Friday, April 8, 2011

I Said "I Do"

I finally did it ...

I said "I Do"

After a year of being prodded and being told that I should

I Finally took the leap after being contacted by a lovely girl regarding the paper roses I make ..and asking if I could create her Bridal Bouquet, Maid of Honor Bouqet, Boutineers and Mother's Roses for her.

I knew when she wrote and asked that I was finally ready to begin taking our Roses another step.

For the last year or so many friends, customers and family suggested it would be a good idea ..but my creative mood just couldn't grasp the exact concept and artistic desire to do it.

Finally when Kami asked was the right moment in time and I was ready to jump in with both feet and begin a new journey and I'm so glad I did.

Although Kami resides in the mid-west her wedding will take place here in CA, on the ocean in May. Her Colors are light Lavender, Dark Grey and Ivory ..a truly lovey combination !

Kami requested her flowers be in a light lavender and my first challenge was to hand dye her flowers to a beautiful lavender. Until researching the color lavender ..I had no idea truly how many shades of lavender there are from grey lavenders, blue lavenders and pink lavenders there is actually quite an array. We tried for a sterling lavender and with time achieved it.

Her one very important sentimental request was that the name of her and her Fiance's song be included in each floral piece some way.

And she wanted the roses Dusted in the Silver German Glass Glitter that Makes our roses so sweetly unique.

I knew I wanted to add crinkled seam binding tendrils to her bouquets .. so what better than to create custom made Ribbon with the name of their song and the band at their request 2 of their favorite fonts.

The Above Picture and the one just below are her finished Bridal and Maid of Honor Bouquets ..

And I'm so excited at how beautiful they turned out...

My Next challenge was creating Boutineers ..and although that seems an easy task was a bit more difficult than one would think. You see These roses are made petal by petal ..and the smaller the petal the more difficult it is to hold everything together .. But I prevailed ..and the boutineers came to life ...

Each Boutineer ...a mere 2 inches around by 4 inches in length .. will simply adorn each gentelmens suit jacket ...simply and elegantly !

Once again their Song "You & Me" ...simply added to the flower and adding sentiment to be remembered in their many years to come.

Lastly ..she requested a single Rose for each of the Mothers'.

We mimicked the bouquets ...with tendrils of crinkled seam binding ..the custom ribbon and the Beautiful Silver German Glass Glitter that will look stunning in each Mothers' hand.

Our Paper Roses are such a Fabulous Alternative to Fresh Flowers ..

They are a Truly Beautiful and Sentimental Keepsake for Years to come. And they can all be used after the wedding to adorn a Gorgeous Glass Vase ..A bedside or even Entry Table.. A reminder of that very special day ..when those 2 Special words are spoken In Love and Truth .. "I DO"

Kami is a wedding photographer ..and She's offered to share pictures of the wedding with me, which I am thrilled about. I by no means have much photographic experience It will be an absolute pleasure to recieve professional photographs ..and when I do ..I'll be sure to share them all with you.

If your interested in custom ordering Wedding flowers, By all means contact us and we'd be glad to consult with you on Color, Style, and Design.

I'm so glad I said "I DO" ....



  1. OMG these are the most beautiful things ever!!!
    Why didn't I know you back when I got married! OH I can't stop saying oH!!!

  2. ...funny how the ribbons of our journeys take twists and turns ~ especially when we least expect them!!
    ~ and oh! What a wonderful new adventure awaits you, all because you said ~ I Do!!!!!!
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Those are beautiful! She is a lucky girl to have you create such wonderful bouquets for her!!


  4. Just beautiful! So unique...thanx for sharing...Tiff

  5. Wow those are amazing !!!
    I am in awe at how beautiful they are!


  6. Sara,
    I knew you'd do a beautiful job! I love the way they all turned out. She'll be a very happy bride I'm sure!
    Have a great weekend!

  7. Omg, Sara they are so beautiful i love the glass glitter dusted on them. They are going to look adorable on the wedding day can't wait to see what they look like on :)

  8. Your creations are truly stunning!! Great Job!!

  9. This is a unique idea and your bride is very fortunate to be one of the first to show off your talent....

  10. oh they are gorgeous!!! she has such good taste!!!! in trusting you to make her day special!

  11. very beautiful..when we were married, 37 years ago now...there weren't even silk flowers and now how beautiful the paper ones are..something to keep forever..

  12. These are really beautiful! Glad you said yes!! Looking forward to the wedding shots!
    Thanks for stopping by my place, see you again soon!
    Huggs, Margo


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