Saturday, June 16, 2012

LOL ~ Laughing Out Loud ~ A Funny thing or two that happened just the other day ...


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I find that this is so so very True !

A "SMILE" Can truly set everything straight... I've learned through many a lesson a valuable truth .. that how we approach life generally what we get out of it. Rudeness begets Rudeness .. Sadness tends to beget Sadness .. Joy is most genereally Contagious .. and a Big Smile or a Great Laugh brings alot of happiness to a room ...

So it all started with check fabric the other day .. I was in search of some and called my local fabric store to find out if they had a particular checked fabric ..and of course I got a sweet gal .. but she had a very hard to understand accent ..and I ask her about my check fabric ... and she replies with "what is check fabric ?"  I'm thinking  is she kidding with me .. and Nope she wasn't ....I then tried by saying "You know Check fabric like Gingham but it's a cotton print" .. and her reply " What's Gingham" this point I'm frustrated and thinking surely she's just joking .. So I say " Is there someone who works in fabric that knows the department ?" and she replies " I work the department, I know fabric" ... So my first reaction was to get super frustrated .. which I must admit I did .. then realizing that would get me no where .. I had to put a smile on and realize the humor in having an employee who works the fabric department that doesn't know what checked fabric is .. and my Smile set everything straight .. !!! ...

 and No I never found out about the fabric .. I drove to the store instead.

So I head out this same day with Abbey to run some errands Fabric store being one of them ..and round about mid -day we decide it's time for a quick bite to eat and the nearest spot is a Burger King ..which we haven't eaten at in years ... So we head in look at the menu and wonder what the difference in size between the Whopper Jr. and The Whopper is ???  So I say to the "MAN" behind the counter .".What is the difference in size between the whopper Jr and the whopper ..?" .. fully expecting him to answer that one is a 1/4 lb and the other a 1/2 etc..... Oh NO ... He holds out his hands and makes a circle and starts with a small circle and says "ones this small" ..Then expands the circle and says "ones this big" ... at this point I am so wanting to bust up laughing it was just so funny .. but I don't want to embarass the man I try to hold back ..but I can't hold back the smile plastered on my face from wanting to laugh ..and he just smiles really big back ... as though he had done something really good Or maybe he thought I really liked him? ..  Well ... My Smile set everything straight ....

By the way ..Burger King has posters inside that show people eating at real dining tables with real plates and silverware ..Milk shakes in shake glasses and so on .. I so wanna know where that Burger King is ??? LOL !

Anyhow ..Abbey and I chuckled so much over the size of the burger  and we surely won't ever forget that  .. AND.. No I never found out the acutal size ..I ordered the JR size ...and remember the commercial in the 80's "Where's the Beef" .. well my sentiment exactly.

So on to the Hardware store for some supplies .. .. I head in going right to the spot the item I need is at and it's all gone. So I ask an employee for help once again .. Surely this is going to go right ! .. She checks on the product and can't find any ..then finds another employee with a computer gadget that shows their stock info and sure enough they are out .. I ask " Do you know when they will be in?" And she answers " We get stuff in all the time" ... Abbey hears this answer and has to walk down the aisle a bit to giggle because she know's it's not my day for asking questions .. I was hoping for we get a truck in tonight and they should be out by tomorrow or the following day ... just a basic day to come back so I don't have to check back every day being that I Live a 22 mile round trip from this store. ...Once again .. I Smiled and it set everything straight !

I could have got mad .. I could have been rude ... I could have complained .. But honestly what good would any of that done but made a stressful day for me ..and a tough day at work for all of them .. The instances were really so small that when you think about it getting mad or rude on my part would have been silly .. And I learned this lesson Long ago We have choices in life ..right down to how we react .. and I have learned  .. " You can catch more flies with Honey ..than you can Vinegar" ..

So the next time you feel a bit of frustration creeping in .. or want to get mad or rude .because honestly it's in all of our natures to do so Try ...


It Sets Everything Straight !

Until next time ... "Keep Smiling"


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  1. such a funny story! when I read it, I thought...just another way of God letting us know we DO have choices. and, reminds me, I need to wash and age some blue tick fabric; I'm re-doing some chairs.
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm
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