Friday, July 15, 2016

Finally ~ Getting Moved ...

Well it's been a while again since I last posted .. and A LOT has happened ..but I'll try and sum it up shortly.

Right before our Flossie got sick .. 3 days that is .. we were supposed to be leaving CA for MO to move. But with Flossie so ill we couldn't get on the road and leave. Finally after 2 months and Flossie doing well enough our Veterinarian gave us the go ahead to leave. And so here we are 2 weeks later in the beautiful Ozarks of Southern, MO. 

We spent the first week getting acclimated and trying to get on the new time schedule ..although that's proved to be a bit difficult .. but we are getting there. This last week we spent driving out to properties to see where they were located .. such as buried deep in the trees, down in a holler, out in the open with a view, down 25 dirt roads at the dead end ..well you get what I'm talking about. 

And finally we are headed out tomorrow to view a few houses to see if they are suited for us or we are suited for them ..LOL !

Here's one of them we are headed out to see .. All Amish built ... simply beautiful even on the inside. Just toward the top of our budget so we'll have to see if it has everything we need for home and work.

So hopefully this means... yes that we will be in a home sweet home pretty soon after a year in motels ..that will be sooooo Nice .. and of course can't wait to get back to work ... my oh my have I missed sewing and building and painting and well just plain doing what I love most. 

I'll keep y'all posted and as soon as we get a place I'll share that with you too. Keep us in your prayers that the Good Lord guides us to the right place that his hand is in it and his will be done.

In the meantime take care and come visit me on FB if you haven't already ..