Monday, April 22, 2013

The Marketplace ~ at Common Ground

This Week for Marketplace Monday ... which is hosted by Debra of Common Ground..
We are continuing our celebration of the canning jar.
One of our items we linked up and are featuring
Are these ever so charming Masons Canning Jar Salt and Pepper Set.
These have that wonderful Cornflower blue color to the glass and are made from recycled glass.
They are embossed on both sides "Masons Patent Nov 30th 1858"
Plus I love how thick the glass is that makes these S&P's up. not thin and flimsy at all ..and they are loaded with stray's and bubbles which is just exceptional...
And they have the nicest aluminum lids that screw on nice and tight too..
I'm one of those people that loves to take an item that's meant for one use and use it for another .. so I was thinking about these and what else they could be used for ..Of course they would make such charming glitter shakers .. they would also be so lovely filled with fresh lavender.. These would even be charming mini vases for a single Fresh Picked Daisy... But My favorite still being just what they were made for Salt and Pepper.
A Good Old Fashioned Farm Table Set with these is just positively Country Chic.
If you would like to pick up a set for your Farm Table or to give as a Gift ...
You can do so by visiting our Blog Shop HERE
Our Etsy shop HERE.
P.S. be sure and visit Debra at Common Ground's Marketplace if you have an online store or an Etsy Shop etc. and link up one of your items for sale.
Also be sure and Keep Debra and her husband in your prayers this week as Debra's husband will be undergoing surgery for Meiner's Disease .. Not sure if I got the name totally correct. However it's an inner ear issue that causes problems with equilibrium and many other effects and it is life altering. So they are surgically putting in a shunt  behind his ear to drain off the fluids. I don't know much more than that but it's more than enough ... and my heart goes out to them this week.
Also be Sure and Enter our "Ball Jar Free Giveaway" ..
April 20th ~ 27th 2013
You can Read about it and Enter  HERE



  1. Love these jars! You can do SO much with them:) Have a blessed week, HUGS!

  2. These are so adorable, I have never seen lil' salt and peppers like these! I know what you mean about finding other uses, but these are just too cute to not use for salt and pepper!!

  3. Those are so cute and I agree, they can have so many clever uses. Have a great day!


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