Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blogger 101 .....How to stop Following a blog

Hi there Gals ..have any of you experienced blogs showing up in your  Dashboard showing your following them and they are some odd blog that you would never have followed to begin with...
Well I have ..and one in particular  that I would never follow and they put up mass posts shoving any of the blogs I enjoy following that have posted way off in to never never land for me to read as I check in ..
So as most of us don't usually have a reason to stop following blogs we love.... it seems somehow some of these people know a way into making their blogs show up anywhere they want .. and trying to force themselves on us ..and really Why ?
Way back when..when I started this blog I knew how to remove blogs ..but since blogger has changed a lot of things and I have not had a need to remove blogs..  I went searching through bloggers help section which was really no help at all for those of us challenged by vague directions .
So I googled it and found a blog that not only gives step by step directions but Pictures too .Now pictures are just always helpful for me when learning I seem to be a reading and picture kinda gal ... I'm sure some of you can totally relate ..
Anyhooo ... if you have had the same issue I have ... go check out "SewManyWays" .. Tutorial HERE
for the directions ....
Until Next Time ..Wishing you all

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  1. Sara, thank you for this post. What I need to know, as well, is how to stop following blogs that are no longer in existence. Some bloggers have discontinued their blogs and I've not found any way to stop following those.


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