Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's all a buzz here at the Farmhouse with tride and true Hardwork

I realized today it had been a couple weeks since I last posted on my blog .. I couldn't believe how quickly time had flown once again ... I just was talking to my Sewing machine Repair man this morning about how quickly the days seem to pass the older I get ..He told me it gets worse ..Not so much looking forward to that .. I feel like somedays now I want to put them on hold so I can take a breath and then get back to the every day stuff.

Speaking of that every day stuff .."Work" ..seems that's all this girl has been doing of late ..and I'm sure ready for a break ... But alas ..that will have to be put on hold ..because it's that time when we are preparing for the next Vintage Marketplace on June 1st and 2nd ...

In the meantime ...when I'm not doing anything ... LOL ! ..I have been working on getting the Sweet Magnolias Farm shop stocked up with new offerings ..and thought I would share a few of them here ...And Share some New Sweet Magnolias Farm Designs with you ..that just came available today ..scroll down to check them out !

Our Rustic Romance Keepsake Journals ..there's more to choose from in the shop ..

New Farmhouse Aprons Made from Scrumptious Vintage Chenille .. Vintage Linens and Vintage Lace .. Each one a "One of a Kind" ...

Fresh off the Work Table ..we have a few new Farmhouse Flour Sack Towel Designs (created by sara) ...That I am so excited to share with you all ... 1st up is our Farm Fresh Vintage Truck ...

 Next up ...is the debut of our newest designed offering .. Our Cloth Farmhouse Napkins ... So So Cute ..Perfect for BBQ's ..Parties ..Everyday Use ..and we even customize for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays ..you name the event !

Our 2nd New Farmhouse Flour Sack towel design ..Is our Sassy Vintage Farm Girl ..Isn't she just too darling ..! .. She's another new design made available in the shop just today ...!

Last ... is our Farmhouse Blessings ..Napkins .. You've seen or maybe even purchased our Farmhouse Flour Sack towel with the Farmhouse Blessings Design ..will now here's the matching Napkins ...And What's great about our Napkins ..is they can also be used as dishcloths .. Yes they are perfection for that too !

We will be adding new Towel Designs .. New Napkins ..and a Set of Farmhouse Dishcloths to the shop along with more Vintage goodies ..over the next few weeks so check back often ..

And now come visit our Sweet Magnolias Farm shop ..by Just clicking HERE

Also a big Yes ... to those who are local ..all our new designs and product will be headed to our next marketplace so you can even pick it out in person if you like !

Well off to rest a bit before heading off to slumberland ..tomorrow shall prove to be another busy day .. and that's a "Good Thing"

Wishing you all a Beautiful Day ..and Farmhouse Blessings from above !


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Surgery For Flossie ... The Flossie Chronicles .. Tails of an English Springer Spaniel ..

This post is for those of you who have been asking about my Sweet Flossie Girl ... and for those who love puppy dogs ... like me !

Flossie is growing like a  weed ..although she's still a tiny girl to my standards .. she's so much bigger than when we got her ..

Her Birthday is Friday ... She will be 5 months old ..and she's hit her years of Adolescence this week ..

She's getting a little big for her britches as would be coined .. and things she wasn't doing like jumping on the furniture ..well this week she found out that those springs she has for legs ..get her up to a soft cushy spot in about 1/2 a second flat and she has such finesse when she does it ..you really don't realize it until she is cozied down and trying not to be noticed .. Soooo Now we are working on "Off" the furniture which isn't so much happening ..she just stares at me like she has no clue what "off" means ..although she does as she has been trained for that cue .. So I have resorted to an age old method that worked with my Scout and Maggie in their younger years and that's placing my Vintage Metal Folding Lap trays on the furniture ..once she hear a paw hit the metal ..she's off in 2 shakes of a lambs tail.... so far it's working .. It took several weeks of this with the other 2 dogs ..so we'll be taking on and off trays for a while till she gets the hint ! LOL !

I haven't shared any picts of her in a while ..and this was at the end of march ..how time Flies ...

Are you Calling me mom ?

Who's Paw Prints are on the Couch  ?

No ... It Wasn't Me !!!

I Think the Mutant dog from down the street hopped the fence . .. and came in and jumped on the furniture ..But don't worry .. I chased em off Mom ...

I can't help that I'm so cute ... I knew you wouldn't mind cleaning my paw prints off the couch .. I mean the mutant dogs prints off the couch ...

How is it .. Just like kiddo's for their mama's ..that these Fur Babies just capture our hearts ... So much so .. that Flossie was sent home with this cute moose from her breeder .. it's got a soft poly filled head ..with a big squeak ball at the other end ... and she loves this toy .. to the point she's torn holes in it with those sharp puppy teeth .. So we had an Emergency .. Moose needed Surgery ...!

Please take heart the pictures below are a bit gruesome .. Moose is pretty torn up .. and well his insides are on his outsides ..

LOL !!! .. Needless to say I whipped out my Big Mama Needles and heavy duty String .. and stitched Moosie up ..

Even his Bum had a big gaping whole in it with his ball inside exposed .. so He got a lot of stitching all over ...

I think his new name should be franken moose as his stitches look a fit frankenstinish .... But Flossie is ever happy .. She's carryin moose all over ..squeaking him and howling .. and once again trying to give him shaken moosie syndrome ...

Well off to work ..... Flossies decided to nap right now .. so I have a few minutes of quiet time ....


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up with the Sweet Magnolias Farm Etsy Shop ...

I've been playing catch up with our Etsy shop Today among other things .. Like taking Flossie to the Dog park for 2 hours and boy is my body ever feeling it .. I think I ran as much as she did ..and I'm aching in places I haven't felt since I had to quit running 3 years ago ..and boy do I know why ..LOL !!

Anyhoo .. I just thought I would share a few of the new offerings that I just listed this evening ...

First up is one of my New Vintage Girl Aprons .. This Farmhouse Cutie is made from Vintage Chenille and is made in the Bibbed Tool Style ...2 nice large pockets are hidden behind that vintage goodness at the bottom .. check out Our Etsy shop to see more picts of it ..

This adorable Circa early 1900's Square Pint Size Canning Jar is Super Cute ..but what makes it cuter is it's Marked "Queen" on the front ! ...

Anyone For Some vintage Restaurantware ..no less with a scalloped edge and red transferware rim ..

And Not just one Vintage Girl Apron am I offering ...but here's my Second .. My Honey Bailey Bibbed Tool Style Apron .. with triple Tattered Ruffles and the cutest collared top !

And a Sweet Note to end on ... an 1800's Ironstone Transferware Cup and Saucer ..Isn't she so Sweet ... !

If somethin tickles your fancy ... or ya just wanna come in and browse around the Sweet Magnolias Farmhouse Shop .. Well kick your feet up and click HERE

Have a Great Week Farm Gals !


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dreamland .... Another day ..Another Life ...

It's been a beautiful day here at the farmhouse ... Overcast ..Rainy .. a few bursts of Thunder overhead ...and a crisp cold bite in the air ...

It's been said .. April Showers Bring May Flowers ... and I think the Garden Shall be blooming with Beautiful Buds for many weeks to come after this Glorious shower or heavenly rain...

However .. the Rain left me dreaming ..which I must admit I do quite often ..that is day dreaming .. dreaming of where I would like to be and a life I would love to be living .. and One day I know that will come true ..because the Lord Promises he will give you the desires of your heart !

My Lovely Dreamland has been ever enhanced in the last 3 weeks ..ever since I was encouraged by a few of my friends to open a Pinterest Account .. I must admit it was rather a hard thing for me to do .. as I'm not one to sit on the computer for hours and hours and that's honestly what I thought would end up .. but I have been blessed with a sweet Mama ..(Abbey) who loves pinterest now that I have shown her how to use it and what it's all about .. and she is the Sweet Magnolias Farm .. Pinup Girl ... LOL !

So my fun is going in to see what she has pinned ..and dreaming...through all her storyboards .. as she calls them .. She tells the stories .. of the Pickets and Posies.. Sweet Liberty .. Barn-Ology... Farm Fresh and several others .. and my journey through her boards makes me enter a dreamland I honestly do not want to leave ...

Tonight I dreamed ... I was walking through a beautiful meadow fiilled with fresh wild spring blooms ... picking the most beautiful and fragrant bouquet ..dazzling my sense of smell .. and hearing nothing but the wind through the grass harp on a mid-summers day ...

My fresh picked bouquet .. of course would be simply plunked in an old mason jar .... where the aged bubbled glass meets the fresh stems ..and dresses my farm table with pure down home perfection .. !

After a lovely walk through the meadow ..there's nothing like a big glass of thirst quenching lemonade .. to make a farm girl smile ...

Source: etsy.com via Sweet on Pinterest

And nothing better than a Lovely Piece or 2 of Lemonade Cake ...(doesn't this look simply delicious )

And this one too ! How about a piece of Strawberry lemonade Cake .. ?

What makes this dream so wonderful ..is that after my Mid-summer's walk through the meadow .. that glass of lemonade and that scrumptious Piece or 2 or lemonade Cake ...

A little piece of dreamland awaits .. a place to lay my head .. a place to close my eyes ..a place to listen to the quiet .. a place to relax ... I can feel the gentle slumber ..

And I don't want the dream to end ...

I'm headed off to dreamland ..maybe not my one above .. but I'm thankful for the beautiful Nest that I have to call home .. the warm bed that I have to crawl into tonight .. the roof over my head .. the food in my kitchen ..and most of all the Love in my Home .. I am truly Blessed !

Wishing all my sweet friends .. Sweet Dreams .. and  Beautiful Tomorrows .. !

P.S. You can click on the images to be directed to the source the came from ..and get the fabulous recipes for the Lemonade Cakes ... and come follow Abbey's Farmhouse Storyboards' on Pinterest and dream along with me .. Just click on the Follow me on Pinterest button in the left hand column ..


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Honey of a Farmhouse.. Getting Ready for the June Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ..

Yes ... it's that time ...In fact it's a little past the time when here at the farmhouse we begin getting ready for our next Marketplace.

Can you believe it ..it's only about 6 weeks away and we'll be setting up for 2 more days of Absolute Fun !

The Theme for this Vintage Marketplace is .. "Vintage Seaside Summer"

For those vendors that want to participate they will be offering vintage and handmade wares with a seaside flair ..!

Of Course ..the Farmhouse doesn't exactly have that Beach Cottage look .. But we will be bringing our spin on the Vintage Seaside Summer .. By incorporating some wonderful Colors of the sea .. into the farmhouse...

It's what we call   "A Honey of a Farmhouse" ... and there's a good reason behind that name ...that I'll share in just a moment ...

Below is a sneek peek at our June 2012" Honey of a Farmhouse" Color palette ..and don't worry ..our Lace and Burlap ..will be wonderfully incorporated with it all ..

 For a Super Refreshing Summer Farmhouse Appeal ..

Think 1930's - 40's White Clapboard Farmhouse .. the windowsill outside the kitchen has a baked pie cooling .. While the summer breeze flaps the feedsack curtains at the window .. The dropleaf table is set with a fresh bouqet of wildflowers papa brought in from the fields at Lunch time .. and Mama's sittin on the porch in her rocker enjoying a ripe piece of watermelon the kids just pulled from the stream...after a full morning of Good Old Fashioned Housework .... The Clothesline is filled with Laundry drying .. that wonderful crisp feeling of down home goodness will be upon her bed tonight ...It's a simple Life .. Refreshing ... and Beautiful !

As for the "Honey of a Farmhouse" theme ... it all stems from one of my favorite Characters "Honey Bailey" in the Movie Series "Wind at My Back" ... Set in the depression era.

Here's Honey in the below pictures ..Played by 2 different actresses .. Cynthia Belliveau and Laura Breneau .. Each played the part Superbly ..and I feel in love with their Characters' style of dress.

Honey ..always wore the cutest most feminine Floral what I call farm dresses .. each one had a cottage farmhouse appeal  ..with cute collars and sleeves ..adorable buttons ..too cute hats and gloves ..and the hair styles to go with it...

Honey's dresses ..were refreshing and cheerful .. with that down home feeling to them ..and that my friends inspired me for our June Show ..Unfortunately these are all the images I could find with Honey's style of dress and I have to say they are cute ..but not as cute as the dresses you see her wear throughout the series ... but it gives you a little glimpse at the idea anyhow. 

So it's time to begin creating .. time to start sewing and painting ..time to get to work ..so we can bring you a "Honey" of a Marketplace to shop at...


Monday, April 9, 2012

A Sweet Wedding Suprise ..from White Lotus Studios

This last week I received a sweet wedding suprise ...

Last Year ....I was honored to be asked to create a custom Brides Bouquet, Maid of Honor Bouquet, Boutineers, and Mother's Flowers for a Lovely Bride to be Kami.

Kami hired me only seeing my Sheet Music Paper Roses available on Etsy ..to create her bouquets site unseen and to even create them in a custom color which she explained as a grey lavender. Grey Lavender was all I had to go on ..no swatches in hand or even anything e-mailed .. so I researched Lavender on the internet until I came up with a lavender that I felt reflected a grey lavender and began mixing my colors until I matched it.

Kami took such a big chance on me .. she trusted from a single photo of an aged  paper rose to create Keepsake Bouquets and Flowers for her special day !

It took me a couple weeks to work on her bouqets creating the right color and getting the right look perfecting each stem and each petal .. .. Including adding customized ribbon at her request with her and her husband to be's favorite song Title... The Custom Ribbon  wrapped around the stems of the flowers and then feel in long tendrils from the base. And Lastly they were all dipped  in a sea of Silver German Glass Glitter...Setting each bouquet , boutinner and mothers Flower to stunning perfection !

I carefully wrapped an packaged them ..and sent them off with an extremely nervous stomach.... Hoping with all Hope that I had created bouquets and flowers that she was going to absolutely Love ...

I waited in anticpation and I admit fear too ... to hear back from her when she recieved them ... And to my absolute excitement I received an e-mail from her .. saying she and her Fiance absolutely Loved them ... I had a massive sigh of relief that day ... !

It wasn't that I didn't love the bouquets I had created just the opposite .. in fact I loved how they came out so much ... but the truth is we all have different taste ..and when you are creating something from scratch that your client hasn't seen .. it leaves a great option that possibly your minds didn't meet from the beginning on what they were picturing and what you actually created ... Not that they were wrong or you were .. we just all have different visions sometimes .. So Kami's approval and Love for her bouquets was a huge moment in time for me !

Kami promised that she being a professional wedding Photographer ..would send me photos ..and I have waited in anticipation for them to come. This last week my Wedding Suprise was that she sent me photos from the wedding .. and they are so stunning ! .

So here's a peek at Kami's Special Wedding Day and the Bouquet's and Boutineers I created for her, her finace and her wedding party.

P.S. be sure to click on the photos to view them larger...

Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets...

Above ..the Girls have their Bouquets and the Guys their Boutineers ...

Kami ... you are a stunning Bride .. !

A Beautiful Sunny, CA Beachside Wedding ...

Kami actually resizes in ..Cincinnati, Ohio ..So if you are needing your Engagement Photos or your Wedding photographed be sure to contact  her if you are locat at  "White Lotus Studio".. you can view her website HERE


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter from Sweet Magnolias Farm

They had

And Jesus Said....


And He did...

"He has Risen"

Wishing all of our Friends and Family ....