Friday, April 26, 2013

Refreshingly White ~ Fresh From the Line

I don't know about you ...but I have always loved not only the look of a clothesline filled with clothes .. but also the feeling of the clothes and bedding dried on one not to mention the delightful fresh smell everything has.
There's nothing like crawling into a Freshly made bed with sheets and blankets that have dried on the clothesline. Somehow they seem cleaner, crisper and so refreshing to climb into.

 I remember when we lived on our farm in Missouri. Oh how I miss the farm there.
We had a line just outside the basement door actually it was 3 lines .. and we would hang our clothes and linens in the morning and after a long hard days work we would gather them from the line and I loved the crisp feeling when we shook them out and folded them..

In fact I remember one March afternoon we awoke to a beautiful spring day .. just warm enough in the morning with the sun peeking through the clouds and we hung the wash on the line. We went about our daily chores of mowing and raking and burning off the gathered foliage and as the day gathered speed it also grew colder and began to mist an icy mist that is.. by that evening we were so tired we entirely forgot the wash and sure enough over night the weather changed to snow flurries..when we awoke and looked out the upper level window we saw the line filled with now very crisp clothing and linen. We had a good laugh at the pants that truly stood on their own .. the socks that were hard as rocks and the shirts that kept their own shape .. I'm sure many a gal has forgotten her wash on the line and it succumbed to the element of mother nature.

 So this week ..I was inspired by me memories of our Missouri Clothesline and my love of hanging the wash out to create a beautiful crisp All White Clothespin Bag for the Clothesline ..

I created the base of the clothespin bag from White Huck Toweling .. which is 100 % cotton. Then I added 3 Luscious  Layered white cotton Ruffles .. all tattered to perfection.  And of course I had to add my newest "Fresh From the Line" Design of the Farm Chickens Holding the wash line while the little chicks watch .. one chicks even sitting atop a bucket that's over turned.

 I love designing and making these clothespin bags ..out of everything I make right now at this moment in time I get a lot of enjoyment in making these. 

I can just see this bag hanging in a sweet laundry room filled with pegs ... and then carried to the line and put into daily use. It's the little things like a charming clothespin bag that makes our chores a bit more happy. I think all of us find enjoyment in beautiful things, they just can't help but bring a smile to our hearts.

I have made this clothespin bag available for purchase HERE

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  1. You have made a darling pin bag! I love the romance of clothes on the line. All the photos here are wonderful, especially that last one of the basket. I don't use my line in winter, but it's perfect weather now!

  2. I just started using my clothes line again this week. I love how fresh the clothes are. The bag you created is beautiful. I know it won't last long.

    Amy Jo

  3. Sara, this was a funny post. One of Dave's favorite photos was of my clothes, frozen on the line. I'd forgotten them and they froze solid. So funny; thanks for the great memory.

  4. Oh that must of been a funny sight to see...all those stiff clothes;-) Thanks for sharing that sweet story.

    Your pin bag is adorable.
    blessings, jill

  5. I love the clothes line bag. I added it to my list of wants. Thanks for sharing.

  6. oh Sara, I love this post and that clothespin bag is my very favorite ever!!! I think I need one ;), XO Christie

  7. Love the smell of line-dried sheets! I am in cold country, and there are times I freeze a few things. I had heard that freezing whitens and sanitizes. Hmmmm. I doubt that one! That chicken design is delightful!!!

  8. This post brings wonderful memories for me also. Recently I was in the dentist's chair and the house next door had their wash hanging on the line. I was overcome with a feeling of nostalgia. I also LOVE your clothespin bag! It may be worth it to hint to my husband to put a line up for me again...unfortunately we don't have one now!

  9. Things smell soooooo good fresh from the line! What a pretty clothespin holder!

  10. I remember my Gramma's and my Momma hanging clothes on the line and I love the memories. There is something about clothes hanging on the line that does something to me every time.

    That must have been something to see the stiff jeans and clothes on the line after the snow lol. I remember doing the same thing ♥

    Love love love the clothespin bag! It's just perfect ♥♥♥


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