Monday, May 9, 2011

Custom Order White Wednesday # 2 Follow - Up

Welcome to White Wednesday here at Sweet Magnolias Farm ...

We haven't posted in a while ..we've taken a little time off from blogging ..the last few weeks.

We have been ever so busy working away ...on some very wonderful Custom orders for some very dear friends and clients...

One of which I promised to share with you when It was completed.

One of our sweet clients Kathie ..put in a custom order for several pieces she wanted and I was thrilled to be able to have the creative freedom to design them for her..

Below are her Beautiful Pieces upon completion this last weekend ..

Her beautiful antique Dress Form ..which I dressed to vintage Perfection ...

And remember this Trunk a few weeks back that I shared with you all ? Kathie had recently seen the Train case I had upcycled HERE ...and wanted her full size trunk designed just the same ...

It came out so amazing ...and I loved it so much that I have a trunk just like it and It will be getting a makeover very soon now !

The Original Leather handles on the ends were gone I added some aged Romantic Ribbon ..and rhinestone embellishments to create new handles ..Obviously just for looks ..

Lace Rosettes Galore .....encrust the top and front of the trunk ..Along with an old leather Luggage handle I added to the top give the impression of an oversized train Case ...

While a Canvas Luggage tag with a French Post Mark entwined in aged ribbon ...hangs from the old leather luggage handle ..and is positively and Romanticly Vintage !

Then for the Dress Form... Kathie brought this already fabulous Antique Dress form to me ..gave me an idea of the style she was going for ..and away we went to work on it ..

Embellishing the lace corset with more vintage lace , Antique Rhinestones ..and of course a lace rosette and aged ribbon tendrils .. ..

The Corset Clips were fitted with Vintage Double sided satin ribbon tendrils draping to the bottom of the slip ... each corset clip was sweetly dotted with 3 antique Rhinestones each ...

A cluster of aged Roses at the hip ...

An oversized Fufu Tull bow at the back ...

and what an amazingly Romantic Dress Form it now is ..

Hopeless Romantic ..I must admit I am one .. and I'll never stop being one ..I love all the movies that end happily in Love ...don't you !

This Pillow also went with Kathie grace her beautiful Bed ... She provided the Vintage pink Satin for the ruffles and rosettes the satie was so scrumptious to work with ! I kept the design somewhat simple for fear it may get a bit fufu for her husband ..but I'll be sending her over a dozen more lace rosettes she would like to add ..and some rhinestones too..I'm thinking a little more Fuf in Fufu is going to be happening to this pillow and ..I'm betting it's going to be over the top gorgeous when she puts on those final added touches ...

And Last But not least ... This wonderful little Clothespin Bag ...

I love making these clothespin bags's such a joy to create each one unique in design. No 2 ever alike ... That's what makes working with Vintage materials such an absolute thrill for me.

I love that when we offer our pieces of handiwork ..that they are pieces that cannot be found at stores and that our designs are sure to be treasured for years to come. We now even lovingly add our "Sweet Magnolias Farm" Label .... to each of our handmade fabric items so your sure to know it was handmade right here at the farmhouse by our Very own hands ! If it doesn't have a Sweet Magnolias Farm Label ...then it most likely isn't ours.

We hope you have enjoyed our Custom White Wednesday Post ...and will Join our WW Host Kathleen at Faded Charm to enjoy all the other WW posts ...

Until Next time ..have a Very Sweet Week ..full of Kind Words and a Kind Heart !



  1. I have never seen anything like that trunk before, it is AmAzinG!!!!!
    What time and effort was put into this.
    I would love to see your creations close up. SO BEAUTIFUL, what talent you have.
    Happy WW

  2. romantic...and oh such farmhouse whimsy ~ LOVE IT!!!
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Love the label idea....this way you know :) I had a great time today and loved catching up with my Farm Girls.


  4. The trunk is amazing! Love it and all your creations!

  5. Your creations are just beautiful...I bet you have so much fun!
    Happy WW!

  6. The trunk is fantastic! Love the lace roses :-)) The big bow on the back of the dressform, pure romance, gorgeous!

  7. Sara, that trunk is beyond words! Amazing, beautiful, breathtaking...doesn't even begin to describe it! All your work is fantastic! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

    Happy WW!

  8. Oh my gosh! How beautiful your creations are! now you have me dreaming of lace and ruffles. Thank you for the inspiration! New follower here.
    Have a fantastic day!
    XXXX Ido

  9. ahhhhhh!!! gorgeous!!! you are really just to talented!!!

  10. Your work is simply stunning. Love the trunk. I used to have one similar with the camel back, but it was pretty rusted out and I think I just gave it away. Wish I would have kept it! Have a great weekend, Marcia


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