Monday, April 9, 2012

A Sweet Wedding Suprise ..from White Lotus Studios

This last week I received a sweet wedding suprise ...

Last Year ....I was honored to be asked to create a custom Brides Bouquet, Maid of Honor Bouquet, Boutineers, and Mother's Flowers for a Lovely Bride to be Kami.

Kami hired me only seeing my Sheet Music Paper Roses available on Etsy create her bouquets site unseen and to even create them in a custom color which she explained as a grey lavender. Grey Lavender was all I had to go on swatches in hand or even anything e-mailed .. so I researched Lavender on the internet until I came up with a lavender that I felt reflected a grey lavender and began mixing my colors until I matched it.

Kami took such a big chance on me .. she trusted from a single photo of an aged  paper rose to create Keepsake Bouquets and Flowers for her special day !

It took me a couple weeks to work on her bouqets creating the right color and getting the right look perfecting each stem and each petal .. .. Including adding customized ribbon at her request with her and her husband to be's favorite song Title... The Custom Ribbon  wrapped around the stems of the flowers and then feel in long tendrils from the base. And Lastly they were all dipped  in a sea of Silver German Glass Glitter...Setting each bouquet , boutinner and mothers Flower to stunning perfection !

I carefully wrapped an packaged them ..and sent them off with an extremely nervous stomach.... Hoping with all Hope that I had created bouquets and flowers that she was going to absolutely Love ...

I waited in anticpation and I admit fear too ... to hear back from her when she recieved them ... And to my absolute excitement I received an e-mail from her .. saying she and her Fiance absolutely Loved them ... I had a massive sigh of relief that day ... !

It wasn't that I didn't love the bouquets I had created just the opposite .. in fact I loved how they came out so much ... but the truth is we all have different taste ..and when you are creating something from scratch that your client hasn't seen .. it leaves a great option that possibly your minds didn't meet from the beginning on what they were picturing and what you actually created ... Not that they were wrong or you were .. we just all have different visions sometimes .. So Kami's approval and Love for her bouquets was a huge moment in time for me !

Kami promised that she being a professional wedding Photographer ..would send me photos ..and I have waited in anticipation for them to come. This last week my Wedding Suprise was that she sent me photos from the wedding .. and they are so stunning ! .

So here's a peek at Kami's Special Wedding Day and the Bouquet's and Boutineers I created for her, her finace and her wedding party.

P.S. be sure to click on the photos to view them larger...

Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets...

Above ..the Girls have their Bouquets and the Guys their Boutineers ...

Kami ... you are a stunning Bride .. !

A Beautiful Sunny, CA Beachside Wedding ...

Kami actually resizes in ..Cincinnati, Ohio ..So if you are needing your Engagement Photos or your Wedding photographed be sure to contact  her if you are locat at  "White Lotus Studio".. you can view her website HERE


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  1. Thank you so much! We LOVE our flowers!!!!


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