Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hardwork and Giving Thanks

Lately I have been reading one Of Helen Steiner Rice's books....I have always heard her name mentioned briefly by Abbey over the years but honestly never read her works or about her life.

The book I'm reading now ..has been rather inspiring ..She was a strong Courageous woman for her day ..and she was definitely what we would call today .."A Go Getter"

In one of the chapters of her book ..I loved loved loved a quote of hers, ..

Pray as if Everything Depended on God


Work as if everything depended on you

I pray hard and I work hard ..so that quote really tugged at my heart ..!

I'm always pushing myself above and beyond ..and setting unrealistic goals that I'll never be able to possibly or humanly meet ..but it's my way of alway keeping the proverbial carrot dangling ...reaching reaching reaching for it ...but never attaining it. It's what motivates me and keeps me going each day when I awake.

Blessed to share a home with my parents ..I never have married and never have had the true blessing of having children ..therefore between my Dogs and my work they are my babies .. The two things that I get up for and work hard for and what drive me to keep on keeping on.

I love my work ..I'm so blessed to spend each day encompassed in it ..I am so blessed to be working at my hearts desire ..

All that Said .. Thank You .. Thank you to first and foremost the Lord ..to my family .. to my friends ..to my blogland friends ..and to all of my customers ..who support the work of my hands so dearly.

You can never know how deeply my heart appreciates you all and how thanful for each and every one of you I am ..through the good times and the bad ..

And speaking or work... will it never quits with me .. LOL ! We rolled right off this last marketplace out of bed and off to my nieces baby shower all day Sunday ..and yesterday it was off to take up the offer of some free goods from a gal that stopped in at our marketplace shop and run errands ... I thought maybe today I would be exhausted ..but I think I'm still working on the adrenaline pumped in me by the awesome show we had this weekend ..

So I've been cleaning, organizing and photo shooting new offerings ..Several of which I just listed on Etsy ...and here's a few peeks ....

One of our new Romantic Farmhouse Pails ..More to come this week .. including watering cans !

And ... several of our New Farmhouse Flour Sack Towels ...with adorable ruffled bottoms ..

and Lastly ... we finally made our Paper Roses into Pens ..at the request of so many customers ..

You can visit our Etsy shop HERE


Have a Beautiful week ahead ...and Many Thanks to my many friends and supporters once again ..

I couldn't do it without Him Or without you !

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  1. Sara ~
    Everything looks so pretty!!
    Thank you for showing us :)


  2. ...just lovely!
    hhhhmmmmm, why is that??
    oh yes, I am visiting the SWEET Magnolia farm :)
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Love those flour sack towels. They are so pretty.
    Wishing you a wonderful day

  4. I love your towels...off to browse around!

  5. You sure have a way with making things beautiful! I so enjoy visiting.


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