Monday, April 2, 2012

A Beautiful day in the Sweet Magnolias Farm Garden

It's been a beautiful day here in our little house with out little garden.

It's not much of a garden not the way we dream of a garden being ..but it has just enough beautiful blooms this time of year to make us smile.

As I was out playing with Flossie this morning ..I noticed that all the pots were filled with an over abundance of blooms .. and I decided to go inside grab one of my old pint size milk bottles and fill it with a Fresh Spring Bouquet ..

 It Turned out so Pretty if I do say so myself .. I love a natural flow to arranging flowers .. I personally am more of an english garden enthusiast where all the vines and flowers overflow into one another .

The front thick ruffled light pink blooms are "Rose Geranium" Those reminded me of the sweet friend who gave them to us .. Rita Read of Mammabellarte. One day when we were visiting her home ..we oooeeed and ahhhd over how unique a geranium it was to us ..and she was kind enough to pass on a clipping which we propogated and grew our own plant from .. This was it's first open bloom and there are more to come !

 I added a sweet tattered scrap of burlap to the neck of the bottle and shredded buralp remnants from my sewing projects I stuck in here and there creating a cute spray coming out of the flowers.

 This Geranium above I purchased a few years back when Target had their Garden Centers ... It's a "Peppermint Twist".. I loved when Target had their garden dept. They honestly got some  of the most  unique flowers not to mention David Austen Roses ..and some of the most beautiful Garden Decor too ! ...

 Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the daisies above .. But I do know I still love their veregated hue ..These cam from the Armstrong Nursery ..Locally and they have a wonderful and unique variety of flowers not to mention their garden shop is so lovely to meander in .. I love going there and strolling the aisles of flowers and listening to the water fountains .. If I could only take a mattress I think I could sleep there all day !

 It's just been a really lovely day .. a nice warm on shore breeze .. the Wind blew a bit late this afternoon and it was singing in the pines just across the lake from us .. it was a lovely sound and reminded me of the days we lived in Missouri on our farm. We had a huge stand of Pines and every time the wind blew or a storm came through .. the Pines had a Lovely Song to sing.

So Here's to a Beautiful Spring Afternoon ... a Glass of Pink Lemonade in My Mason Jar Pedestal Drinking Glass .. a lemon tucked on the side and the rim dipped in sugar !

We do offer the Mason Jar Pedestal Glasses in our Etsy Shop HERE

Wishing you all a Beautiful Week !



  1. Just LOVE your flower pictures, dear Sara!

    I´ve got the rose pens and the flower frog yesterday....had to pick up my box at the customs office....always a horror trip....waiting time 2 hours.
    But it was worth it...

    Blessings, Birgit

  2. They are all so beautiful! I love Geraniums. And the last photo with the pink lemonade..... delicious! Ciao Rita


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