Friday, April 12, 2013

Friendship ... It puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart ...

These last couple weeks have been  full of up's and down's ...
You may have read a few of my posts that mentioned a sick loved one ..and then getting Good News about that sick Loved one. It happened to be my Dad or "Papa Fred" as many know him by.
He hadn't been feeling well and tests revealed he had lost 1/2 his blood ... and we were waiting to get into a Dr. to help find out where the internal bleeding was and why.
Going through these times is hard enough You Pray.. You Trust the Lord because you know he's always worked everything out for the good even in the bad times ...  ... but it's such a blessing that he supplies us with friends that we can call on .. to talk to .. to ask them for prayer and to have them encourage us when we are  full of worry or concern and Uncertainty. 
This last Saturday .. we ended up in the ER ... everything just kind of hit a pinnacle .. and we really were not sure what the outcome was going to be. We had to call 911 ...and have them come out ..for my dad his heart had started pounding out of his chest and wouldn't quit and we were concerned he was headed for a heart attack since the strain on his heart was so much from not having enough blood in his body.
Throughout the day I had to go back and forth from the hospital to take care of our sweet Flossie.
I came home in the late afternoon... to find a brown Bag Package sitting on our front porch...
I brought it in the house and set it on the kitchen counter and reached inside to remove the contents ..
And it brought a smile to my face .. and tears of pure joy to my heart !
It did just what this poster says' below for me ....

When I pulled the beautiful baked from scratch bread ..and the homemade meatballs  along with farm fresh eggs plucked from the hen house out of the bag .. I had no doubt who it was from ... My Sweet Rita of Mammabellarte. Rita lives well near or over 20 miles from me .. and she made that food and drove all that way to bring us food for dinner. I was overwhelmed by her amazing friendship.
Several of our other friends .. sent e-mails of encouragement ..others put us on their prayer lists at home and at their churches ... Our Neighbors rallied around and prayed for us, encouraged us and a neighbor we had not met also brought us some food.
Our friends rallied around us this last week and supported us in all their own individual ways through their own individual gifts.
Friendship's such an important part of our lives. Friendship doesn't mean we see each other every day.... it doesn't always mean we talk to one another on the phone every day .. Friendship comes alive when we are there to support each other through hard times ..and when we are there to laugh with each other and share the good times.
I count the Friendships we have as amazing blessings in our lives.
Thanks to all our Friends that uplifted us this last week during a time that was very scary for us.
Oh and Papa Fred is doing good now. Our Fear was colon cancer. It seemed the tests were all pointing in that direction and he has a family history of it... It ended up not being cancer...but instead a very large and severe ulcer at the opening of his stomach along with a bleeding esophagus. It's all being controlled by medication and he ended up with 2 blood transfusions ... to bring his blood up to a safe level.  Now it's just a matter of time before his ulcers are healed.
Our hearts are filled with joy and happiness this week .. because Papa Fred will be o.k. .. and because we were showered with loving kindness by so many beautiful friends !
Thank you to each and every one of you who kept us in your Thoughts and Prayers and Provided our bodies and our souls with the nourishment they needed ...


  1. oh Sara, what a horrible scare! I'm so glad things are under control and your dad is doing better with the meds. And how sweet of Rita, she seems just like that sweet kind of friend. glad you have her close by. And thanks so much for the wonderful image of the flower seeds! you're a sweetheart!

  2. God sends angels with skin on when we most seem to need them. Sara, so glad your Pa is doing better and glad it's not the big c.

  3. I am a firm believer in prayer and the power it holds. So glad you dad is doing better and that things will be resolved. Your truest of friends will present themselves at the most needed moment. Sending you all hugs and additional prayers. xo, Amber

  4. Sara what a sweet gift given by your friend!! I'm so thankful Papa Fred is doing better and that he doesn't have cancer!!! What good news! I hope he's on the mend now and that he heals and feels much better soon!!!

  5. What a wonderful report on your Dad! Happy to hear that he is doing better! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Wonderful news!! Thank GOD and the prayers, he is doing much better! Blessings~~~Roxie


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