Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Surgery For Flossie ... The Flossie Chronicles .. Tails of an English Springer Spaniel ..

This post is for those of you who have been asking about my Sweet Flossie Girl ... and for those who love puppy dogs ... like me !

Flossie is growing like a  weed ..although she's still a tiny girl to my standards .. she's so much bigger than when we got her ..

Her Birthday is Friday ... She will be 5 months old ..and she's hit her years of Adolescence this week ..

She's getting a little big for her britches as would be coined .. and things she wasn't doing like jumping on the furniture ..well this week she found out that those springs she has for legs ..get her up to a soft cushy spot in about 1/2 a second flat and she has such finesse when she does it ..you really don't realize it until she is cozied down and trying not to be noticed .. Soooo Now we are working on "Off" the furniture which isn't so much happening ..she just stares at me like she has no clue what "off" means ..although she does as she has been trained for that cue .. So I have resorted to an age old method that worked with my Scout and Maggie in their younger years and that's placing my Vintage Metal Folding Lap trays on the furniture ..once she hear a paw hit the metal ..she's off in 2 shakes of a lambs tail.... so far it's working .. It took several weeks of this with the other 2 dogs ..so we'll be taking on and off trays for a while till she gets the hint ! LOL !

I haven't shared any picts of her in a while ..and this was at the end of march ..how time Flies ...

Are you Calling me mom ?

Who's Paw Prints are on the Couch  ?

No ... It Wasn't Me !!!

I Think the Mutant dog from down the street hopped the fence . .. and came in and jumped on the furniture ..But don't worry .. I chased em off Mom ...

I can't help that I'm so cute ... I knew you wouldn't mind cleaning my paw prints off the couch .. I mean the mutant dogs prints off the couch ...

How is it .. Just like kiddo's for their mama's ..that these Fur Babies just capture our hearts ... So much so .. that Flossie was sent home with this cute moose from her breeder .. it's got a soft poly filled head ..with a big squeak ball at the other end ... and she loves this toy .. to the point she's torn holes in it with those sharp puppy teeth .. So we had an Emergency .. Moose needed Surgery ...!

Please take heart the pictures below are a bit gruesome .. Moose is pretty torn up .. and well his insides are on his outsides ..

LOL !!! .. Needless to say I whipped out my Big Mama Needles and heavy duty String .. and stitched Moosie up ..

Even his Bum had a big gaping whole in it with his ball inside exposed .. so He got a lot of stitching all over ...

I think his new name should be franken moose as his stitches look a fit frankenstinish .... But Flossie is ever happy .. She's carryin moose all over ..squeaking him and howling .. and once again trying to give him shaken moosie syndrome ...

Well off to work ..... Flossies decided to nap right now .. so I have a few minutes of quiet time ....



  1. ahhhhhhh!!!! look at that face!!!!!

  2. So much good stuff here. I've been enjoying looking around. I'll be back for more for sure!

  3. Sara I'm sure it could not have been that innocent little face sitting in the backyard on your couch, me thinks it was SCOUT!!!

    Wishing you many, many sales at your upcoming show.

    Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <3.


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