Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Honey of a Farmhouse.. Getting Ready for the June Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks ..

Yes ... it's that time ...In fact it's a little past the time when here at the farmhouse we begin getting ready for our next Marketplace.

Can you believe it ..it's only about 6 weeks away and we'll be setting up for 2 more days of Absolute Fun !

The Theme for this Vintage Marketplace is .. "Vintage Seaside Summer"

For those vendors that want to participate they will be offering vintage and handmade wares with a seaside flair ..!

Of Course ..the Farmhouse doesn't exactly have that Beach Cottage look .. But we will be bringing our spin on the Vintage Seaside Summer .. By incorporating some wonderful Colors of the sea .. into the farmhouse...

It's what we call   "A Honey of a Farmhouse" ... and there's a good reason behind that name ...that I'll share in just a moment ...

Below is a sneek peek at our June 2012" Honey of a Farmhouse" Color palette ..and don't worry ..our Lace and Burlap ..will be wonderfully incorporated with it all ..

 For a Super Refreshing Summer Farmhouse Appeal ..

Think 1930's - 40's White Clapboard Farmhouse .. the windowsill outside the kitchen has a baked pie cooling .. While the summer breeze flaps the feedsack curtains at the window .. The dropleaf table is set with a fresh bouqet of wildflowers papa brought in from the fields at Lunch time .. and Mama's sittin on the porch in her rocker enjoying a ripe piece of watermelon the kids just pulled from the stream...after a full morning of Good Old Fashioned Housework .... The Clothesline is filled with Laundry drying .. that wonderful crisp feeling of down home goodness will be upon her bed tonight ...It's a simple Life .. Refreshing ... and Beautiful !

As for the "Honey of a Farmhouse" theme ... it all stems from one of my favorite Characters "Honey Bailey" in the Movie Series "Wind at My Back" ... Set in the depression era.

Here's Honey in the below pictures ..Played by 2 different actresses .. Cynthia Belliveau and Laura Breneau .. Each played the part Superbly ..and I feel in love with their Characters' style of dress.

Honey ..always wore the cutest most feminine Floral what I call farm dresses .. each one had a cottage farmhouse appeal  ..with cute collars and sleeves ..adorable buttons ..too cute hats and gloves ..and the hair styles to go with it...

Honey's dresses ..were refreshing and cheerful .. with that down home feeling to them ..and that my friends inspired me for our June Show ..Unfortunately these are all the images I could find with Honey's style of dress and I have to say they are cute ..but not as cute as the dresses you see her wear throughout the series ... but it gives you a little glimpse at the idea anyhow. 

So it's time to begin creating .. time to start sewing and painting ..time to get to work ..so we can bring you a "Honey" of a Marketplace to shop at...


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