12 .. Golden Retriever ~ Golden Friend ~ 17 Years Of Joy !

In the Midst of a Wonderful Weekend at The Vintage Marketplace ... we suffered the loss of our Sweet Scout ..

Our little Bear Faced Golden ..with the sweet..gentle soul ..made her departure from this world ..and is now running and playing in the fields above ..and I'm sure our Maggie who paved the way ahead of her last Thanksgiving was waiting for her at the Golden Gates ..

After 17 years ..Scout was just plain Old .. She was the equivalent of 108 dog years in age.

She lived a long healthy life.

We came home Friday Evening.. I went to check on her in the yard and see if she needed me to help her to her bed .. and found that Scout had fallen asleep in the yard and passed on in her sleep which was an absolute blessing from the Lord which we had been praying for.

In the last 2 weeks Scout had began wetting her bed throughout the night and day and we changed it numerous times and bathed her down trying to make her comfortable well she was having a very hard time getting up and walking ....and we decided this last wednesday that this coming week we would most likely have to make the hard decision to have her put down .

We prayed and hoped that if at all possible her life would end in her sleep in a peaceful way .. and our prayers were truly answered.

Of course the pain of losing her is great can't help but hurt and miss her after 17 years of having her apart of our lives and in our home.

The last Year scout has been well cared for in her Golden years .. She loved being outdoors so we accomodated her .. keeping her thin body from age .. clothed in our old t-shirts ..made her thick - cushy beds from layers of blankets - and made sure she was covered from the outdoor elements of cool or windy and even rainy days ...

Scout was truly a wonderful friend .. and companion to our family ..she was our family and her spirit will be missed forever ..

The Beauty in her death that the picture below which was taken last year an almost exact replica of how I found her on Friday evening when I got home ..her paws were stretched out in front of her... her head layed down in them ..and her face looked like she entered a wonderful deep sleep and was at total peace..

Our lives will be changed forever without her .. and of course with Maggie having passsed on last Thanksgiving ..Our lives have doubly changed with both of them gone . We were given both of them from friend and family at the age of 6 weeks ..and they graced our home with their joyful spirits their entire lives.  

We are on a new course now ..with Sweet Flossie ..and so Thankful to God for blessing us with another Beautiful and Happy spirit to fill our home.

Scout ~ Scouterdoodles ~ Little Bear ~  We'll miss you !


We are unloading and unpacking from the Vintage Marketplace this weekend .. which was absolutely wonderful .. and will share all about it and have lots of pictures for you to come this week ..