Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seasons of Change ..

Sweet Magnolias Farm is going through a Season of Change ...

A Little ....

If you will ...

In the last few days Abbey and I made a very serious decision to close our 2 shops at Treasures N Junk Antique Mall.

Our Reason .... we live quite a distance from the mall... 120 miles round trip....

And at a nice round sum of $4- and up per gal of gas this began to cost us $200- just for 4 trips a month over there.

Which meant it really limited our ability to go over and work our shops to the degree and standard that is important to both of us.

Yestereday we placed a sale up of 30% off all small items (meaning everything but furniture) and the furniture some has been sale priced and others are still full price.

We were both sad to give our notice as we will miss the whole T&J Family... and I mean family because that's exactly what they are !

It's been such a blessing to be part of T&J for the 6 months we have been there and look forward to visiting on our annual shopping days in the future.

In the meantime we are making some decisions on where we will be offering our wares ...which of course will be much closer to home ...near Temecula, CA.

As soon as we find a new place to offer our wares we will keep all of our wonderful friends, aquaintances and customers up to date.

Thank You to all who supported our shops at T&J ...we are looking forward to the future and the Wonderful Blessings God has in store for us !

P.S. our offering will be available at T&J through approx. the 20th of April !



  1. Everything happens for a reason and I am sorry you have to close but you will find some place much closer to home to accept your beautiful items.
    Sometimes we just need to switch it all up a bit to find a better fit.
    Good luck with everything

  2. Dear Sara and Abbey, I'm sure everyone at T&J will miss you and all your lovely treasures. I for one would be very excited for you to be somewhere closer to all of us! Wishing you every success in finding that perfect fit.

  3. When one door closes, another one opens.

    Where ever you land, next time I am down in So Cal (I live in the Sacramento area) I will STOP by!!

  4. These are all things to consider. Even shorter distances can make it not as profitable. I know you will find a great spot soon, I always love seeing your spaces and event booths.
    big hugs,

  5. Sara ~
    It is so hard to make decisions like that but
    ohhhh so very understandable ~
    That is a really long drive!!
    I am sure that something else
    will come along that will work
    out perfectly ~


  6. My mom told me! So sad you won't be local anymore, but you have to do what's best for you ladies. God knows the way. Kori xoxo

  7. I'm sure this was a hard decision, although the price of gas is affecting many more decisions these days, isn't it? I'm sure you'll do well where ever you find a space to set up shop :-)

  8. Change is sometimes difficult, but it sounds like a wise decision.

    Hope you will find just the perfect place to offer your goods closer to home.

    barbara jean

  9. They can raise gas prices on us but they can't take away your incredible talent & creativity. Onward & upward! Good luck ~*~Lisa

  10. So sorry you had to close your shop, but something even better is coming! :) I wish you would sell online so I could buy from you!

  11. I'm sorry you've had to make this difficult decision. The Lord will have you where he needs you. You have such beautiful things and put your hearts into everything you create. He will provide a way for your business to grow that works best for you. You're in good hands girls!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  12. Hi Friends...
    Sad to hear you have to move, but I do agree...with gas prices going up, up, up, something closer to home does make alot of sense. Plus Temecula is so beautiful, there must be someplace you love there to sell your wonderful wares!
    I'm back from my Texas trip & had oh so much fun!!! Let me know if you ever want to play blog...I'd LOVE to help you.
    Hugs to the cutest Mommy & Daughter team I know..
    Susie Pearl

  13. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It sounds like you've made a wise decision here. I pray that God clearly shows you the right way to go and gives you peace in the interim. May He bless your efforts and grant you favor. :-)

  14. This sounds like it was a tough decision, but one that made the most sense. Follow your hearts and doors will open. I wish I lived closer, you can bet I'd be there shopping until I dropped.

  15. sad that your leaving, loved to go and look at your booth it was the best one! or two! Anyway I get it...but will be on the look out for your new spot, just hope its not to far for me to visit regularly...but I can always look at the blog! Yeah!!!


  16. I'm so sad to here that you are leaving. I stop by your booth today wanting to buy one of your pretty roses and saw the "Moving Sale" and no more roses :(

    You will be missed at Treasures N Junk.

    My Vintage Treasrues
    Space #99 at T&J

    Have an OOH LA LA Day!!!


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