Monday, April 25, 2011

Fresh From the Line ...

There's nothing that Say's Spring like....


It's that time of year when the weather is beautiful ..the sun is out ..and the feeling and smell of crisp, sun bleached sheets are ready to dress your bed ..It's the time to hang all your beautiful whites ..and let the sun use it's natural whitening power. It's that time to pull up your old motel, or addirondack chair and watch the linens and clothes sway in the spring breeze ..

So this last week I was inspired to create more of our wonderful Vintage and Romantic Style Clothespin Bags ..since those I had available were chosen to make their way to some other Home Sweet Homes ..

The are absolute Perfection for the clothesline !

Makes the job easier and makes the job a little more charming to the eyes !

So Here's My "Fresh from the Line" Clothespin Bags ..

Now available in our Etsy shop ...

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are absolutely adorable. I love the ruffled one.


  2. Those close pin bags are wonderful! How creative...Makes you want to go & hang clothes on the outside line.
    Thanks for sharing and visit me sometimes....Tiff

  3. These are so pretty and fresh looking. I love the nostalgia of pin bags whether you use them for the line or not. Darling!

  4. Very very cute!!!!! Now all I need is a clothes line!!

  5. How adorable!

    Love the blue ticking one!!

  6. I thought for sure the white ruffled bag would be gone but to my delight it was still there...waiting for ME!

  7. Those are so sweet...I really want a clothesline...
    Hope you had a joyful Resurrection celebration...

  8. those are the cutest clothespin holders ever.

  9. My mom would love one of these! She still hangs her clothes on the line out back.


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