Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Magnolias Farm Barn Sale ..ends Tomorrow !

Hello to all our sweet and dear blogland friends and family ..Well what a Summer this has started out to be ! I think Mother Nature knew that June 21st was the first day of summer .. as our temperatures shot up right on cue !

This last 10 days we have been in the high 90s and a few 100 days in our area and I'm ready to see those cool fall temperatures which will be on their way ... I much prefer cooler weather!

I have to say despite the heat the days have been beautifully bright and sunny.

I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far ..and that your days are as beautiful too !

Also.... I just wanted to post a quick reminder that our Online Barn Sale ends tomorrow June 25th at midnight ...

So if there's anything you have been considering purchasing ..I don't want you to miss out on it.

I of course will keep a few things on sale ...but many of them will return to their full price status.

If there is something your heart is aching for and you need until the the 1st of July to pay for it ..just convo. me on Etsy and we'll get your item put on reserve until the date you can secure it. That's our Thank You for your support of our small business ..we understand how it is to want a sweet something and needing a little extra time to secure it as your own.

And here is a sneek peek at just a few of the offerings I have been adding in the last week our Etsy shop .. which you can visit by clicking HERE


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A busy life and a fun filled weekend ..

It's amazing how life changes ....
In January of 2010 My life had come to a cross roads ..
A decision was before me ..and of course I went to the Lord in prayer over it.

I have always been a long time ..Junker , Antiquer and Creator .. I grew up with it and as I got older it grew on me.

In 2010 I was struggling and wondering where to go with life ..what do for work ..and how to accomplish it all. I really needed some answers and guidance ..and of course I was patiently awaiting the Lord for that guidance ..and as we say here at Sweet Magnolias Farm.. "Work While you Wait"

"Working While you Wait" was a quote from a little book given us from a friend many years back ..however I can't remember the name of the book as we passed it on to a friend ..and I hope it has been passed on since it was an amazing book that really gave you encouragement and hope in Christ ..when life seems to be at a holding point.

Anyhow that quote struck a cord with us we were truly in a holding pattern in life and wondering when circumstances were going to change ..and what do you do... will "Work While you Wait" was just perfection for us at the time ..and it worked out in the end ..In God's perfect timing our holding pattern lifted and we moved forward.

Well once again in early 2010 my life faced a similar situation ..and I decided to "Work While I Waited" .. and In January ..or February can't remember which date ..I was contacted to take part in the Chateau De Fleurs 1st Marketplace. I took 2 weeks to think and pray it over ...AND

The rest is History as they say ... Here I am over a year later and I'm still doing what I love ..being blessed beyond words ..and so Thankful for where I'm at today in life ..

I'm busier I think today than I have been in years ..always working in some capacity.. or filled with friendships that I have made in the last year that are such a blessing to me.

I've met such amazing clients that I now call my friends .. life is in bloom and what a beautiful bouquet I have been given.

Speaking of Friends

This last weekend ..Abbey and I spent the Day with a Very Good Friend Sheila of Tattered Goods ... we went off to the local flea market ..and never expected to see friends from the Vintage marketplace we all sell at ..

Of course I was busy doing some serious buying (you know the kind you can't leave because you don't want to miss something) I didn't get to take part in the photo ..but Abbey did ..then Shiela of Tattered Goods .. Eloise of Junk Fairy , Christie Repasy of Chateau De Fleurs and Robin of Furniture Queen ..

Who knew we were all thinking about going flea marketing !

What a Blessing find friends along lifes highways in unexpected ways !

And of course we had a great time at the Flea Market .. We came home with fun finds fact we were a little concerned we weren't going to fit in the truck ..but Alas our specialty packer Abbey who can get just about anything into any car ..made it all fit just like a puzzle ..Thank Goodness !

So as today turns to tomorrow ..and the day after and the day after .. I continue to work ..I contiue to give thanks to the Lord for a good life and good friends ...and whenever that day comes that life must take a turn ...but it won't quite make the turn in my timing ..I shall again Work While I Wait ..because His way is the perfect way I have found !

Wishing you all a Beautiful Week ahead ..and just a quick reminder that our Barn Sale in our Etsy Shop ends this coming Saturday the 25th ..

Plus I have added well over 20 new offerings in the last week ..if you'd like to take a look click HERE


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Magnolias Farm Summer Barn Sale ....and New offerings

You're Invited !!!

Sweet Magnolias Farm is having a Summer Barn Sale....

June 15th - 25th ..

Where ... ?

Our Etsy shop !

Up to 50 % off on many of our offerings ..

Check out our Barn Sale Section in our shop OR look for Barn Sale in the title of our listings. .. Original price will be stated in the listing. Prices already reduced for Easy Checkout(Layaway not available on Barn Sale items)

Start Shopping Early "NOW" CLICK HERE..Items are already being offered today ...

Vintage Girl Key Necklaces 1/2 price and vintage offerings marked 40 and 50 % off

And we will be adding more items througout the 10 day sale so be sure to check back ..

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to convo. us through Etsy or E-mail us ..


And for our new offerings headed to Etsy this eveing .. Here's a sneek peek

Offering wonderful Farmhouse Whites ..for a Perfect White Wednesday Hosted by Kathleen of Faded Charm !


Monday, June 13, 2011

Adventures of the Marketplace Girls ...

This last Friday ..some of us Marketplace girls went on an ever so sweet, tasty and fun adventure ...

Abbey and I picked up Sheila of Tattered Goods and we headed out to meet up with our vintage marketplace friends at the Beautiful "Keys Creek Lavender Farm" nestled in the Beautiful rolling hills of Valley Center.

Our Adventure took us through winding old 2 lane back roads, down an old mile and a half dirt road ..nestled in the trees .. and surrounded by God's handiwork.

Our Country Drive led us to sweet aroma filled fields.. Lavender for as far as the eye could see ..filled the beautiful rolling hills.

Rows and Rows of different types of lavender greeted us .. each so beautiful ...

... We were led on foot up this old country road ...

Passing the Honey Bees hard at work ...

and "the Peace Garden"

While more rows of lavender and it's sweet aroma continued to greet us each step of the way..

Half way up the hill ..we found the entrance leading us into the main entrance of the farm ..

A gorgeous paved walk and rustic arbor entrance ....

With wonderful rustic garden decor ...

and this post of signs in the shape of keys ...gave us direction to each special place ..

The Gift shop was filled with lovely items ..from lavender bunches, lotions and sprays ..

And decorated with vintage finds... exactly what this group of girls loves !

(view from the gift shop window)

We all decided to take the lavender tour .....and this sweet little sign greeted us many times along the pathway ..

off in the distance on the neighboring farm .. Bessy Cows ..were chewing their cud and enjoying a little green grass from the fields ..

Atop the hill of the lavender farm .. we were able to look down on the valley below was such a beautiful view ..and so refreshing and relaxing to take in the fresh lavender scented air ..

The lavender was in bloom everywhere you looked ..isn't it amazing that such a small little bloom can produce such a beautiful scent .We all had such a wonderful time there were about 15 of us total ..and it was so fun to meet up for a day of fun ...

Our fun didn't end with the lavender farm however of our dear marketplace friends Christine ..who lives in Valley Center ...invited us all to her home sweet home in the country for a beautiful luncheon...

Her home and property are so inviting ..

I know I wasn't the only one gasping when we arrived at her home ..for the beauty of the country that surrounded us was awe inspiring ...

This beautiful table of lucious food was layed out beautifully ..vintage mismatched plates were stacked for us too use ..Yummy pink lemonade .. Chicken Salad, Turkey rolls, Fresh Fruit and more tempted our tasted buds with delight....

..Aunt Sassy's cake was as good as it looks ..

Thank You Christine ..for a wonderful luncheon !

And if the food wasn't enough ..Christine's studio was one a girl could turn green with envy over ..Filled with amazing color ..charm, whimzy and absolute delight ..what an amazing place to create in ..

... After Lunch and touring Christine's home and property ..we all headed out to another local vintage marketplace Matilda's Mouse. The other marketplace girls had been many times before but Abbey and I had not .. it was our first time ..therefore ..the camera pretty much got left in the truck while our hearts and our eyes danced with delight at all the wonderful antique and vintage finds displayed in such beautiful ways.

Our day began around 5 that morning ..we all met up at 10 in the morning..and our day ended about 6 that night was a full day .. one full of fun and joy ..and filled with many wonderful memories ..


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hardwork and Giving Thanks

Lately I have been reading one Of Helen Steiner Rice's books....I have always heard her name mentioned briefly by Abbey over the years but honestly never read her works or about her life.

The book I'm reading now ..has been rather inspiring ..She was a strong Courageous woman for her day ..and she was definitely what we would call today .."A Go Getter"

In one of the chapters of her book ..I loved loved loved a quote of hers, ..

Pray as if Everything Depended on God


Work as if everything depended on you

I pray hard and I work hard that quote really tugged at my heart ..!

I'm always pushing myself above and beyond ..and setting unrealistic goals that I'll never be able to possibly or humanly meet ..but it's my way of alway keeping the proverbial carrot dangling ...reaching reaching reaching for it ...but never attaining it. It's what motivates me and keeps me going each day when I awake.

Blessed to share a home with my parents ..I never have married and never have had the true blessing of having children ..therefore between my Dogs and my work they are my babies .. The two things that I get up for and work hard for and what drive me to keep on keeping on.

I love my work ..I'm so blessed to spend each day encompassed in it ..I am so blessed to be working at my hearts desire ..

All that Said .. Thank You .. Thank you to first and foremost the Lord my family .. to my friends my blogland friends ..and to all of my customers ..who support the work of my hands so dearly.

You can never know how deeply my heart appreciates you all and how thanful for each and every one of you I am ..through the good times and the bad ..

And speaking or work... will it never quits with me .. LOL ! We rolled right off this last marketplace out of bed and off to my nieces baby shower all day Sunday ..and yesterday it was off to take up the offer of some free goods from a gal that stopped in at our marketplace shop and run errands ... I thought maybe today I would be exhausted ..but I think I'm still working on the adrenaline pumped in me by the awesome show we had this weekend ..

So I've been cleaning, organizing and photo shooting new offerings ..Several of which I just listed on Etsy ...and here's a few peeks ....

One of our new Romantic Farmhouse Pails ..More to come this week .. including watering cans !

And ... several of our New Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels ...with adorable ruffled bottoms ..

and Lastly ... we finally made our Paper Roses into Pens the request of so many customers ..

You can visit our Etsy shop HERE


Have a Beautiful week ahead ...and Many Thanks to my many friends and supporters once again ..

I couldn't do it without Him Or without you !

Linking up with Kathleen of Faded Charm for White Wednesday