Monday, May 30, 2011

Countdown to The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks...

Well it's time to start countingdown ... "Only 3 More days" until the fun begins !!!

Abbey and I have been working night and day on new offerings be they handmade or fabulous vintage finds ..

We have a fun sneek peek at just a few offerings headed to the marketplace to share with you all.

Our new line of Farmhouse aprons will debut at the June Marketplace ..this oh so soft and scrumptious one above will be headed to the show ..made from the softest vintage chenille and the most awesome rosette collar that make up the Bib style top .. 2 large decorative stitched and monogrammed pockets drenched in cotton fringe....


This fabulous Vintage Willow childs table and 2 chairs ..along with this fabulous farmhouse sign ..made from re-claimed lumber and handpainted ..

...More Vintage finds that are to die for !!!

Beautiful Paper Roses drenched in German Glass Glitter ...

Our Vintage Girl Necklaces ..and our Burlap and Lace Rosette Pins ..

Plus ... We have a Suprise set-up and display for our shop ..your going to have to wait to see ... but we'll give you a clue ... "Welcome to our Farmhouse" .. Come on in the doors open !!!

Remember ... Sweet Magnolias Farm Will be located in the Very Far Back Corner from the entrance... Turn Right at the entrance and we are to the Left of the 2 Vintage Trailers ..

We're looking forward to seeing you all !!!

Linking Up with White Wednesday...Kathleen of Faded Charm..


Friday, May 27, 2011

1 Week From Today !

Where will you be 1 week from today ?

We'll be offering our Romantic Farmhouse Wares at ...

The Vintage Marektplace at the "Oaks"

In Rainbow, CA ... just 3 miles south of Temecula off the I-15 frwy.

You may know this marketplace as "Chateau De Fleurs" ...

We've had a name change and a location change.

The Marketplace has proved such a success that we have moved to larger location and now boast well over 30 vintage vendors and artisans.

Everyone is gearing up for a fabulous marketplace and it's sure to be one the lucious Green Grassy Park ..under the over 100 yr old Oak Trees .

Plus there's a Restaurant for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, a sweet Flower shop and a farmers market in this location.

Make your plans .. Call the girlfriends, Your sister, Mother, Aunt, or Niece ..Bring the Husband, The boyfriend and even the kiddos are welcome !!! Bring a stroller or an old market basket to fill with your new goods...

And if you looking for a weekend away ..come stay in Beautiful Temecula for a few days. Visit Old Town Temecula, Wine Country, and visit us on Friday or Saturday.

We look forward to seeing all of our friends, and customers and to meeting new faces and making new friends .

We have so many new offerings ..we can't wait to share them with you all...and here's hoping I have a few sneek peeks to share with you all this coming week ..

Have a Beautiful weekend ....


Friday, May 20, 2011

A Sweet Meeting .. A New Friend...

A Sweet Meeting ... On a Beautiful Spring Day ..With a New Friend.
Just a few weeks back, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a "special" friend...

I say special for a number of reasons .. One we are sisters in Christ ...two because we love so many of the same vintage things... and Well three because we met in a very special way to begin with!

Back in February when for the first time our Farmhouse Aprons had been published in Apronology ... The day it came out Abbey and I were thrilled. It wasn't about anything more than how fun it was to see our aprons in print and that they would be shared with the rest of the world. How exciting was that. I never dreamed that, that first day would bring an immediate response ..but it did ..and it was from my Sweet New Friend Nora !

The evening the publication came out, she had found our aprons and found our Etsy shop ..and there sat a little note and order for one of our aprons and a few other vintage goodies saying she had found us in Apronology ..and you don't know how my heart was leaping with joy and excitement ..that our aprons had been noticed and loved by someone and so quickly ! It made me feel so special and gave me a glimmer of hope.. that the work of mine and Abbey's hands was being loved by another. It's a moment in time that is etched in my memories forever.

To my excitement and I must add uncertainty .. Nora e-mailed me a month or so ago ..she'd be vacationing for Mother's day nearby where we live and wanted to meet with us ..

I think we are always excited to meet new faces and friends we have here in the world of computers ..but it does come with a little nervous reservation ..and after meeting we both found we felt the exact same way. But all that was washed away ..and we had a charming afternoon together !

The Friday before Mother's Day ..Nora and I Met up .. her brother and son were along ..and they were absolutely Great !..

We all had Lunch at the Famous In- N -Out Burger Joint here on the west coast .,..and I now may add Texas ..Yeah Texas !

We then Headed over to old Town Temecula hit a few shops that Nora wanted to spend some time in and of course she wanted to see Old Town Temcula !

We went to 3 we were a little pressed for time and that's all we could fit in ..

This beautiful Manniquen and Wire Beeskeep ..were two of my favorites we happened on .. although there were alot of Beautiful offerings every place we went

This Gorgeous Shell Drenched Manniquen ..was stunning ... I can't imagine the hours that went in to creating this ..I know from experience a piece like this was many a days labor !

Nora was oohhing and ahhinng at all the wonderful offerings each shop had .. I was so thrilled she enjoyed each one... as I must admit I'm not the best hostess .. I'm generally quiet and reserved I was grateful for all the beautiful things we could look at and talk about.

Nora is a Beautiful Gal inside and out ..Her love of the Lord truly shines through ..and I cannot tell you what an absolute pleasure it was to meet her.. I hope our meeting again is not far off and I know if we lived closer we would be enjoying many fun adventures in vintage shopping...

(Nora) in front of one of my favorite Displays at the "Farmers Wife"

(me (sara)) Nora made me pretend like I was smelling the Roses. Of course the roses I make that Tracey of My Petite Maison carries in her shop...

It was a Sweet Meeting ..and I now have a Sweet new Friend .. A friend of the heart .. a vintage Friend .. A friend in Christ.

Thank You Nora ..for a wonderful day .. it's one I won't forget !


Sunday, May 15, 2011

New offerings in The Sweet Magnolias Farm Shop ...

Here are a few new offerings I have added to our shop this week ...

Vintage White chippy, rustic and tattered basket...SOLD

Vintage twisted steel Double Coat Hooks ..

Set of (4) vintage Juice Glasses

Antique Celluloid Looking Glass ...

Scrumptious Farmhouse Damask and Burlap "No Vacancy" Feather Pillow

To see More of our Vintage And Handmade Pieces .. Over a 100 items now in stock ..

Visit our Sweet Magnolias Farm shop .. HERE


Monday, May 9, 2011

Custom Order White Wednesday # 2 Follow - Up

Welcome to White Wednesday here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

We haven't posted in a while ..we've taken a little time off from blogging ..the last few weeks.

We have been ever so busy working away ...on some very wonderful Custom orders for some very dear friends and clients...

One of which I promised to share with you when It was completed.

One of our sweet clients Kathie ..put in a custom order for several pieces she wanted and I was thrilled to be able to have the creative freedom to design them for her..

Below are her Beautiful Pieces upon completion this last weekend ..

Her beautiful antique Dress Form ..which I dressed to vintage Perfection ...

And remember this Trunk a few weeks back that I shared with you all ? Kathie had recently seen the Train case I had upcycled HERE ...and wanted her full size trunk designed just the same ...

It came out so amazing ...and I loved it so much that I have a trunk just like it and It will be getting a makeover very soon now !

The Original Leather handles on the ends were gone I added some aged Romantic Ribbon ..and rhinestone embellishments to create new handles ..Obviously just for looks ..

Lace Rosettes Galore .....encrust the top and front of the trunk ..Along with an old leather Luggage handle I added to the top give the impression of an oversized train Case ...

While a Canvas Luggage tag with a French Post Mark entwined in aged ribbon ...hangs from the old leather luggage handle ..and is positively and Romanticly Vintage !

Then for the Dress Form... Kathie brought this already fabulous Antique Dress form to me ..gave me an idea of the style she was going for ..and away we went to work on it ..

Embellishing the lace corset with more vintage lace , Antique Rhinestones ..and of course a lace rosette and aged ribbon tendrils .. ..

The Corset Clips were fitted with Vintage Double sided satin ribbon tendrils draping to the bottom of the slip ... each corset clip was sweetly dotted with 3 antique Rhinestones each ...

A cluster of aged Roses at the hip ...

An oversized Fufu Tull bow at the back ...

and what an amazingly Romantic Dress Form it now is ..

Hopeless Romantic ..I must admit I am one .. and I'll never stop being one ..I love all the movies that end happily in Love ...don't you !

This Pillow also went with Kathie grace her beautiful Bed ... She provided the Vintage pink Satin for the ruffles and rosettes the satie was so scrumptious to work with ! I kept the design somewhat simple for fear it may get a bit fufu for her husband ..but I'll be sending her over a dozen more lace rosettes she would like to add ..and some rhinestones too..I'm thinking a little more Fuf in Fufu is going to be happening to this pillow and ..I'm betting it's going to be over the top gorgeous when she puts on those final added touches ...

And Last But not least ... This wonderful little Clothespin Bag ...

I love making these clothespin bags's such a joy to create each one unique in design. No 2 ever alike ... That's what makes working with Vintage materials such an absolute thrill for me.

I love that when we offer our pieces of handiwork ..that they are pieces that cannot be found at stores and that our designs are sure to be treasured for years to come. We now even lovingly add our "Sweet Magnolias Farm" Label .... to each of our handmade fabric items so your sure to know it was handmade right here at the farmhouse by our Very own hands ! If it doesn't have a Sweet Magnolias Farm Label ...then it most likely isn't ours.

We hope you have enjoyed our Custom White Wednesday Post ...and will Join our WW Host Kathleen at Faded Charm to enjoy all the other WW posts ...

Until Next time ..have a Very Sweet Week ..full of Kind Words and a Kind Heart !