Monday, April 29, 2013

Marketplace Monday ~ Chalkboard Whimsy

                                    Happy Monday Everyone .. !
So how was your weekend ? I hope it was beautiful, full of sunshine and it's warm rays and that spring has arrived for everyone.
Today I'm linking up with Debra at Common Ground for  "The Marketplace" on Mondays.

Since I'm featuring one of our new Whimsical Chalkboards there today ... I thought before sharing about it ..It would be fun to share these awesome "Great Ideas" for chalkboards .. from our
"What a Great Idea" Pinterest Board
I love this first idea ..if you still happen to have a Medicine chest in your bathroom . "I DO" .. What a cute way to add some charm to it..
First off I love how they painted the back wall in the blue .. doesn't it make everything show up so well !
And Of course the chalkboard .. Such a great way to keep track of the days .. Leave notes for Hubby or him for you.. or for the Kiddos ..
And perfection for keeping a list of the things you need to grab at the store the next time you are out .. Just walk in the bathroom open the medicine chest and write down the things you have already jotted down on the chalk board right to your grocery / errand list ! 

O.k. so this is absolute Chalkboard LOVE ! ..Whomever came up with this wall and laid it all out was in Genius Mode that day or week !
 Once we get a more permanent home (not a rental) I would so love to do this to a wall .. I'm thinking the wall in a garden house would be awesome ..the add shelves and the pops of color from the flowers ! 

And Last but sure not least ..  what another "Great Idea" .. Adding chalkboard paint to the inside of the pantry doors ..
This is not only great for MOM ..but for the kids too. This way they can help in keeping track of what needs to be added to the grocery list and how fun that they get to add it to the chalkboard doors !
I know I always keep a paper list on the counter ..but many times if it's not there I forget to add what we need to it this would be a great way to have a permanent spot to add grocery needs and be able to do it immediately.
 I think the only thing I would add would be a piece of chalk Maybe tied to a string hanging from the door ..that way it's never lost ..

                       Well do you have a little chalkboard Love going on now ?
These are the things that always inspire me ..rather it be to re-decorate a space or come up with a new design for a piece to offer at market or in our Etsy shop .. 

So Our Chalkboard Love turned a bit whimsical .. and this is our Monday Marketplace Feature this week.
Abbey and I created this so charming Chalkboard from a super old/vintage License Plate frame we picked up at an Estate Sale a few years back .. We added some old chain .Some Charming flattened Silver plate spoons hanging from the bottom .. and a few little bird and flower details 

 This Whimsical Chalkboard is available HERE

So do you have chalkboards in your House ? If not .. I hope you've found a little chalkboard love and some inspiration to add one to your Home Sweet Home !

Happy Spring Y'all !

Sunday, April 28, 2013

And the (6) Winners of the Sweet Magnolias Farm Ball Jar Giveaway are ......

First off Abbey and I would love to say a great big "Thank You"... to all of you who entered our "Ball Jar Free Giveaway"
For those of you that left such sweet comments we thank you ... for those of you that had the options to blog or Pin about the giveaway.. "Thank You" We are overwhelmed and amazed at the turnout our Giveaway has had !
I have visited several of your blogs and left comments and for those of you that I have not ..I am getting there ..I would like to visit each one of your blogs .
So this morning we spent  adding up how many of you entered and how many entries each of you gathered ..and we did it the old fashioned way all by hand.
I added up the names and how many entries each received and
Abbey Hand wrote out each of your multiple entries on paper while I cut and folded all of them and put them in our old tin farmhouse colander... then Abbey reached into the old colander full of your entries and closed her eyes and picked.... It was like a good dinner takes forever to fix and just a few minutes to eat ..It took several hours to get everything ready this morning and just a few minutes to pick the winners. 
Out of 207 people who entered with a combined total of 482 entries.
"The Winners Are"
Congratulations too :
Martha Dehne ... You have won the Ball Jar Apron and an American Heritage Blue Ball Jar ..

Mary ..@ Mydogsmygardenandmary ... you have won the Ball Jar Flour Sack Towel ..and an American Heritage Blue Ball Jar ..
Congratulations !

Linda Coastal Charm .. you have won a Ball Jar Hotpad and an American Heritage Blue Ball Jar
Congratulations !!!

Jessica Aponte... you have won (1) of the Iconic Blue American Heritage Ball Jars with our Chicken Wire Flower Frog Lid
Congratulations !!!

Tara ..of Faith Trust and Pixie Dust ... you have won .. (1) of the Iconic Blue American Heritage Ball Jars with our Chicken Wire Flower Frog Lid
Congratulations !!!

Di of Cottage Wishes you have Won ..(1) of the Iconic Blue American Heritage Ball Jars with our Chicken Wire Flower Frog Lid
Congratulations !!!
Winners we will do our best to contact you via your blog or e-mail if you see you are a winner and haven't received contact from us ..Please e-mail us your full Name and Address where we can send your items. ..our e-mail is
(You have until Saturday May 4th to claim your prize. If we do not hear from you by Saturday May 4th we will pick a runner up for that prize)
Thanks again to everyone who entered ! .. This was so much fun .. we thoroughly enjoyed the giveaway and we hope to do another one equally as fun once again sometime this year.
And a big Thanks to Ball .for donating the box of American Heritage Jars !

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday Afternoon ....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Last Day to Enter Our "Ball Jar Giveaway" Celebrating 100 Years of the iconic Blue Ball Jar

Well Y'all ... this is it .. the Grand Finale ...
Today's the last day to Enter our "Ball Jar Giveaway"
With "6" Lucky Winners.
You have until Midnight PST  to enter.
Tomorrow I will be picking the names and revealing those "6" Lucky winners !
So if you haven't Entered ..
Be sure and Enter by visiting the Giveaway Post HERE

Friday, April 26, 2013

Refreshingly White ~ Fresh From the Line

I don't know about you ...but I have always loved not only the look of a clothesline filled with clothes .. but also the feeling of the clothes and bedding dried on one not to mention the delightful fresh smell everything has.
There's nothing like crawling into a Freshly made bed with sheets and blankets that have dried on the clothesline. Somehow they seem cleaner, crisper and so refreshing to climb into.

 I remember when we lived on our farm in Missouri. Oh how I miss the farm there.
We had a line just outside the basement door actually it was 3 lines .. and we would hang our clothes and linens in the morning and after a long hard days work we would gather them from the line and I loved the crisp feeling when we shook them out and folded them..

In fact I remember one March afternoon we awoke to a beautiful spring day .. just warm enough in the morning with the sun peeking through the clouds and we hung the wash on the line. We went about our daily chores of mowing and raking and burning off the gathered foliage and as the day gathered speed it also grew colder and began to mist an icy mist that is.. by that evening we were so tired we entirely forgot the wash and sure enough over night the weather changed to snow flurries..when we awoke and looked out the upper level window we saw the line filled with now very crisp clothing and linen. We had a good laugh at the pants that truly stood on their own .. the socks that were hard as rocks and the shirts that kept their own shape .. I'm sure many a gal has forgotten her wash on the line and it succumbed to the element of mother nature.

 So this week ..I was inspired by me memories of our Missouri Clothesline and my love of hanging the wash out to create a beautiful crisp All White Clothespin Bag for the Clothesline ..

I created the base of the clothespin bag from White Huck Toweling .. which is 100 % cotton. Then I added 3 Luscious  Layered white cotton Ruffles .. all tattered to perfection.  And of course I had to add my newest "Fresh From the Line" Design of the Farm Chickens Holding the wash line while the little chicks watch .. one chicks even sitting atop a bucket that's over turned.

 I love designing and making these clothespin bags ..out of everything I make right now at this moment in time I get a lot of enjoyment in making these. 

I can just see this bag hanging in a sweet laundry room filled with pegs ... and then carried to the line and put into daily use. It's the little things like a charming clothespin bag that makes our chores a bit more happy. I think all of us find enjoyment in beautiful things, they just can't help but bring a smile to our hearts.

I have made this clothespin bag available for purchase HERE

Joining up with Be Inspired Friday at Common Ground 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Free Printable ~ Antique Floral Prayer and Promise Card

Well it's a beautiful Sunshiny Morning here at the Farmhouse .. a  day filled with the Lords Goodness once again.
And it's time for me to share another beautiful "Free Printable"
I Picked this Beautiful Antique Prayer and Promise Card ....
Well Because we all need a prayer and a Promise  ... One gives us the Dreams and Hope of Flying and the other gives us the assurance with Gods Guidance we can Soar to heights beyond our dreams..
I have also included this in Sepia on the "Free Printables" Page ...
P.S. don't forget to enter our "100 yr. Anniversary Ball Jar Giveaway" going on Now .. if you haven't done so already
Check it out HERE

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Marketplace ~ at Common Ground

This Week for Marketplace Monday ... which is hosted by Debra of Common Ground..
We are continuing our celebration of the canning jar.
One of our items we linked up and are featuring
Are these ever so charming Masons Canning Jar Salt and Pepper Set.
These have that wonderful Cornflower blue color to the glass and are made from recycled glass.
They are embossed on both sides "Masons Patent Nov 30th 1858"
Plus I love how thick the glass is that makes these S&P's up. not thin and flimsy at all ..and they are loaded with stray's and bubbles which is just exceptional...
And they have the nicest aluminum lids that screw on nice and tight too..
I'm one of those people that loves to take an item that's meant for one use and use it for another .. so I was thinking about these and what else they could be used for ..Of course they would make such charming glitter shakers .. they would also be so lovely filled with fresh lavender.. These would even be charming mini vases for a single Fresh Picked Daisy... But My favorite still being just what they were made for Salt and Pepper.
A Good Old Fashioned Farm Table Set with these is just positively Country Chic.
If you would like to pick up a set for your Farm Table or to give as a Gift ...
You can do so by visiting our Blog Shop HERE
Our Etsy shop HERE.
P.S. be sure and visit Debra at Common Ground's Marketplace if you have an online store or an Etsy Shop etc. and link up one of your items for sale.
Also be sure and Keep Debra and her husband in your prayers this week as Debra's husband will be undergoing surgery for Meiner's Disease .. Not sure if I got the name totally correct. However it's an inner ear issue that causes problems with equilibrium and many other effects and it is life altering. So they are surgically putting in a shunt  behind his ear to drain off the fluids. I don't know much more than that but it's more than enough ... and my heart goes out to them this week.
Also be Sure and Enter our "Ball Jar Free Giveaway" ..
April 20th ~ 27th 2013
You can Read about it and Enter  HERE


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sweet Magnolias Farm ~ Free Giveaway ~ Celebrating 100 Years of the Iconic Blue Ball Jar ~ 6 Winners

Abbey and I are absolutely Thrilled to bring you this amazing "Free" giveaway here at Sweet Magnolias Farm !!!
Several weeks ago we were contacted by the Ball Canning Products and asked if we would be willing to do a review on their new Iconic blue American Heritage Collection Vintage Style Jars. They would send us a case in return for the review ...
Well of course we said "YES" ... for heavens sake we have collected all kinds of Canning jars for years and have a pretty hefty collection that we dearly love ..and the thought of adding their new 100 Year Anniversary Jars to our collection was just exciting ...
Well in our agreement we asked them if they would be willing to send us a second case .. Yes gals ..we were thinking of you !  In return we would giveaway the 2nd case and add a little something of our own to go with it ..and they graciously agreed to do so ... .More on the giveaway in a minute .... hint hint ...I hear there just might be 6 Winners..

                       ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

So these fabulous Vintage Style Anniversary Ball Jars that are now available through Ball .. as you can see are in the Iconic blue color .. and just as lovely as the true vintage ones. They come in this charming blue and brown period - inspired  packaging ... Love the design ... reminds me of the old old boxes we have found over the years that canning jars came in and how great the graphics were ..I love that they reminisced this even in the box !

The jars are beautifully made .. and sturdy .. of course Made in the U.S.A. we wouldn't expect less now would we ..

 We just had to show the New Jar along side of our 2 authentic Vintage Jars on the cake plate above. They actually look so good together the new and the old .. The Lighter softer blue of the authentic Vintage jars with the Brighter Blue of the New Jars compliment one another so perfectly. 

The other Fabulous thing about the new Anniversary Jars is that on the back they are embossed 
1913 ~ 1915
100 Years of
 Made in the U.S.A
(The  Years 1913-1915 represent when this style logo  "Perfect Mason" was embossed on the jars)
Abbey and I Love that Ball specially marked these Jars for the Ball Anniversary ..It makes them so special and so unique and what a great collectors item too !
Here at the farmhouse I must admit we don't do a lot of canning.. Way back in the olden days Abbey used to do canning and was even self-taught. I understand that canning is popular once again among all ages ..and that's fabulous ! It would be so much fun to purchase a set of these if your a home canner and add that special preserves or jam you make for giving gifts throughout the year..
But Canning Jars aren't just for Canning anymore now are they !
If your like us .. these are positively charming for sippin some sweet tea or a nice ice cold coca cola. I'm sure we may have to throw in some dessert too and fill em up with apple pie mixins or a hot fudge sundae and eat er straight from the jar .. It's the jar that makes it special and makes the fun in servin it and the fun in eatin it too !
Thanks so much to Ball ... for sending us these beautiful Anniversary Jars to add to our collection and to share with our Blog Friends !
You can grab yourself some ball jars rather it be for Canning, Eating , Decorating, Or how lovely they would look at a Country Chic Farmhouse Wedding ! ...
Grab yourself some "limited Edition" Anniversary canning Jars at Balls Fresh Preserving Store HERE

UPDATE 4/22/13 I know several of you have said that the blue ball jars are sold out at the ball store.. I contacted them this morning and they don't have a date to give us when they will re-stock them ..They said Joanns and Michaels carry them ..and I Googled "Ball American Heritage Jars" .. and several shops come up that appear to have them for sale so you might try that too. I know they are limited edition but not sure what that means will they make more or not ? ... Hope that helps some.
Or take a little Stroll through Ball Canning's Pinterest Boards HERE
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ 
 So To Celebrate Ball's 100 year Anniversary ..we are having a Free Giveaway ... there will be "6" .. Yes  "6" Winners ...
You can have up to 4 chances to win... by doing any one or all of the following
1st ~ Leave a Comment
2nd ~ Start Following our Blog
3rd ~ Mention our giveaway on your blog
4th ~ Pin One of our Photos Below to your Pinterest Boards
Just be sure when you leave a comment you let us know what things you have done to enter so we know how many times to enter your name in the giveaway ! (be sure you leave us a way to contact you If you don't have a blog)
And now your wondering what are you going to win ?????
Keep Going ...

                                                   A little Bit Further...
 And the 1st Prize winner is going to receive....

Our New Sweet Magnolias Farm Original  100 Years Ball Jar Flour Sack "Apron" .. with charming double ruffles ...and (1) of the 100 Year American Heritage Jars
 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
  2nd Prize winner will be receiving ....
Our New Sweet Magnolias Farm Original  100 Years Ball Jar Flour Sack "Towel" with Charming Double Ruffles ...and (1) of the 100 Year American Heritage Jars
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
 3rd Prize winner will receive ....
Our New Sweet Magnolias Farm Original  100 Years Ball Jar Canvas Hotpad .. with Charming white ruffle ...and (1) of the 100 Year American Heritage Jars

 ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
And ... 4th , 5th, and 6th.. prize runners up ...will receive...
(1) each  of the 100 Year American Heritage Jars with (1) of  our Flower Frog Canning Jar lids with a cute chicken wire center .. so Charming for adding your Fresh cut spring bouquets or even your pens and pencils on your desk ..
 So Gals and Guys?... You know what to do ..  start leaving those comments.. start following our blog .. start blogging about the giveaway and start pinning one of the images above to your pinterest boards ... and you'll have "4" chances to win.
The Giveaway Ends Saturday April 27th midnight PST ...
Winners will begin being Picked ... Sunday April 28th ..
And be sure to visit out Pinterest Board "It's all in the Jar" for fabulous ideas and recipes using none other than the Canning Jar ... HERE
Please Note ..You Must live within the continental United States to receive Free Shipping. International Entries are Welcome but must supply the Shipping Fees.
Linking up with The Scoop

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother's Day Already ??? ... How time Flies !

This Morning as I was getting up .. a lot of things were running through my head what was on my schedule for work today .. what errands needed to be run that I didn't get done yesterday, and so on .. all of a sudden out of No where Mother's Day Popped into my head ...and I wondered what the date was for it this year ...
Sunday May 12th, 2013
Which means we really are just about 3 weeks away from Mother's Day...
How time flies .. before we all know it Spring will be behind us and summer already will have arrived. Which I'm sure the kids will be thrilled at.
So what's on the agenda this year for your Mother's Day ?
I remember when I was a girl ..I made up tickets for my mom and put them in her card. One would be for a week of vaccuming, another for doing the dishes (by hand no dishwasher and yep still do them that way LOL) , or a week of making her and dad's bed.. etc. I'm sure many of you had your children do the same and those of you who have young ones now have had them do it or will have them do it as they get older.
So as I found this morning that Mother's Day was literally just around the corner ..I thought I would give a sweet little reminder that Our Sweet Magnolias Farm Goods Make really lovely gifts. Not only are they a reasonable price to spend on a gift but they are useful gifts too. From our Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels .. to our Sweet Cloth Napkin Sets or our Lovely Rose Pens ... there's such a variety to choose from... 
We Make all of our Farm Good Offerings as orders are placed. So Be Sure and Place your order as soon as you can we can complete them and get them shipped on time. We'll be working hard the next few weeks to be sure everyone gets their orders on time.
We have several new designs that have arrived ... and I thought I would take this time to share them with you ...

Our Strictly Farm Fresh Eggs towel we have offered at markets before but never in our Etsy shop this one is new to the shop. HERE
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Flour Sack Towel ... New design for 2013 .. Just listed.... HERE
And just listed today is Our  ~ NEW ~ "Southern Sayings" Typography Towel ... This one has 3 choices for ruffles ... so check out the other designs HERE
And Stay tuned ...
Our Surprise Free Giveaway will be Starting in the next 24 hours !
Until then Wishing you ....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Free Printables ~ Violets Scripture Card

Hi Everyone .. Well it's been quite a week here in the United States ..and Abbey and I would Like to say our Prayers are with all those in Boston and now in Waco TX,  Sometimes as individuals we feel or even say .. "All we can do is Pray" .. Prayer is one of our most powerful tools .. so it's not just "all we can do" is without doubt one of the most important things we can do. It's such a blessing to know that there are people near these situations full of schooling and wisdom to help those who are hurt or in need ..and it's a blessing to know that for those of us around the world that cannot be there to help physically we have prayer.
This week we are offering up as a free printable this beautiful Violets Scripture Card.
I love these old scripture cards... they are truly one of my favorite ephemera collections we have.
Each scripture card has a lovely bouquet of flowers or depicts a scene of birds or a house in the country etc and has a scripture from the Bible inserted somewhere on the card.
Be it My Bible, My Devotional, a Scripture Card such as this one .. Or the Beautiful Stairwell walls in our house that hold Framed  Antique Samplers with sayings such as Amazing Grace ~ It is Well With My Soul ~ or the decorative Iron crosses that hang with them .. it truly soothes my soul and reminds me that my hope is not in what is here on earth which is fleeting but my hope is in Christ and my eternity with him. This life rather it be short or long ... what matters in the end is how it was lived .
This would be beautiful framed ...Or couldn't you see this image added to the fronts of sweet little sachets filled with Lavender ..
I also have included this image changed into Sepia ... and I also did a little aging job to this original for your pleasure...You can find both the additional ones on our "Free Printables" page.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blogger 101 .....How to stop Following a blog

Hi there Gals ..have any of you experienced blogs showing up in your  Dashboard showing your following them and they are some odd blog that you would never have followed to begin with...
Well I have ..and one in particular  that I would never follow and they put up mass posts shoving any of the blogs I enjoy following that have posted way off in to never never land for me to read as I check in ..
So as most of us don't usually have a reason to stop following blogs we love.... it seems somehow some of these people know a way into making their blogs show up anywhere they want .. and trying to force themselves on us ..and really Why ?
Way back when..when I started this blog I knew how to remove blogs ..but since blogger has changed a lot of things and I have not had a need to remove blogs..  I went searching through bloggers help section which was really no help at all for those of us challenged by vague directions .
So I googled it and found a blog that not only gives step by step directions but Pictures too .Now pictures are just always helpful for me when learning I seem to be a reading and picture kinda gal ... I'm sure some of you can totally relate ..
Anyhooo ... if you have had the same issue I have ... go check out "SewManyWays" .. Tutorial HERE
for the directions ....
Until Next Time ..Wishing you all